Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 105

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Chapter 105

Chapter 105 The Antelope That Just Won’t Leave

At the Special Investigation Bureau’s dedicated hospital .

“Liz, answer me honestly . Is there anything you exaggerated in the report you submitted?” Qiao Siyuan asked with a grave expression .

“Minister, I’ve been strictly trained in intelligence . I know the importance of correct intelligence . I can guarantee that the report I wrote has no exaggerations or falsehoods . I can be responsible for every word in it . ” Liz struggled to get up as she was pushed down by Qiao Siyuan .

“You have just received treatment . Only by recuperating and being able to move can you have what it takes to continue fighting . ” Qiao Siyuan placated Liz and flipped through her report . “I have already done thorough investigations and have confirmed that there’s a mysterious stone tablet in Small Buddha Temple . It’s like the other lands of mystery . No one can master the Primordial Energy Art on the stone monument unless that person possesses the special physique that matches

it . ”

“In that case, that Zhou Wen…” The mere thought of Zhou Wen made Liz immediately clench her teeth .


If it weren’t for Zhou Wen, she wouldn’t have been injured, much less have her sea of energy destroyed .

Qiao Siyuan nodded slightly . “According to your report, he was able to enter the temple hall without being harmed . As for you, you had Headless Angel to protect you; yet, you were nearly killed . This means there are only two possibilities . First, it’s that he has a guardian Companion Beast that’s stronger than Headless Angel, protecting him from harm . The other possibility is that he possesses a special physique that matches Small Buddha Temple, preventing him from being attacked . I’m inclined towards the latter . ”

Liz said hatefully, “The An family must have known that Zhou Wen had a special physique . That’s why they view him in a different light and gave him An Jing’s candidacy at all costs . If by a stroke of luck, he has obtained another special physique, having two talents on him, it won’t be impossible for him to have a chance to break through to the Mythical realm . The An family has really made their plans . I think Ouyang Lan and Zhou Lingfeng’s marriage was probably just a transaction . ”

At the thought of the An family, Liz also gritted her teeth in hatred . She was the daughter of a Senator after all; yet, An Tianzuo had her sea of energy crippled . She had to have her revenge .

Qiao Siyuan said plainly, “The impact dimensional zones have in various parts of the world is growing more obvious . It results in the barriers between territories growing, therefore impeding movement . The factions from these territories have always been trying to use this opportunity to extricate themselves from the League’s control . The An family is filled with ambition and they have a Primordial Gold mine while they have been nurturing their army . They are also using all kinds of means to seek out a way to break through to the Mythical stage . Their ambition knows no bounds . ”

“Minister, we can’t let the An family continue . We have to nip Zhou Wen in the bud . As long as the An family doesn’t have a Mythical expert, they will have scruples and won’t easily betray and abandon the League,” Liz said excitedly .

“Calm down . You haven’t recovered from your injuries . ” After placating Liz’s emotions, Qiao Siyuan continued, “Let’s not talk about whether Zhou Wen was intentionally nurtured by the An family, just the fact that he has a special physique implies he needs to come under the League’s service . He cannot become a private tool of the An family . However, Luoyang is ultimately the An family’s territory . After what happened the previous time, they will definitely enhance their protection of him . It’s probably impossible to touch him in Luoyang . ”


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“Are we just going to watch the An family do whatever they want?” Liz said angrily .

“Of course not . However, everything depends on the ways and methods employed . The League needs the An family’s supply of Primordial Gold Ore so we can’t touch them for now . However, since Zhou Wen obtained a nomination, he will definitely be sent to our League’s holy grounds and lose the protection of the An family . From there, it will be a lot easier for us to bring him back,” Qiao Siyuan said indifferently .

“We let him off . He can live for a few more days,” Liz said hatefully .

Qiao Siyuan exhorted again . “For now, don’t tell anyone about Zhou Wen’s special physique . It’s best if there aren’t any external complications . ”

“Minister, don’t worry . I understand what needs to be done . ” Liz nodded slightly .

Having a special physique had wide implications . Even in the Senate, there were different voices . The various factions also treated special physiques seriously . If other factions knew that Zhou Wen possessed a special physique, it would likely be impossible for them to control the situation’s development, something Liz and Qiao Siyuan least wanted to happen .

Qiao Siyuan was thinking about work, but Liz only wanted to finish off Zhou Wen personally .

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In the Four Seasons Garden dorms, Zhou Wen sat on a chair and stared at the white antelope .

This antelope had been following him ever since he returned from Mount Laojun . It even squeezed into the college bus and returned to the college with him .

Zhou Wen really wished to chase the creature away, but he knew how terrifying the antelope was . If he forcefully chased it away, it was possible that it would explode with rage and slaughter someone . When that happened, not only would it affect Zhou Wen, even his fellow classmates and teacher would be down on their luck .

Therefore, even though Zhou Wen wished to chase away the antelope, he didn’t forcefully drive it away .

Thankfully, it was normal for students to use Companion Beasts at Sunset College, so it wasn’t too shocking for Zhou Wen to bring one back . However, Li Xuan and the other students didn’t cease mocking him on the way back .

“I say, Zhou Wen, your luck is pretty good . A pet automatically recognizes you as its owner . Unfortunately, this is only an antelope that mutated on Mount Laojun and not a high-level dimensional creature . If this fellow was an Epic dimensional creature, that would be awesome . It’s really a pity . ” Back when Li Xuan said those words, it was naturally a jibe at Zhou Wen .

However, Zhou Wen knew very well that the fellow definitely had powers at the Epic stage .


“Brother Antelope, I’ve washed your grass . Eat it with ease . I’ve used green, natural, uncontaminated cleaning fluid to wash it more than ten times . It’s clean . Quickly finish it and go on your merry way . A place like school has too much dust and the pollution is terrible . There are all kinds of people here and there’s all kinds of noise pollution . It’s nothing comparable to a place like Mount Laojun . It must be hard on you living here . It’s best you return . ” Zhou Wen placed the withered grass on the table in front of the antelope as he persuaded it sincerely .

Glancing at the withered grass on the table, it didn’t even sniff it but turned around and walked to the couch . It then lay on the couch and squinted its eyes comfortably .

“Brother Antelope, although you are indeed impressive, you should know that this is Sunset College . Many Epic experts are stationed here . If they discover that you are a feral dimensional creature, I’m afraid…” Zhou Wen had planned on reasoning with it when he realized that emotional appeal didn’t work .

To his surprise, the antelope had fallen asleep on the couch as though it hadn’t heard Zhou Wen at all .