Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: 101

Chapter 101 New Primordial Energy Art

Just like the last time, the Lost Immortal Sutra’s circulation increasingly slowed down . After some time, it was as if it was about to stop .

At the instant the Lost Immortal Sutra came to a complete halt, Zhou Wen felt his body suddenly come to a halt, as though there was a crisp sound of a lock being turned .

The last time, Zhou Wen had been rather slow to react and didn’t have too strong a feeling . Now, after carefully sensing it, he realized that the ceasing of the aura circulation wasn’t the only thing . His entire body had come to a halt and even his heart had skipped a beat .

This pause only lasted for an instant . In the next second, Zhou Wen felt his Primordial Energy rapidly circulate . However, this circulation pathway was completely different from the Lost Immortal Sutra’s Energy . It also wasn’t that of the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, but a different Primordial Energy Art that he had never cultivated before .

This Primordial Energy Art had a strange feeling of having his body fuse with the world itself . It was as though his entire being had become a part of the universe . His heart and the breathing of the universe was happening at the same frequency .

Zhou Wen did not see a single word on the Wordless Monument, but he could sense the Primordial Energy Art came from it . It was a very strange feeling that was indescribable .


Wang Fei constantly observed her students to prevent any accidents happening from staring at the Wordless Monument .

However, Wang Fei’s attention was mostly focused on Zhou Wen . She wanted to see him change . She wanted to see him turn from a loser obsessed with gaming to a diligent genius .

But soon, Wang Fei felt something amiss .

The other students were all sweating profusely, trying their best to hold back their irascible emotions as they wore heavy or ferocious expressions . Even the extremely resolute students were frowning and looking as though they were struggling to cope .

However, Zhou Wen was completely different . He naturally looked relaxed as he sat there languidly, as though he was sunbathing . It was as if he didn’t feel any pressure .

Could it be that Zhou Wen is so disheartened that even the Unwinding Monument’s power can’t help him? Wang Fei naturally didn’t believe this . She only believed that Zhou Wen hadn’t been exposed for long enough .

As time passed, the expressions of the other students worsened . The students who had weaker self-restraint started to move around as if their bodies were crawling with worms .


However, none of them stood up . They were the top students from every high school, so they naturally had their pride . None of them wanted to lose to their classmates, so they had to endure it .

Li Xuan’s condition was slightly better . One could tell that his will was extremely firm . He sat there motionless without any changes in expression . However, the sweat on his forehead indicated that he was not having an easy time .

As for Zhou Wen, he was still languidly sitting beside Li Xuan . His expression hadn’t changed from the beginning to the end . Furthermore, he appeared more and more relaxed . If not for Wang Fei’s requirements for them to sit, he would likely be lying on the ground .

Strange, how did this happen? Wang Fei was alarmed .

She had also stared at the Wordless Monument before, so she naturally knew how powerful it was . Zhou Wen was only at the Mortal stage, even Epic experts would be influenced by the power of the Wordless Monument . It was absolutely impossible to be this relaxed .

It has already been ten minutes, but he hasn’t reacted at all . Could it be… Wang Fei’s heart skipped a beat when she thought of a possibility .

Someone had previously guessed that there was a mysterious Primordial Energy Art engraved on the Wordless Monument, but was invisible to everyone .


If a candidate with a suitable physique placed their eyes on the Wordless Monument, perhaps it would reveal the Primordial Energy Art on it .

Could it be that Zhou Wen has a special physique that has an affinity with the art on the Wordless Monument? Wang Fei believed that the chances of that happening were extremely low, but Zhou Wen’s present performance was somewhat odd .

She planned on observing further . If Zhou Wen truly had a special physique that had an affinity with the Wordless Monument, she would have to reevaluate Zhou Wen’s future achievements .

If that’s the case, Sis Lan has really picked up a treasure . She got a free son from her marriage, one who has a one-in-a-billion special physique . That would be incredible . Wang Fei looked at Zhou Wen with mixed emotions as countless thoughts ran through her mind .

Zhou Wen was feeling extremely relaxed . After completing one circulation, it was already enough for him to use it, just like the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra .

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At the same time, he felt that his body was filled with Primordial Energy . It was as though every breath he took could draw Primordial Energy from the world into his body .

Although he couldn’t make attempts, Zhou Wen felt that his Primordial Energy recovery was much faster than before .


Now, he wished to switch on the game to see how his stats had changed . But in the present situation, it was inconvenient for him to take out his phone to game . All he could do was hold back his desire and continue staring at the Wordless Monument .

After waiting for quite a while and seeing Zhou Wen maintain his languid expression with no special changes to the monument, Wang Fei began thinking about her previous idea .

Could it be that Zhou Wen doesn’t have a special physique, but that he’s born with that expression? Wang Fei was puzzled as she looked at Zhou Wen’s languid look .

Half an hour quickly passed, but that was only for Zhou Wen . To the other students, half an hour felt like a century .

When Wang Fei announced that the mission was over, all the classmates leaped up at the same time . Some were running at full speed, while others were exerting all their strength to strike out a set of moves . Some were constantly somersaulting .

There were also some students who were quieter . Although they did not engage in any intense activity, they also circulated the Primordial Energy Art they had cultivated and quickly circulated it again and again .

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As for some irascible fellows, they even used their Primordial Energy Skills to deliver a barrage of fists on the mountain rocks . It was as if that was the only way they could vent their infinite energy .

Li Xuan was an especially energetic fellow, but he didn’t strike the rocks . Instead, he was sprawled on the ground doing push-ups as though he had an electric motor installed in him .


Wang Fei was very satisfied with her students’ performance . Although the power of the Wordless Monument was strange, as long as she used it well, it would be a great boon in educating them .

However, when her gaze landed on Zhou Wen, her good mood immediately vanished .

She saw Zhou Wen sitting on a rock beside the stone wall as he quickly took out his phone . He held the phone in his hands and was tapping away his fingers at a dazzling speed . Without looking at his phone screen, it was obvious that the fellow was playing a game .