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Chapter 67

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The gene transformed into data . Bit by bit, the data of the changes were displayed without any missing information .

The so-called gene micro-manipulation meant that Feng Lin could analyze the defects of the medicine formula at the micro-level and conduct subtle changes to improve the formula .

This level of gene manipulation and improvement was only possible for Feng Lin, as he was the only one who was able to identify the subtle defects .

After all, most people did not have the genetic talent for genetic equation .

Moreover, in the face of Aike's unfair mission, Feng Lin actually felt excited about the challenge .

Had he not given Feng Lin such a difficult mission, Feng Lin wouldn't have been forced to develop his untapped potential and create a new technique for geneticist .

If Feng Lin perfected his technique in gene micro-manipulation, he would absolutely become a real geneticist .

At this point, Feng Lin was extremely confident .

. . .

Genetic potential -9%!

The duration of the medicinal effect increased by 2 seconds!

. . .

This new formula was definitely more effective than the original formula .

At this point, Feng Lin had already accomplished his mission . It was enough to deal with team leader Aike's challenge .

Even if it only improved the effectiveness by 10%, it was still considered an improvement .

If he presented this formula, even Aike could not rebut him .

After all, letting a genetic researcher alter a gene potion formula was already forcing the issue . Now that Feng Lin had accomplished it, if Aike demanded even more, it would be going beyond his own duty . Furthermore, it would leave Aike in a disadvantageous position .

As long as that person was smart, he would never make that move .

However, Feng Lin had no intentions of stopping here .

Now that he had discovered the gene micro-manipulation technique, he wanted to understand the limits of his technique .

It was necessary to understand that gene potion had different grades . Potions of the same grade had differences in quality, such as initial-grade, mid-grade, high-grade, flawless-grade, and perfect-grade .

With each step up in the quality, the medicinal effects would be much better and the value would also greatly increase .

However, all medicine was one-third poison .

Even if gene potion was miraculous, the formula's medicine ingredients were often very strange . Sometimes, it would be accompanied by huge side effects, resulting in adverse effects in the human body .

However, as the quality of the potion increased, the side effects would be reduced .

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Once a potion reached the flawless-grade, this would imply the gene potion was without impurities or toxin . Moreover, the medicinal properties were completely integrated, and there would be no side effects at all .

If the quality were to be increased once more, it would become a perfect-grade potion . Not only would there be no side effects, but the medicinal properties would also reach a peak in its effectiveness and there would be no further room to improve .

If the Adrenaline Potion formula was considered mid-grade, then Feng Lin's current iteration of the formula was also mid-grade as it only carried a slight improvement .

He wanted to experiment whether or not he could improve the formula until it was high-grade or even flawless and perfect-grade .

How big his ambition and his dream was .

Though he knew that it would be very difficult, Feng Lin wanted to try regardless . Even if he failed, there were no regrets as long as he tried his hardest .

He once again researched the potion formula and discovered that there were two main factors within . The first was the stimulation effect from the dragonblood flower's nectar, the other was the spirit particles within the spirit powder .

Through the combination of the dragonblood flower and the auxiliary medicinal components, Feng Lin successfully increased the effectiveness of the potion by approximately 10% .

But what if he experimented on the spirit powder factor?

Dragonblood flower stimulated genes, but the potion was reliant on spirit powder to allow for the genetic abilities to be fully utilized .

Once Feng Lin thought of this, he decisively increased the spirit powder content from 12 grams to 15 grams .

After several attempts of creating different combinations of potions, Feng Lin had gained a lot of knowledge and experience . His movements while creating potions were as smooth as flowing water, carrying a rhythm of calmness . He carried a pleasant expression on his face .

Finally, he reached the last step of adding spirit powder!

Spirit powder's name contained the word 'sand' in it, but it was not really 'sand' . In fact, it was a naturally occurring mineral .

With the galactic size of the Interstellar World, spirit powder only existed in one out of a million plants . It could only be produced in extremely harsh conditions .

