Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: 110

Chapter 110 Chained Companion Beast

Key to everything was that Venomous Caterpillars were really ugly . Furthermore, they even emitted a foul smell when summoned . Typical girls didn’t like such Companion Beasts .

“Yes, very,” Zhou Wen said with a nod .

He had already used his mysterious phone to look at most of the Companion Eggs here . That Venomous Caterpillar’s stats were indeed one of the best Legendary Companion Eggs he had ever seen .

Other than having nearly full stats, it also had a rare three skills . One of them was basically the godliest skill of a Venomous Caterpillar .

Butterfly Transformation was a skill that could transform Venomous Caterpillar into a venomous butterfly, allowing it to gain powerful flying abilities . Its originally weak Speed then became its strongest aspect .

The Vile Venom skill also underwent some changes after the Venomous Caterpillar became a Venomous Butterfly . Just touching the Venomous Butterfly’s venomous powder was enough to poison someone .


This rare Venomous Caterpillar with three skills was considered one of the best excellent-grade Legendaries . If Zhou Wen had the money, he would probably be tempted to buy it .

Of course, it was just a passing thought of his . It was useless even if he bought it . Firstly, it was difficult for him to incubate a Legendary Companion Egg . Secondly, his Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and Silver-Winged Flying Ant were not weaker than Venomous Caterpillar and were perhaps a little stronger . There was no need for him to waste time and energy on it .

Even if he really bought it, he could only use it as food for his Companion Beasts or for fusion .

“Your taste is really unique…” Ouyang Lan seemed to think of something as she narrowed her eyes and mumbled to herself, “Perhaps this is a good choice . I’m just unsure if Little Jing can recognize the Companion Eggs of a Venomous Caterpillar . If not… I can tell her that this is a Black Jade Butterfly’s Companion Egg… And when she incubates it… Haha…”

While Zhou Wen was flabbergasted, Ouyang Lan had already used her key to open the glass case and taken out the Venomous Caterpillar Companion Egg

Ouyang Lan called Ah Sheng over and said, “Ah Sheng, take this Companion Egg and pay for it . When the invoice is issued, get them to write it as Black Jade Butterfly . The packaging needs to be done nicely . Why don’t you do it yourself . ”

Ah Sheng seemed to be accustomed to Ouyang Lan’s random and unconstrained ideas . He didn’t wear a look of surprise as he took the Companion Egg and left .


“Little Wen, let’s head down and take a look . There are quite a number of interesting Companion Beasts there . They aren’t commonly seen . ” Ouyang Lan led Zhou Wen downwards .

After reaching basement three, they saw all kinds of independent special rooms . Each room had a Companion Beast . Although no one was guarding them, there was a powerful security system; every room needed a different key to open it .

Any entry to take a look at the Companion Beasts here actually required Qin Xiyuan to personally escort them . However, Ouyang Lan had his key, allowing her to directly open the room and broaden Zhou Wen’s horizons .

“Most of the Companion Beasts here were left behind by veterans . Companion Beasts are their partners and comrades, so they do not wish for Companion Beasts who have a limitless lifespan to die with them . Therefore, many veterans choose to transfer their Companion Beasts over here before their passing . Although there are some that do it because of financial reasons, it can’t be denied that the feelings soldiers have for their Companion Beasts far exceed those of ordinary people,” Ouyang Lan said .

Zhou Wen had always felt respect for soldiers . During the early days of the dimensional storms, countless soldiers used their lives to save ordinary people and explore dimensional zones .

At that time, the number of sacrificed soldiers were so many that it decreased the global military forces by a third .

“I wonder if that fellow is still around…” Ouyang Lan said as she walked forward and stopped in front of a door .


After searching the bunch of keys for a while, Ouyang Lan finally found a key and opened the heavy metal door that looked like a vault .

Zhou Wen looked into the room and was stunned when the scene before him turned clear .

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This room also had a Companion Beast, but it was different from other Companion Beastsit had shackles on its body .

As the Companion Beasts were placed here by their owners, they did not need to worry too much about them hurting others . Nor was there any need to worry about them escaping .

The reason they were locked in rooms was that they were afraid that people would forcefully take them away or harm them . This also prevented others from pulling any tricks due to ulterior motives .

However, the Companion Beast in the room had shackles and cuffs on all limbs . Chains were bound around its body and behind the chains was a metal slab the size of a millstone .

Ouyang Lan walked into the room and looked at the Companion Beast as she said, “When I was young, my father would visit him whenever he came to Uncle Qin’s place . It’s been so many years, yet he’s still here . ”


Zhou Wen also sized up the Companion Beast . He looked very much like a human, but his muscles were extremely thin as though he was just skin and bones . Even his ribs could be seen clearly .

However, his body was dry but not withered . His skin emitted a silver metallic luster . On the skin of his upper body, there were many strange silver tattoos .

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His long, silver hair cascaded down and covered his face and parts of his body . It was hard to see what he really looked like sitting there . It was even difficult to tell his gender .

“Sis Lan, what Companion Beast is this?” Zhou Wen had seen a few humanoid Companion Beasts in his textbooks, but they had traits that were different from humans . But, Zhou Wen didn’t notice anything obviously different on the Companion Beast in front of him .

“I don’t know . I asked my father when I was young, but he didn’t answer me or tell me about the Companion Beast . However, he would come here every time he came to visit Uncle Qin . ” Ouyang Lan clearly had some interest in this Companion Beast . She sighed and continued, “I later asked Uncle Qin, but he said that he has no idea what Companion Beast it is . It was put here by my father, and he hasn’t told Uncle Qin anything about it . ”

Zhou Wen was somewhat curious as he sized up the Companion Beast . Suddenly, he saw a nine-key pad on the metal piece that chained it up . It looked very similar to a keypad for passcodes .

Don’t tell me the numbers the former principal sent me are for this? Zhou Wen had a thought .

However, upon further thought, he felt that something was amiss . The former principal had his daughter and granddaughter, and Qin Xiyuan was his close friend . There was no reason for him to send the passcode to Zhou Wen .


Furthermore, if Ouyang Lan hadn’t brought Zhou Wen here, he wouldn’t have had the chance to see the strange Companion Beast . It was useless for the former principal to send the passcode to him .