Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 100

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Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Wordless Monument

Mount Laojun wasn’t in Sunset College . Zhou Wen originally didn’t wish to go that far, but he had to complete the school’s homework missions . Otherwise, he couldn’t graduate so it was practically compulsory .

As for Li Xuan, he was very excited as he sat on the bus and continually explained Mount Laojun to Zhou Wen .

“A place like Mount Laojun can be said to be the safest dimensional zone . Although there are many dimensional creatures, they won’t attack humans without reason . As long as you don’t annoy them, there’s no danger at Mount Laojun . The only thing to take note of is that our homework mission is to visit the Wordless Monument . It’s also known as Unwinding Monument . No matter how strong a person’s will is, they can’t look at it for more than half an hour or things will turn fun…”

Zhou Wen sat by the window, grinding the Ant Nest dungeon while listening to Li Xuan’s detailed explanation of Mount Laojun .

“What’s so fun?” Zhou Wen asked .

“That thing is very sinister . Although it doesn’t kill people, it will make people excited and make them constantly wish to do something,” said Li Xuan with a chuckle .

Mount Laojun was in Luoyang, so it wasn’t long before the bus arrived .

It was different from what Zhou Wen had imagined . Mount Laojun wasn’t too tall, but it had many peaks with pine and cypress trees winding around them . There were ancient buildings erected above the mountain, making it a picturesque scene .

From afar, Mount Laojun looked like a classic ink painting of landscapes .

Wang Fei did a headcount before taking the students up the mountain .

There were rabbits, squirrels, and other small critters on the mountain, as well as groups of immortal cranes flying in the clouds . They showed no fear of humans and only curiously observed the students from Sunset College .

Zhou Wen kept searching for the palm symbol, but he hadn’t discovered one . However, he wasn’t worried as the mysterious phone could automatically lock onto the tiny palm symbol if it was close enough .

The most mysterious thing about Mount Laojun was the Golden Peak . There were many mysterious ancient buildings there, but no human could ascend to the Golden Peak .

Legend had it that people once saw countless animals crawling out of the mountain, such as snakes, worms, rats and insects . The black mass of creatures covered the entire Mount Laojun as they prostrated for three full days in front of the Golden Peak before dispersing .

It was almost taboo to spill blood on the land around Mount Laojun . There was once someone who attempted to carry out a massacre and kill those gentle dimensional creatures .

Just as that person had killed a dimensional creature that resembled a white rabbit, his expression changed drastically for some reason . He turned around and ran down the mountain like a madman .

When his friend went to look for him the next day, he wouldn’t have been able to recognize him if not for his clothes and personal items .

That person was covered in rabbit fur, and his mouth had turned into three lines like a rabbit . His eyes were red and he was sprawled on the ground eating grass like a rabbit . He couldn’t be stopped from doing so no matter how hard his friend tried . He became a lunatic for the rest of his life .

Since then, no one dared to kill on Mount Laojun . Even the spilling of blood was taboo .

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Legend had it that an Epic expert didn’t believe in the rumors and started a killing spree on Mount Laojun, but the outcome was equally tragic .

This was all the knowledge taught in school, and Zhou Wen didn’t know how true it was . However, as he walked up Mount Laojun, he indeed felt very serene . There seemed to be a magical power here that calmed one’s mind .

Wang Fei led the students to a platform on the mountainside and pointed to a stone monument at the end of the platform, saying, “That’s the legendary Unwinding Monument . Although it doesn’t have a word on it, it has magical powers . Your homework mission is to sit in front of the Unwinding Monument for half an hour and stare at it . Not one second less and not one second more . ”

The stone monument was only two to three meters tall . It looked old and dilapidated, and there was nothing out of the ordinary about it . It stood by the edge of the mountainside, looking like it accompanied the rosy clouds of dawn . Its solitude had an indescribable feeling to it as though just staring at it would placate any irascible feelings .

“Line up, ten people in a row . Sit down in front of Unwinding Monument . Wear the sunglasses I gave you . Listen to my instructions before taking them off . Zhou Wen, Li Xuan, don’t just stand at the back . Come to the first row . ” Wang Fei arranged for a group of students to sit in front of Unwinding Monument, and, when she saw Zhou Wen and Li Xuan at the back, she immediately called them to the front .

The closer one was to the Unwinding Monument, the stronger the effects . Wang Fei had steeled her heart to help Zhou Wen regain his drive .

Zhou Wen didn’t mind where he sat . Anyway, there wasn’t any risk looking at the Unwinding Monument as long as one didn’t exceed the time limit .

The only things that left Zhou Wen a little disappointed were his failure to find the tiny palm symbol, and that the mysterious phone hadn’t vibrated .

Could it be that Mount Laojun’s dimensional zone is at the Golden Peak? Zhou Wen looked at the mountaintop as he secretly made plans .

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Seeing how Zhou Wen was still looking around, Wang Fei thought to herself, After you look at the Wordless Monument, you won’t be as half-hearted as you are now .

“Alright, take note . Take off your sunglasses . Everyone is to begin looking at the Wordless Monument . The time limit is half an hour . If you get up before half an hour, it will be a failure and you will have to look at it for another half an hour . ” Wang Fei wore the sunglasses without any intention of taking them off . All she did was start the stopwatch in her hand .

These sunglasses were specially made . Wearing them to look at the Wordless Monument decreased its effects significantly . However, one still couldn’t keep looking at it because with prolonged staring at it, even the sunglasses were useless .

Zhou Wen and the rest of the students took off their sunglasses as their gazes landed on the Wordless Monument .

It was strange . Initially, many students felt nervous . However, after looking at the Wordless Monument, their nervous feelings vanished instantly . They relaxed entirely and their spirits became extremely tranquil .

However, this feeling of tranquility became a little odd as time passed .

Although one’s mind remained calm, energy seemed to surge in their bodies . It made the students feel like they were filled with Primordial Energy . They yearned to immediately get up and begin carrying out a series of boxing moves or fight someone . This irascible feeling that came from within stood in strong contrast with the tranquility their minds generated .

The students naturally didn’t dare to stand up . They had only sat down for less than three minutes, so standing up now would mean the failure of their homework mission . All they could do was sit there and bear with it .

This feeling was like a person who was hyperactive but had to sit there and not move an inch . It was not something a person could usually understand .

Zhou Wen also felt the same stirring feelings, but he only felt them a little bit at the beginning . Just as his body began to stir, the Lost Immortal Sutra that was circulating at a normal speed gradually slowed down . It made Zhou Wen’s body feel strange as the irascible feelings slowly vanished .

Why is this happening? Zhou Wen was alarmed . The last time the Lost Immortal Sutra did such a thing was when he was reading the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra .

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