Spirit powder was sand-like, slowly falling through Feng Lin's fingers . It was crystal clear and glistening .

Soon, he had successfully created a new bottle of Adrenaline Potion .

Feng Lin swallowed it in one gulp .

The familiar fiery sensation rushed into his body, stimulating the nerves within as though he was being scorched from within .

However, this time, it felt different from the previous drinks . If he said that his soul had been slowly leaving his body before, then this time it felt as though his soul was being violently thrown out of his body . His thoughts were accelerating to its maximum point, and even the surroundings in front of him became an illusion as though they were stretched and twisted in a vacuum . At the same time, his body was shaking violently and the pain was incomparable to anything he had experienced .

The scorching heat from the medicinal effects was like lava explosion from a volcano, capable of instantly overwhelming the person experiencing the heat .

Finally, once Feng Lin recovered, he felt as though he had used up all the energy in his body .

. . .

Genetic potential -10%!

Duration time 7 seconds!

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. . .

The medicinal properties had increased, but the effect was overbearing . It seemed that the increase in spirit particles had allowed the medicinal properties to erupt instantly, but in return, it made the potion become unbearable to consume .

With the medicinal effectiveness at its highest, the duration time was reduced from 12 seconds to 7 seconds, a decrease of 5 whole seconds .

Luckily, the dosage wasn't too much; otherwise, such an overbearing potion wouldn't be able to be consumed by normal people .

Even Feng Lin, who had a vitality of 3 . 7, could barely hold out .

He continued to experiment as he had finally stumbled on a clue .

With the increase of the spirit particles, the medicinal effect had been more active; thus, he only needed to increase its duration now . By doing so, perhaps he could raise the quality of the potion to the next level .

But then, the original formula was already too difficult to improve . After thinking for a while, Feng Lin decided to make a bold attempt and add a new type of ingredient: fluid ice .

It was a fluid form of ice and acted as a natural inhibitor of spirit particles, capable of reducing spirit particles' activity .

Once Feng Lin thought of it, he began producing the potion and succeeded in one try .

He held in his hand a bottle of potion, one with a distinct pink color . Due to the addition of fluid ice, some crystals of ice could be seen floating about inside the liquid, emitting a faint chill . The crystals would move along with the liquid, very appealing to look at .

Feng Lin drank the potion and immediately could feel the difference .

The potion that had felt like scorching flames had toned down to a comfortable warmth . Even though the energy was still burning like fire, it also gave the paradoxical moisturizing and rejuvenating feelings of water .

His soul was fluttering silently as though he was transcending through the ninth heavens . The feeling was similar to being anesthetized, but this one naturally left his body without any side effects .

Feng Lin no longer felt uncomfortable, rather he felt as though he was soaking within a hot spring . His body was filled with feelings of comfort and laziness .

The change in the surroundings became unremarkably clear; it was as though someone deliberately slowed down a film right in front of Feng Lin .


Feng Lin let these thoughts pass through his mind . He indulged in this miraculous feeling to the point where it was difficult to extricate himself .

However, times of happiness expired quickly .

Once he came to his senses, Feng Lin still carried an expression that wished he was still in the trance .

. . .

Genetic potential - 16%!

Duration time 13 seconds!

. . .

A huge reduction in genetic potential had led to a significant increase in medicinal effectiveness and duration time .

Most importantly, this potion had no side effects! This was a specific characteristic of a flawless-grade potion!

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He had raised the quality of the potion by two grades in one go . The Adrenaline Potion had been raised to flawless-grade which was an unexpected surprise for Feng Lin .

But then, what Feng Lin cared about was the duration of effect—it was too short! Had it been longer, it could have approached the perfect-grade .

Feng Lin wanted to attempt reaching the highest grade .

Not for his greed, but for perfecting his gene micro-manipulation technique . He believed that he had the ability to achieve such a feat . If he did not attempt it, it would only leave regret in his heart .

