Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 102

Published at 19th of March 2020 10:20:07 AM

Chapter 102: 102

Chapter 102 Three-Eyed Antelope

Zhou Wen secretly dripped a drop of blood on the phone screen . Although the blood-colored avatar was still alive, he still did the same

thing .

This was because this blood could represent his present physical condition . The blood-colored avatar condensed from the previous blood drop had stats of his previous self .

Zhou Wen

Age: 16 years


Lifeform level: Mortal

Strength: 10

Speed: 10

Constitution: 11

Primordial Energy: 11

Primordial Energy Art: Lost Immortal Sutra

Primordial Energy Skill: Vigor Divine Fist, Ashen Palm, Blood Meditation, Penetrating Pierce, Dragon Gate Fairy Skill


Companion Beast: Truth Listener, Silver-Winged Flying Ant, Mutated Lotus Flower Ant

My Primordial Energy has risen to 11 . My Primordial Energy Art is still Lost Immortal Sutra without any new Primordial Energy Art appearing . Zhou Wen looked at his stats as countless thoughts ran through his mind .

The game displayed Lost Immortal Sutra as his only Primordial Energy Art . It meant that he had not mastered any others, but he could freely switch modes to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra or the Wordless Monument’s Primordial Energy Art . It was truly fascinating .

Seeing the other students desperately venting their energies without paying attention to him, Zhou Wen put away his phone and planned on walking around Mount Laojun to see if he could find the tiny palm symbol .

Since he had mastered the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra the last time, he had obtained Truth Listener that was suspected to be a Mythical creature . Perhaps, the Wordless Monument’s Primordial Energy Art had similar benefits too .

Legend had it that no one could ascend Mount Laojun’s Golden Peak, so perhaps there was an existence akin to the three-faced Buddha inside .

Of course, Zhou Wen wasn’t planning on walking straight to Golden Peak himself to verify his theory . All he wanted was to find the tiny palm symbol to download Mount Laojun’s dungeon and try it out in-game .


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He had only taken a few steps when Wang Fei appeared in front of him . She stared at him and asked, “Where are you going?”

No matter how she looked at it, Zhou Wen didn’t look like he needed to vent his energy . He was still as languid as usual, but he looked much better than before .

“I have an inexhaustible amount of energy all over my body . I need to run to release it . ” Zhou Wen’s insincere words were so obvious, that they nearly made Wang Fei laugh out in exasperation .

“You want to run? Very good . Run twenty times from the foot of the mountain to the stone bridge in front of Golden Peak . I’ll be here watching you . Not one round less,” Wang Fei said angrily .

“Yes, Miss Wang . ” Zhou Wen didn’t even try to defend himself . Keeping his arms close to his torso, he jogged upwards .

The Wordless Monument was the boundary of Mount Laojun . Any further up allowed one to see true dimensional creatures . And from that point onwards, there would be animals from Earth that had mutated .

Zhou Wen ran up the stone stairs and saw a white antelope standing by the edge of the cliff . It was eating from a blade of grass that grew out of the cliff .


The antelope was snow-white in color with curved horns on its head that looked like carved white jade . It was obvious that it was not an antelope from Earth . On its forehead, there was a vertical eye that was half-open . One could vaguely see a holy white light shimmering within .

In between its four hooves, there was a faint stream of white light swirling about, making it look as though it was walking on the light .

Although Zhou Wen didn’t know the level of the dimensional creature, he could tell that it was definitely extraordinary .

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The antelope also saw Zhou Wen, but it ignored him . It continued eating the grass on the mountain cliff .

The grass grew among the rocks, its leaves withered and yellow . It did not look eye-catching but the antelope was enjoying its meal as though it was delicious .

Mount Laojun’s dimensional creature didn’t harm others, so Zhou Wen wasn’t worried that the antelope would attack him . He approached it curiously and carefully observed the withered yellow grass growing from the cliff .

The grass was split into five leaves . A leaf was only the length of a middle finger . It was yellow and withered as if it was about to die .

But in the middle of the leaf, there was a white flower . It was about the size of a fingernail and looked as if it was carved from jade .


The antelope bit down on the withered grass and flower and chewed repeatedly before swallowing them down . Its face was filled with bliss as though it was extremely satisfied .

The antelope was only able to eat withered grass that was relatively close to the steep cliffs . Zhou Wen looked at the mountain cliff and saw that there wasn’t much withered grass . An idea couldn’t help but come to him .

He leaped up and stepped on the mountain cliff with his toes, swirling around like a huge bird . It was none other than the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill he had just learned .

He grabbed a withered yellow grass in midair and yanked at it forcefully; however, it remained motionless . With Zhou Wen’s Strength, he was surprisingly unable to pull the grass out .

Zhou Wen held onto the grass with one hand while his body hung in midair . He turned his head and glanced at the antelope and saw that it had no intention of attacking him . As it chewed on the withered grass, it looked at Zhou Wen, with a rather odd expression as though it was mocking him .

Zhou Wen made two more attempts with all his strength, but the withered grass remained motionless . The leaf didn’t show any signs of tearing . It was hard to imagine its tenacity .

This withered grass is actually so tenacious . I’m afraid there’s something odd about it . Zhou Wen had learned from textbooks that many dimensional zones had strange plants with various magical powers .

Some plants could cause instant death from consuming them while others could increase a human’s physical fitness greatly by eating them . They could even break through and evolve to a different level .

Since the three-eyed antelope was eating such withered grass, it meant that it wasn’t poisonous . As for whether humans could eat it or not, Zhou Wen didn’t know .

Seeing that he couldn’t pluck out the grass, Zhou Wen changed his mind and summoned the Lotus Flower Ant’s bracer . Pieces of bone that resembled lotus flower petals wrapped around Zhou Wen’s left arm, forming the razor-like blades along his arm as his fingernails became as sharp as a blade,



Zhou Wen thrust his fingers forward as though he was cutting tofu and stabbed into the stone cliff . He hurriedly dug a few times and snapped the rocks around the grass and dug it out .

Upon landing back on the stone stairs, Zhou Wen was unable to make head or tail . He had no choice but to put the grass back into his backpack . When he turned his head, he realized that the remaining withered grass had already been devoured by the three-eyed antelope .

He was only curious at first, so he didn’t think much of it as he continued running up the mountain .

Mount Laojun was known as the safest dimensional zone and as long as he didn’t cross Golden Peak’s gates, there wouldn’t be any danger . Even if a human wanted to kill Zhou Wen, they typically wouldn’t choose a place like Mount Laojun .

Zhou Wen jogged as he surveyed his surroundings but failed to see any tiny palm symbol .

As he ran, Zhou Wen suddenly felt his back tighten as though someone was pulling him from behind . He couldn’t help but be alarmed as he hurriedly turned his head and saw the three-eyed antelope biting his backpack .