Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: 108

Chapter 108 Xiyuan Crystal shop

Wang Fei had been in a bad mood recently . Based on her plan, Zhou Wen should have been motivated to diligently cultivate after staring at the Unwinding Monument .

However, although it was true that Zhou Wen was motivated, it was towards gaming and not cultivation .

You clearly have such great talent . Why do you want to be a loser that is obsessed with gaming? Wang Fei was completely perplexed by Zhou Wen’s thoughts .

From the looks of it, relying on external forces won’t do . I have to give him some stimulation . Wang Fei thought about how to inspire Zhou Wen and make him get back on his feet again .

However, after much thought, she was momentarily unable to think of a good solution . Wang Fei knew that one couldn’t rush or force education . To change a student’s mindset would require a suitable opportunity .

Hence, she planned on observing for a period of time and waiting until Sunset College’s first comprehensive test before making any plans .


There was a single comprehensive examination that every student had to take, regardless of seniority, one month after school began . All the students in each class and grade would have to take part in the exam . The test was uniform and it determined a student’s ranking in school .

Wang Fei felt that Zhou Wen might be inspired if he were to see the true strength of the college’s top students .

Zhou Wen’s life was ordinary and fulfilling . He crazily grinded daily at dungeons before committing suicide at Fire God Platform to memorize a few words of the Ancient Imperial Sutra .

By now, Zhou Wen hated its length . Despite the numerous times he went up, he had only memorized half of the sutra . It was unknown when he would finish it .

The antelope took up residence in Zhou Wen’s dorm, eating and drinking for free, showing no signs of leaving .

Zhou Wen could have just eaten anything without especially heading to the cafeteria, but after this fellow came, it required fresh vegetables daily, forcing him to have no choice but to head to the cafeteria to think of a solution .

Zhou Wen wanted to ignore it, but as long as the fellow didn’t eat anything, it would stay by Zhou Wen’s side . It didn’t do anything out of line except circle around Zhou Wen, nudging him with its head, giving him no peace . It was even more impossible to play games, so this forced him to prepare food for it .


Zhou Wen originally imagined that his life would continue like this, but Ah Sheng’s arrival had shattered his peaceful life .

“Young Master Wen, Madam has asked me to take you over there . ” Ah Sheng was always so humble and polite . Even a person with a fiery temper would not flare up at him .

“Is there a reason why Sis Lan is looking for me?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown . If there wasn’t anything important, he’d rather not visit the An family again .

“Madam wanted me to tell you that she’s waiting for you at the shop in the city district . She has something private that needs your help,” Ah Sheng said .

“Alright . ” Zhou Wen nodded slightly . Since he wasn’t going to the An family and he didn’t mind Ouyang Lan, he didn’t find making the trip too aversive .

Ah Sheng drove Zhou Wen out of Sunset College . Usually, after school started, students couldn’t leave unless it was a holiday . However, people that Ah Sheng wanted to pick up were clearly not on this list .

After the soldier guarding the door saw the pass Ah Sheng took out, he directly let them through .


Ah Sheng didn’t lie—they really didn’t head for the An family home . Zhou Wen originally imagined that Ouyang Lan would meet him at a restaurant or a cafe, or perhaps a clothing or jewelry shop .

However, when the car stopped, Zhou Wen realized that they had come to a dimensional crystal shop named “Xiyuan . ”

He found the name of the dimensional crystal shop a little familiar . After some thought, he recalled that in the delivery package the former principal had sent him, the owner of the name card was the owner of the Xiyuan crystal shop, Qin Xiyuan .

As there hadn’t been any other related incidents since he had received the delivery, Zhou Wen ignored the name card . He only recalled the name card now when he saw the signboard of the Xiyuan dimensional crystal shop . Read the next chapter on our vipnovel . com

I wonder if that string of numbers was casually written on Qin Xiyuan’s name card or if it has anything to do with Qin Xiyuan . Many thoughts flashed through Zhou Wen’s mind .

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It was impossible for him to show the name card to Qin Xiyuan . Without figuring out what the number on the card meant, Zhou Wen had no intention of letting anyone see it .

“Little Wen, come over quickly . ” After the car came to a stop, Ouyang Lan, who was dressed in sports attire, stood on the steps of the shop and beckoned to Zhou Wen .


Zhou Wen alighted and approached Ouyang Lan . He politely asked, “Sis Lan, how may I help you?”

Ouyang Lan smiled and said, “It’s almost Little Jing’s birthday and I want to give her a Companion Beast as a gift . I want you to give me some advice . ”

“Sis Lan, you must be joking . Your understanding of Companion Beasts is definitely greater than mine,” Zhou Wen said .

Ouyang Lan thought nothing of it . She hooked her arm around Zhou Wen and walked into the shop . “This is a birthday gift, not a piece of equipment used to kill enemies on a battlefield . There’s no need for pragmatism, just aesthetics . To let my Little Jing love it at a glance, I believe young people like you will do a better job than me . So give me some suggestions . ”

Zhou Wen never guessed Ouyang Lan’s important matter would be this, but since he was already here, he couldn’t just turn around and leave . Besides, Zhou Wen wanted to see what kind of place the Xiyuan crystal shop was .

The staff seemed to know Ouyang Lan and the manager came over personally to greet her .

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“Don’t mind us . We are just taking a look,” Ouyang Lan said with a smile .

The manager and salesperson knew better and retreated to the side . Only Ah Sheng maintained a distance behind Ouyang Lan and Zhou Wen .


Zhou Wen was rather puzzled that they were the only customers in such a huge store . With such terrible sales, it was a miracle how the store managed to continue operating .

As though reading Zhou Wen’s mind, Ouyang Lan said, “Although Xiyuan’s store is not the biggest in Luoyang, it is the store with the most excellent products . It often has trinkets that give one a pleasant surprise . My father and the boss here were childhood friends . He often brought me here when I was young . Before I advanced to the Epic stage, many of my Companion Beasts were bought here . Many of them were also given by Uncle Qin . Back then, the Xiyuan shop wasn’t that big . Every time Father brought me here, Uncle Qin would close the shop by hanging the “on a break” sign before taking my father around to see his latest collection . ”

With that said, Zhou Wen roughly understood what Ouyang Lan was getting at . It wasn’t because the business here was bad, but that Ouyang Lan’s arrival made the Xiyuan shop temporarily closed for business .

“However, since Father left Luoyang, I haven’t been here in a long while . ” As Ouyang Lan spoke, she walked to a row of lockers and entered a string of codes . She opened one of the lockers and took out a bunch of keys .

Zhou Wen didn’t peep at the codes Ouyang Lan had input, but due to Truth Listener on his ear, his hearing was much better than before . When he heard Ouyang Lan enter the code, he knew how many numbers she had entered .

A ten-digit code? Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback as he subconsciously looked at the locker . He thought, Could the string of numbers on the name card be a storage code here?