Hmm, Duration huh?

Feng Lin was deep in thought . Perhaps he could reduce the amount of catalytic cream . This would reduce the reaction speed of the drug, allowing the medicinal effects to take effect more slowly . At the same time, he would increase the amount of dragonblood flower and spirit powder .

In a flash, Feng Lin came up with a new formula .

Dragonblood flower 35 milliliters, waterjade powder 17 grams, losoto solution 96 milliliters, catalytic cream 12 grams, spirit powder 15 grams, fluid ice 30 milliliters . . .

Feng Lin tried again, but it unexpectedly failed this time . Although, it could not be said to be a complete failure .

He once again experienced the painful scorching feeling in his soul . Through the microscopic changes within the genes, he could analyze the properties of the new potion .

. . .

Genetic potential was reduced by 12%!

Duration time 15 seconds!

. . .

Although the duration of effect had increased, the medicinal effectiveness had been reduced . Moreover, the side effects of the potion had reappeared .

Without a doubt, the improvement was not a success, but it was not a complete failure either . While the quality had decreased, it was still a high-grade potion .

With the duration of effect increased, it proved that Feng Lin's train of thought was correct .

There was nothing to fear from failure as long as he continued to experiment . He knew he would be successful eventually .

Feng Lin continued with his experiments .

. . .

Dragonblood flower 32 milliliters, waterjade powder 17 grams, losoto solution 94 milliliters, catalytic cream 12 grams, spirit powder 16 grams, fluid ice 35 milliliters . . .

Genetic potential -8% .

The medicinal effect reduced greatly .

Duration time: 11 seconds, a decrease of 4 seconds .

The side effects were too great .

Low-grade potion, a complete failure!

Dragonblood flower 36 milliliters, waterjade powder 20 grams, losoto solution 100 milliliters, catalytic cream 16 grams, spirit powder 20 grams, fluid ice 35 milliliters . . .

Genetic potential -10% .

The medicinal effect reduced slightly .

Duration time: 12 seconds, a decrease of 3 seconds .

The side effects were apparent .

Mid-grade potion, a failure .

Dragonblood flower 35 milliliters, waterjade powder 28 grams, losoto solution 98 milliliters, catalytic cream 21 grams, spirit powder 26 grams, fluid ice 32 milliliters . . .

Genetic potential -12% .

The medicinal effect was unchanged .

Duration time: 16 seconds, an increase of 1 second .

The side effects were minimal .

High-grade potion, not a failure but not a success .

. . .

Feng Lin did not have his previous luck, but he continued to modify the potion formula and continued to fail . It would seem that perfect-grade potion did not exist .

However, he did not get frustrated because he felt he was walking down the correct path . Each attempt led him one step closer to success . All he was missing was some luck and inspiration .

After repeated trial and error, Feng Lin gradually entered a miraculous state . He felt as though he could fully grasp the change within the potion bit by bit; everything was within his control like a mystery within a mystery .

Once he came to his senses, he found that there was a new bottle of potion in his hand . The color of the potion was both red and blue . The two colors were distinct but also able to mix and spiral together as though it was a Yin-Yang symbol of Taiji . It was a piece of art, giving off a perfect aura .

Not a trace too much, not a trace too little .

Feng Lin had a feeling that this potion was not ordinary . He might have actually succeeded in creating a perfect-grade potion .

Although it might look beautiful, the effectiveness could only be confirmed upon consumption .

Feng Lin raised his head and drank the potion . Immediately, an amazing change appeared before his eyes .

The world slowed down and time became extremely drawn out . The surrounding people were moving as though someone had pressed the slow down button from a screen . Their steps were slow and unsteady; it was especially humorous . Their speed was slower by ten folds the normal rate .

Even if someone shot multiple bullets at him, he had the feeling that he would be able to see the trajectories and easily dodge them .

This was . . .

Bullet time!

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