Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 10

Published at 20th of February 2020 10:39:08 PM

Chapter 10

Tian Xiangdong was training his fist techniques on the field, but from time to time, he would sneak a glance at Zhou Wen who was under a tree . He had been training for nearly an hour while Zhou Wen had spent the same amount of time gaming on the phone .

“It’s really exasperating to compare . We spend so much effort training, but that fellow just games . ” Tian Xiangdong felt more depressed the more he looked .

After the past few days of training, Tian Xiangdong had learned something . The reason Zhou Wen was considered the best genius in Guide High School wasn’t solely because of his cultivation talent .

Tian Xiangdong had originally thought that cultivation akin to sailing against a current was suitable for all humans since humans weren’t machines . It was very easy to regress if one didn’t train daily .

It was especially so when putting theory into practice in actual combat . Some level of deviation would affect the timing of opportunities and distance placement .

But Zhou Wen was different . As long as he learned something, regardless of whether he trained or not, he appeared very skilled and natural when actually putting it to practice .

Over the past few days, Zhou Wen would join them when the quartet trained together . But when it was time for individual training, Zhou Wen would run to the side to game .

If it wasn’t because Zhou Wen’s performance was impeccable when cooperating with the rest and, in fact, was the most outstanding one among the four, Tian Xiangdong might have taken on a teacher’s responsibility to teach the former a good lesson, inculcating in him the importance of daily practice and improvement .

But now, all Tian Xiangdong could do was sneak glances at Zhou Wen sitting there gaming while he had to engage in strenuous training .

“Where are you looking at? Focus . Your actions aren’t right,” Li Zhi said as he walked over .

Tian Xiangdong glanced at Zhou Wen who was just gaming and said in envy, “How nice it would be if I had talent like Zhou Wen . Cultivation is so miserable . Who doesn’t want to just game daily?”

Li Zhi said with a laugh, “Do you think Zhou Wen is really just gaming all day?”

“Isn’t that so? He has so much fun gaming daily . It’s obvious for us all to see,” Tian Xiangdong said .

Li Zhi shook his head and said, “We can only see him when he’s in school . We have no idea what he does after school . ”

“Are you telling me that he’s cultivating hard at home after school?” Tian Xiangdong understood what Li Zhi was getting at .

“There’s no free lunch in the world . A person like Zhou Wen might appear harmless as though he cares about nothing, but deep down in his bones, he’s extremely prideful . He suffered such a terrible defeat under An Jing’s hands, and although there might be extenuating circumstances for his defeat, with his character, he probably couldn’t accept it . He must have worked very hard at cultivation . This can be seen from how adept he is in actual combat . He’s definitely just putting on a farce that he’s decadent and engrossed in gaming,” Li Zhi said with a severe countenance .

“Then why does he act so decadent in school? There’s no need for him to do so . Isn’t it better to spend time gaming than on cultivation?” Tian Xiangdong was doubtful .

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Li Zhi shot a glance at Zhou Wen and said, “I believe that he suffered quite a psychological setback when he was first defeated by An Jing, causing people to mistake him for wallowing in self-misery . ”

“But that doesn’t explain why he games in school?” Tian Xiangdong was still puzzled .

“Think about it . If everyone believes you to be trash, and you end up scoring shockingly well on the college-entrance exams, taking first place in the city, wouldn’t it feel awesome to look back at the naysayers with a beaming look of success?” Li Zhi said .

“Holy sh*t, Zhou Wen has such nefarious thoughts? That scumbag…” Tian Xiangdong instantly came to a realization as he nearly exclaimed . Thankfully, Li Zhi cupped his mouth in time .

Zhou Wen obviously wasn’t as Tian Xiangdong imagined . Gaming similarly allowed him to grow stronger . Furthermore, the in-game character was equivalent to another him . When the in-game character was in combat, he would acquire the experience and skill familiarity from combat; therefore, he had no need to train .

“Mutated Vigor Ant!” Zhou Wen was grinding happily when he saw a blood-red Vigor Ant appear .

Over the past few days, he had killed more than ten Mutated Vigor Ants, but the outcome wasn’t anything desirable .

Apart from the first Mutated Vigor Ant dropping two dimensional crystals, the subsequent ones dropped dimensional crystals at a much lower rate . Their qualities were also worse .

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Ignoring the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal, even dimensional crystals with a value of 9 were rare . They didn’t appear even after about ten Mutated Vigor Ants were killed .

Now, Zhou Wen wasn’t as excited as before when he saw Mutated Vigor Ants . He very calmly controlled the blood-colored avatar to proceed forward and deliver two Vigor Divine Fist strikes to kill it .


He heard a familiar chime . Something had dropped this time .

Zhou Wen wasn’t too excited . Even if a dimensional crystal dropped, it was useless even if it was valued at 7 or 8, unless they were Speed Crystals . They could only replenish his energy expenditure .

However, when Zhou Wen identified the item that dropped, he was slightly taken aback . It was because the word “Crystal” wasn’t in the name of the item .

“Killed Mutated Vigor Ant . Discovered Companion Egg . ”

A game notice popped up at the bottom left of the screen . It left Zhou Wen surprised and delighted .

Having a Companion Egg drop meant that he had a chance of possessing a Companion Beast . But based on what he knew, it was very rare for Companion Beasts to appear at the Mortal stage . One could usually only have one after reaching the Legendary stage .

It could be said that Companion Beasts were a manifestation of one’s strength and status . Humans that would take their Companion Beasts on the streets were basically experts at the Legendary stage or higher . They were respected and envied by others .

The reason people at the Mortal stage lacked Companion Beasts was that Mortal stage dimensional creatures almost never dropped Companion Beasts . Even Legendary stage dimensional creatures had a relatively low probability of dropping one . Furthermore, Legendary stage Companion Eggs required one to provide Legendary stage Primordial Energy to incubate it . Therefore, even if Mortal stage humans obtained a Companion Egg, they had no means to incubate it .

Companion Beasts that hatched after incubation would live and die with their masters . It was very difficult for them to be transferred . If a forceful transfer was made, an extremely huge price needed to be paid . The typical person had no way of achieving that .

In a tiny city like Guide City, Zhou Wen had never seen a human at the Mortal stage have a Companion Beast .

The Companion Egg was about the size of the fist of the blood-colored avatar . It was completely milky-white and translucent . It was oval in shape and inside some red lights were flickering . It looked mysterious and beautiful .

Zhou Wen eagerly made the blood-colored avatar pick up the Companion Egg . The moment it made contact, Zhou Wen felt a jolt through his body . As though extracted by a needle, his Primordial Energy instantly flowed towards the phone .

And in-game, the blood-colored avatar’s Primordial Energy instantly went from 9 to 0 .