Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 111

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Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Entering the Lotus Flower Cave Again

What perplexed Zhou Wen the most was why the former principal had sent him such a name card . Or perhaps it was not sent from the former principal at all .

But if it wasn’t from the former principal, who could have sent it to him?

Zhou Wen’s mind was filled with questions, but an answer eluded him . He wanted to try the number on the name card to see if it could open the Companion Beast’s chains, but he didn’t dare to do so because of the unknown consequences .

It would be fine if he couldn’t open it, but if he did, he couldn’t imagine what might happen .

As Zhou Wen was pondering over it, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine . Cold sweat instantly oozed out of his back as though he had been targeted by a ferocious ghost .

His gaze froze as he looked at the chained Companion Beast . Due to the silver hair covering the Companion Beast’s face, Zhou Wen couldn’t see his eyes or facial features . However, he had a nagging feeling that a pair of eyes were staring at him from behind the waterfall-like silver hair .


Unsure if it was an illusion, Zhou Wen even felt that the face behind the silver hair was smiling strangely at him .

“It’s almost time . Let’s get something to eat before I get Ah Sheng to take you back . We can’t affect your studying . ” Ouyang Lan led Zhou Wen out of the room and locked the door .

Standing outside the door, Zhou Wen watched as the metal door slowly closed and slowly hid the Companion Beast’s figure . However, Zhou Wen still felt that he was staring at him and smiling

Zhou Wen originally wanted to return to school immediately, but Ouyang Lan didn’t want to hear anything of that . She had a meal with him before getting Ah Sheng to take him back to school .

During the meal, Zhou Wen asked about the former principal . Ouyang Lan shared plenty of information with him, allowing him to gain a new understanding of the constantly smiling former principal .

In the past, Zhou Wen felt that the former principal was kind and had taken good care of him, but he didn’t care much about the administrative matters . Back when he was the principal of Guide High School, he didn’t really deal with matters . Everything was left to the vice-principals while he spent his days planting flowers and taking care of his grass . He looked especially relaxed .

However, from Ouyang Lan’s recount, Zhou Wen learned that the former principal was a very famous historian and had experienced the era of the dimensional storms .


The An family’s previous generation and the old principal were sworn brothers and even closed their ties through marriage . However, life was harsh on Ouyang Lan’s ex-husband and he died too early .

Although he learned quite a bit about the former principal, this wasn’t of much help to him . The only information that helped him was when Ouyang Lan said that the former principal had indeed been invited to a dimensional zone in Zhuolu County .

As the magnetic interference was too overwhelming, it rendered electronic communications almost useless . It had been a long time since Ouyang Lan had received news from the former principal .

Although such things happened often in the past, Ouyang Lan was worried as there was nothing she could do .

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen saw the antelope still sleeping on the couch . This left him disappointed .

Lying in the bed, he took out his phone and continued grinding the dungeons . Like before, he first wiped out the various mini-bosses before committing suicide at Fire God Platform .

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When he arrived at Tiger Cage Pass, Zhou Wen saw a word-engraved Demonized General appear . Delighted, he closed the distance and realized it was a Paper Demonized General .


Although the word-engraved Demonized General was powerful, Zhou Wen had the Astral Slash Blade that restrained it . Soon, he killed the Paper Demonized General and heard a chime—a dimensional crystal dropped .

Primordial Energy Skill Crystal! Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw the crystal’s name .

He impatiently picked up the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal and the blood-colored avatar successfully absorbed it .

‘Absorbed Paper Demonized General Crystal . Attained Astral Suction Palm . ’

Zhou Wen had longed for the Paper Demonized General’s Primordial Energy Skill and now with his wish answered, he couldn’t help but use it immediately .

He reached out and sucked at a Demonized Soldier at Tiger Cage Pass . The Demonized Soldier’s body was instantly sucked towards the blood-colored avatar’s palm, unable to escape no matter how hard it struggled .

The blood-colored avatar waved its other palm and slashed down at the Demonized Soldier’s head with Astral Slash Blade .


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It’s truly a godly skill! The importance Zhou Wen placed on the Astral Suction Palm was higher than the Astral Slash Blade .

Although Astral Slash Blade was powerful, it was only an offensive measure . Even without it, Zhou Wen still had other offensive means . However, this was the only Primordial Energy Skill he had that could force an enemy to change trajectories .

After studying it for a while, Zhou Wen gained a general understanding of the Astral Suction Palm . It was just like Astral Slash Blade, a Primordial Energy Skill that didn’t have fixed Primordial Energy costs .

The further the enemy was or the greater the weight, the more Primordial Energy that Astral Suction Palm expended .

With the amount of Primordial Energy Zhou Wen had at present, he could easily absorb creatures like Demonized Soldiers from about two meters away . In turn, Legendary creatures like a Demonized General would be more difficult .

However, being unable to draw an enemy didn’t mean it was useless . The suction force would still affect the Demonized General, causing its actions to deviate from its intentions .

A clash between experts lasted for an instant, so any deviation was fatal .

The more Zhou Wen studied Astral Suction Palm, the more satisfied he was with it . In the future, after he advanced to the Legendary stage, his Primordial Energy upper limits would increase; thus, raising the might of his Astral Suction Palm . It would be an ever-green Primordial Energy Skill .


Among the three word-engraved Demonized Generals, only the Fist Demonized General hasn’t been killed . I wonder if the Astral Suction Palm palm can withstand the Fist Demonized General’s skills . Zhou Wen couldn’t be sure .

Now that Zhou Wen had the Silver-Winged Flying Ant and the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant, he was still unable to defeat the Fist Demonized General .

It was not that the Fist Demonized General was much more powerful than Paper and Blade Demonized Generals, but that its main skill was just too ridiculous . When used, it seemed to gain an invincible body that the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s Primordial Energy Skills were unable to injure or kill .

Now, all Zhou Wen could do was place his hopes on Astral Suction Palm . Since Astral Slash Blade countered Astral Suction Palm, it was possible that Astral Suction Palm countered the Fist Demonized General’s skill .

However, encountering a Fist Demonized General solely depended on luck . Zhou Wen constantly grinded the dungeon before heading to the Fire God Platform to read the Ancient Imperial Sutra . This continued as the days passed .

“Zhou Wen, I’m ready . Come to Lotus Flower Cave with me again . ” Wang Lu, who he hadn’t seen in days, shouted for Zhou Wen from the neighboring yard . Today was the deadline for her homework mission .

Zhou Wen had been paid, so he naturally had no reason to reject her . He had to accompany her to the Lotus Flower Cave .

“This is my last chance . Today, I will definitely break Huang Ji’s record . ” Wang Lu was filled with confidence .

Zhou Wen declined to comment . All he did was film Wang Lu from behind with a camera . After they entered the Lotus Flower Cave, they searched for Fairy Monkeys in the stone cave .

After exploring several spots in the stone caves, they finally discovered a Fairy Monkey . However, before Wang Lu could make a move, the Fairy Monkey was killed by someone else .