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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 109

Published at 22nd of March 2020 05:10:13 PM

Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Choosing a Companion Egg

Zhou Wen looked around and found two rows of lockers nearby . There were at least forty to fifty of them .

Ignoring the fact that he didn’t know if the ten numbers on the name card were a locker’s code, even if they were, he had no idea which locker the code belonged to .

Ouyang Lan held the bunch of keys and said, “In the past, Uncle Qin would always leave the spare key in this locker . If my father came when he wasn’t around, he could use the key to access the Companion Beasts and Companion Eggs . I never expected Uncle Qin to keep this habit despite all these years . Even the code is the same . ”

“Did the former principal use a particular locker in the past?” Zhou Wen asked casually .

“Of course, the lockers here are all old-fashioned safe deposit boxes . They aren’t like the public lockers that are popular these days . As long as a code is set, apart from the setter, even Uncle Qin can’t open them . Therefore, the lockers here cannot be used by anyone . Those who can use them are typically old customers or Uncle Qin’s friends . ”

As Ouyang Lan spoke, she walked to a locker numbered 42 . She said with great nostalgia, “This locker is the one my father uses every time he comes . ”


Zhou Wen’s gaze immediately landed on the locker as he thought to himself, Could that string of numbers be Locker No . 42’s code?

While Zhou Wen was deep in thought, Ouyang Lan had already reached out her fingers and tapped on the code pad a few times . Then, Locker No . 42 opened .

Ouyang Lan had only pressed six digits . Only then did Zhou Wen realize that the codes weren’t necessarily ten digits . It was likely that everyone had their own habits .

There were only a few miscellaneous items inside Locker No . 42, such as white gloves and masks .

Ouyang Lan took out a pair of gloves and a mask and handed it to Zhou Wen . “Put it on . Although most Companion Eggs and Companion Beasts aren’t afraid of contamination, there are some exceptions . This is my father’s habit . ”

Zhou Wen silently took the gloves and mask and put them on . Ouyang Lan also wore one set herself before taking Zhou Wen in the elevator and going down to basement one .

“The three levels above are all kinds of dimensional crystals and materials . Basement one is filled with Companion Beasts and Companion Eggs, with most of them at the Legendary stage . ” As Ouyang Lan spoke, the two of them reached basement one .


Zhou Wen immediately saw many glass cages in the hall of basement one . There were all sorts of Companion Beasts some he had heard of and others he had never heard of .

“These Companion Beasts were placed here by their owners . It’s not easy to buy them . This is because their owners have to pay a huge price to transfer them so the transfer cost is much higher than buying a Companion Egg at the same level . ” Ouyang Lan was very knowledgeable as she introduced all the Companion Beasts they could see, allowing Zhou Wen to broaden his horizons .

When they came to the Companion Egg area, the numbers clearly increased . Rows of Companion Eggs were placed behind tempered glass . The colors, sizes, and shapes were all different, making them look like dazzling gems .

Besides each Companion Egg was a sign . On it was some information on the Companion Egg . There were even portraits of the beast after the egg hatched .

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“Little Wen, what do you think of this Butterfly Fairy Companion Egg… This Ice Moon Fox seems pretty good too…” Ouyang Lan seemed to be enjoying it as she kept asking for Zhou Wen’s opinion .

“As long as it’s from you, I believe An Jing will be happy receiving it,” Zhou Wen said .

“That may be right, but I still wish to give her something that she will truly like . You are all young people, so your aesthetic standards are similar . Give me more opinions,” Ouyang Lan said while choosing the Companion Eggs .


Zhou Wen didn’t say anything else as he thought to himself, As a man, my aesthetic sense is naturally different from women . If I were to give my opinions, the Companion Egg chosen will probably not be something An Jing will like .

However, since Ouyang Lan kept asking for his opinion, Zhou Wen couldn’t just keep silent . After some hesitation, he asked, “Sis Lan, can I take pictures of the Companion Eggs here?”

“Not for others, but it’s no problem for you . Feel free to take pictures . Later, I’ll take you downstairs . There are some Epic Companion Beasts there which you can take pictures of . If you meet them in dimensional zones in the future, you will be able to recognize them . ” Ouyang Lan even pointed out some relatively important Companion Beasts and got Zhou Wen to take more pictures .

Zhou Wen took out his mysterious phone and pretended to take photos . After taking pictures of the Companion Eggs, he immediately saw their information and data .

He wasn’t afraid of being recorded by the surveillance cameras because he had already tried many times using modern tools like cell phones or cameras to capture pictures of the mysterious phone’s screen to no avail . All that was snapped was a blur that prevented anything from being discerned .

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He really couldn’t give any suggestions regarding beauty, but with the feature of the mysterious phone, he could give Ouyang Lan some suggestions of the pros and cons of the Companion Egg’s stats .

“No matter how I look at it, I still find the Butterfly Fairy and the Ice Moon Fox most suited for my Little Jing . Little Wen, what do you think?” Ouyang Lan finally decided on the Butterfly Fairy and Ice Moon Fox, but she was in a dilemma with which to choose from .


“You can buy both,” Zhou Wen said .

With Ouyang Lan’s wealth, buying two Legendary Companion Eggs was just a drop in the bucket . There was no need to fret over it .

However, Zhou Wen had used his mysterious phone to look at the two Companion Egg . They had very average stats .

Ouyang Lan shook her head and said, “Giving one gift reveals one’s sincerity . Giving two would only backfire . It will make Xiaojing think I’m just patronizing her . ”

Zhou Wen felt a little envious of An Jing . He had never had a mother . His father wasn’t a person who was good at taking care of children, so no one had celebrated his birthday for him, let alone give him birthday presents .

Ouyang Lan’s thoughtfulness towards An Jing made Zhou Wen suddenly realize that if his mother hadn’t died from a miscarriage, she would probably have loved him just like Ouyang Lan loved An Jing .

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However, this thought only lasted for a moment . Zhou Wen was already used to living alone . He might end up feeling uncomfortable if he really had a mother like Ouyang Lan .

“Little Wen, what’s your take? Don’t be bothered by my choice . If it were you, which Companion Egg would you want?” Ouyang Lan asked again .


Zhou Wen pointed at a pitch-black egg that was about the size of a pigeon’s egg as he said, “If it were me, I would probably want that Venomous Caterpillar Companion Egg,”

“For real?” Ouyang Lan looked at Zhou Wen in astonishment .

Venomous Caterpillars were not powerful Companion Beasts . Although they were at the Legendary stage, their various stats were lacking . The talent skill they had—Vile Venom —was also extremely useless .

Such venom would only show its effects on places that the Venomous Caterpillar crawled over . However, its crawling speed was relatively slow . Even certain Mortal creatures were faster than its crawling, much less Legendary creatures .