Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: 104

Chapter 104 Three Talismans

The moment the Wordless Monument’s Primordial Energy Art was activated, the grass sprouting on Zhou Wen immediately stopped growing . Furthermore, it gradually began to recede . Soon, Zhou Wen’s body returned to normal .

The three-eyed antelope wore a look of surprise when it saw this . It stood nearby and sized up Zhou Wen .

Thankfully, the Primordial Energy Art of the Wordless Monument works . Zhou Wen heaved a long sigh of relief . He turned his head and saw that the area he came from remained a steep cliff and not the gateway he came from .

Forget it . I’ll find a way out in-game . Since there’s the Wordless Monument’s Primordial Energy Art, there shouldn’t be too much danger as long as that antelope doesn’t find trouble with me . Zhou Wen’s heart jumped for joy when he subconsciously looked at the antelope .

The antelope who had been standing nearby just moments ago was nowhere to be seen .

“Meh!” A bleat sounded from behind Zhou Wen, causing him to break out into a cold sweat . Turning his head, he indeed saw the antelope standing behind him, its eyes sizing him up .


That was not all . As it sized him up, it circled around him as though he wanted to take in every inch of his body clearly, unwilling to miss out any detail .

Zhou Wen didn’t know what it was up to . He went on full alert for he wasn’t going to just sit back and do nothing if the antelope really wanted to harm him even if he knew he was no match for it .

However, it had no intention of taking action . It circled Zhou Wen a few times as the puzzlement in its eyes intensified .

“Brother Antelope, let’s negotiate . I’ll wash that blade of grass and return it to you . Why don’t you live and let live?” Zhou Wen carefully said to the three-eyed antelope .

If he knew that the antelope would be so vengeful, he wouldn’t have dug up the grass .

The antelope ignored him as it moved closer and nudged him to walk inside with its head .

The antelope had great strength, so much so that Zhou Wen felt that his strength couldn’t put up any resistance . Being pushed by that force, he couldn’t help but walk in .


Countless thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind, but he ultimately didn’t risk his life by fighting with the antelope .

The ancient buildings on top of Golden Peak were extremely large . They were connected by stone bridges . Beneath the stone bridges was a swirling sea of clouds and walking over them made one feel like they were walking in the sky .

“Brother Antelope, where are you pushing me? Can’t I walk on my own?” Zhou Wen asked .

The three-eyed antelope seemed to understand what he said and stopped nudging him with its head . It bleated at him before walking off .

Zhou Wen knew that his Speed and Strength were inferior to that of the antelope as it was likely an Epic creature, so it wasn’t realistic for him to escape under its nose . All he could do was follow it .

The antelope led him through the ancient buildings, passing under many stone bridges before arriving at a Daoist temple . Zhou Wen focused his gaze and saw that the signboard had the words “Great Pure Temple . ”

Zhou Wen had a superficial knowledge of Daoism, but he didn’t know that Great Pure One was one of the Three Pure Ones— Jade Pure One, Supreme Pure One, and Great Pure One . Among them, the Great Pure One was the most famous, also known as Taishang Laojun . It was probably a name everyone in East District was aware of .


This Daoist temple’s name was Great Pure Temple, so it was definitely meant to consecrate Taishang Laojun .

Don’t tell me that Taishang Laojun is still living here? When Zhou Wen recalled his encounter at the Small Buddha Temple, he couldn’t help but increase his circulation speed of the Wordless Monument’s Primordial Energy Art .

The antelope came to the entrance of the Great Pure Temple but didn’t enter . With a flash of its figure, it was already behind Zhou Wen and, before he even realized what was happening, it had pushed him into the temple .

Zhou Wen was already mentally prepared so he wasn’t surprised . The antelope definitely wasn’t taking him to sightsee when it led him here .

Standing firm, Zhou Wen studied the situation within . Beyond the door was a compound that looked rather old . The ground was covered in dust and fallen leaves . It was as though no one had stepped foot into it for a thousand years .

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In fact, what Zhou Wen knew was that before the dimensional storms, Great Pure Temple enjoyed plenty of incense offerings . And that was only decades ago .

“Since you are a disciple of my Daoist school . You can choose any of the Three Pure Talismans on the table . ” An ancient voice rang out from an unknown location, resounding inside Great Pure Temple as though it came from every direction . It was impossible to tell where the source came from .


“Yes, Master . ” Zhou Wen didn’t dare hesitate . After bowing, his gaze landed on an offering table in the yard .

After he passed through the door, he saw three talismans on the offering table . They looked completely different in material . One was like flawless white jade, while the second was made of metal, and the last one was carved from wood .

The three talismans were the size of a palm with similar appearances . However, the runic patterns on them were different .

Zhou Wen couldn’t read the runes since he had a limited understanding of Daoism . He could only make half-baked guesses . Small Buddha Temple’s three-faced Buddha made me choose a Mythical Companion Egg, but I’m made to choose talismans here . I wonder which one is useful . This is Great Pure Temple, so logically speaking, the three talismans should be related to Taishang Laojun . However, that might not be the case . Daoism’s Three Pure Ones were one embodiment to begin with, so the three talismans might represent the Three Pure Ones .

If my guess is correct, then the jade talisman represents the Jade Pure One, Lord of Primordial Beginning . The wooden talisman has something to do with nature, so it likely represents Taishang Laojun . As for the golden talisman, it should represent the Supreme Pure One . Which one should I choose? Zhou Wen was just making random guesses, so it wasn’t as though he knew if he was correct .

However, from an aesthetic point of view, he would have taken the jade talisman . But upon realizing that he was at Great Pure Temple, he hesitated for a moment before taking the wooden talisman .

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The instant Zhou Wen picked up the wooden talisman, he saw the projection in front of him, transform . Like a dream, Great Pure Temple dissipated . When Zhou Wen’s vision returned to normal, he realized that he had already returned to the spot beside the stone sculpture of an elderly man riding on the back of a cow .

If it wasn’t for the wooden charm in his hand, Zhou Wen would have wondered if he had been dreaming .


“Meh!” A bleat sounded . Upon seeing the three-eyed antelope, Zhou Wen confirmed everything that had happened was no illusion .

He didn’t dare stay here any longer . Although Mount Laojun’s Golden Peak wasn’t as strange as Small Buddha Temple, it left Zhou Wen apprehensive as he ran down the mountain with the wooden talisman in hand .

When he reached the halfway point and saw Wang Fei and his classmates, Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief .

“Zhou Wen, I told you to run . Were you off merrymaking?? Why did you bring an antelope back?” Wang Fei frowned when she saw Zhou Wen .

He turned his head and saw that the three-eyed antelope had followed him down . However, the vertical eye on its forehead had vanished . Apart from its whiteness, it looked no different from an ordinary white antelope .

Wang Fei originally imagined that it was an Earth animal that had mutated on Mount Laojun, not expecting it to be a dimensional creature . After all, dimensional creatures weren’t able to step past the Wordless Monument .