Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 103

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Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Revenge

Zhou Wen could tell that the three-eyed antelope wasn’t using much force . Since its bite could chew through the tenacious withered grass, his backpack would have been torn to pieces if it exerted a little strength . It wouldn’t remain in one piece as it was now .

The antelope bit on the zipper in an attempt to unzip it . It most likely had its sights on the withered grass that Zhou Wen had dug up .

Zhou Wen took off his backpack and carried it as he continued walking up the mountain with his back facing the three-eyed antelope . After all, Mount Laojun’s dimensional creatures weren’t violent, so he wasn’t afraid it would do something to him .

The antelope clearly wasn’t giving up as it circled Zhou Wen and attempted to reach its head into his backpack .

Zhou Wen could only constantly move his backpack around to dodge the antelope’s head . Without trying, its speed was surprisingly fast . The moment Zhou Wen failed to focus, it had pulled open the zipper of his backpack .

This three-eyed antelope is no ordinary mortal . If it wants to eat the withered grass so much, the grass must be extraordinary . With this in mind, Zhou Wen hurriedly hugged his backpack tightly and pressed down the hole .


The three-eyed antelope didn’t give up either . It buried its head deep into Zhou Wen’s embrace, steeling its heart to eat the grass in his backpack .

Although the three-eyed antelope didn’t use brute force, its strength, speed, and reflexes were much better than Zhou Wen’s . Unable to tussle against it, the three-eyed antelope was close to succeeding .

Zhou Wen felt indignant, but ignoring how violence was not allowed on Mount Laojun, wouldn’t have dared fight the antelope even if he could

The withered grass had already been revealed . Just as the antelope was about to bite onto it, Zhou Wen suddenly thought of something as he spat at it .

Saliva sprayed onto the withered grass, covering its surface with spots of foamy saliva .

The antelope, who already had its mouth open, was taken aback . It looked at the withered grass covered in saliva before looking at Zhou Wen, its expression extremely odd .

“Do you still want it? I’m taking it away if you don’t want to eat it . ” Zhou Wen spread open his backpack generously, but the antelope didn’t react at all . All it did was look at the withered grass with a conflicted look .


Seeing no response from it, Zhou Wen zipped up his backpack, slung it on his back, and ran up the mountain .

The scenery of Mount Laojun was truly impressive; unfortunately, Zhou Wen didn’t see the palm symbol .

Although the antelope didn’t eat the withered grass, it didn’t leave either . It slowly followed behind Zhou Wen without any intention of attacking him . He didn’t know what it was up to .

Mount Laojun wasn’t very high, but after the dimensional storms, the space on the mountaintop seemed to be dilated . Despite the mountain looking short, Zhou Wen ran for quite some time before he gradually approached the mountaintop .

From afar, he could see the scenery of the mountain peak . There were ancient buildings of various heights dotted on it . Although the buildings weren’t majestic, they were built on the peak of the mountain with clouds clinging around them . They resembled the immortal residences as spoken of in myths .

At the end of the stone stairs, there was a wooden structure that resembled a gateway . On it were the words “Central Heaven Gateway . ”

In front of the gateway was a stone statue-an elderly man riding on the back of a stone cow . His gaze was trained towards the firmaments, but the stone cow had its head turned towards the horizon .


Zhou Wen had read the information on Mount Laojun before coming . He knew that the stone statue was likely the founder of Daoism, Li Er .

Before the dimensional storms, although Mount Laojun was a scenic spot, it wasn’t developed too well . This resulted in few tourists . Instead, it was common for locals to scale the mountain to see the sunrise over the sea of clouds from Golden Peak .

From the information, the stone sculpture had been recently sculpted, so there was likely nothing odd about it . However, when Zhou Wen approached it, the mysterious phone vibrated .

Zhou Wen hurriedly took out his mysterious phone and activated the camera function . Soon, he locked onto the stone cow’s forehead . There was the familiar palm symbol .

I’ve finally found it! Zhou Wen was overjoyed .

Before coming to Mount Laojun, Wang Fei had repeatedly exhorted everyone not to cross Central Heaven Gateway . If they did, they would have to bear the consequences themselves .

Zhou Wen wouldn’t have dared venture deeper if he couldn’t find the palm symbol .

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The phone screen showed that he had finished downloading the Mount Laojun dungeon . Just as Zhou Wen was reeling in delight, he suddenly felt a force slam into his back . He involuntarily flew up .

The force was immense, making it impossible for Zhou Wen to control his strength . However, the force was extremely strange . Although it was heavy, it didn’t injure Zhou Wen’s muscles or bone . All he could do was fly involuntarily towards Central Heaven Gateway .

In midair, Zhou Wen turned his head to take a glance, only to see that the three-eyed antelope was standing watching . It was giving him a nefarious smile .

Holy sh*t . Wasn’t it said that Mount Laojun’s dimensional creatures are docile? To think that the three-eyed antelope holds such grudges, taking revenge in a blink of an eye . One really can’t believe in rumors . Zhou Wen thought unhappily .

He had always been wary of the three-eyed antelope, but he hadn’t heard any sound before he was sent flying .

Zhou Wen slammed through Central Heaven Gateway and when he landed on the ground, he immediately bounced to his feet and attempted to rush out .

However, he was taken aback when he looked back . He had clearly crossed the gateway with the words “Central Heaven Gateway,” but when he looked back, he realized that the gateway, along with the stone sculpture and stairs were gone . He was by the side of a hanging cliff with clouds swirling around .

Is this an illusion? Zhou Wen carefully headed to the edge of the cliff and looked down . A gust of the mountain wind blew and nearly blew him off the edge .


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“Meh!” A goat’s cry sounded from nearby . Zhou Wen was alarmed as he hurriedly turned his head and saw the three-eyed antelope standing on a nearby boulder, looking at him mockingly .

In this day and age, you can’t even offend an antelope . Zhou Wen licked his lips and ignored it before glancing at his phone .

He finally understood what was happening . The three-eyed antelope didn’t dare harm him on the mountaintop, so it had struck him, throwing him onto Golden Peak, hoping to use its forces to finish him .

Zhou Wen made up his mind not to head forward . He stood there and waited . Then, he used his phone to scout the way to see what oddities lay ahead on Golden Peak .

There was no more downloading notice on the phone screen . On its home screen, there was an icon of a stone cow . On it were the words “Mount Laojun . ”

Zhou Wen was just about to click on the Mount Laojun icon when he felt something amiss .

The hair follicles in his pores began to grow thicker and longer . They even sprouted leaves, turning him into a humanoid grass field . It left him alarmed .

No good! Zhou Wen was alarmed as his mind raced . He instantly thought of the new Primordial Energy Art he had learned from the Wordless Monument and quickly switched from the Lost Immortal Sutra to it .