Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: 112

Chapter 112 Swift Saber Heavenly King

It was a boy of Zhou Wen’s age . He held a purple narrow saber in his hand, and his body flashed like a ghost . With a few clashes with the Fairy Monkey, he slew it .

The entire process took less than twenty seconds, and the speed at which it happened was terrifying

Zhou Wen sized up the boy in astonishment . He found it amazing that the boy’s Speed was faster than a Fairy Monkey’s . It was extremely rare among students .

His saber skills were even faster than his physical movement techniques . Fairy Monkey’s Speed and movement techniques were top in class amongst Legendary creatures, but for it to fail to dodge a single saber strike implied how terrifyingly fast this saber was .

The boy wiped the blood from the saber and looked at Zhou Wen and Wang Lu . Soon, his gaze landed on Zhou Wen .

“Are you Zhou Wen, the one who killed the word-engraved Demonized General?” the boy stared at Zhou Wen and asked .


“I’m Zhou Wen . Who are you?” Zhou Wen asked .

“What a pity,” the boy said without rhyme or reason before leaving with the saber .

Zhou Wen felt a little baffled, but he couldn’t be bothered to think too much . With the camera, he prepared to continue forward .

Wang Lu, however, looked in the direction of the boy’s departure and said, “I didn’t expect Feng Qiuyan to actually come to Sunset College . Why didn’t I see him among the special admissions students?”

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“Do you still want to break the record?” Zhou Wen asked .

The boy from before had clearly broken Huang Ji’s previous record . Furthermore, the time he took significantly broke the record at below twenty seconds . Wang Lu might be strong, but to slay a Fairy Monkey within twenty seconds was clearly impossible .


“What record? With that fellow around, no one can be faster than him . ” Wang Lu paused and explained, “That fellow is called Feng Qiuyan . You might not have heard of his name in a place like Luoyang, but where I come from, his fame is at the level of Luoyang’s An Jing . They are all considered invincible, cream of the crop . Rumor has it that his Legendary Life Providence is Swift Saber Heavenly King . At the same stage, no one can be faster than his saber . You saw it too . Even the Fairy Monkey couldn’t dodge his strike, it’s obvious how fast his saber is . It’s completely impossible to compete in speed records,” Wang Lu said with a bitter smile .

“Swift Saber Heavenly King? Is this a Life Providence that augments his swift saber?” Zhou Wen asked out of curiosity .

“Probably . A Life Providence is a secret for everyone, so people wouldn’t usually tell others . I only know that his Life Providence is known as the Swift Saber Heavenly King that significantly augments anything to do with sabers . ” After a pause, Wang Lu continued, “Do you know there’s an organization that especially rates Life Providence? The Feng family has a senior that works at that organization . When evaluation of Feng Qiuyan’s Swift Saber Heavenly King Life Providence was made, the rumored result was an S-grade talent . ”

“Isn’t it said that the ratings of that organization aren’t accurate?” Zhou Wen had also heard of the organization . However, it was only a grassroots organization and wasn’t created by the League’s officials . Therefore, its ratings were greatly limited .

“Indeed, it can’t be confirmed as the Life Providence they evaluate is firstly based on how much it boosts one’s combat ability . As a result, the combat-based Life Providence ratings are usually higher, but in fact, many Life Providence might not boost one’s combat strength too significantly while still remaining very useful . However, to be rated as an S-grade means the Swift Saber Heavenly King Life Providence is undeniably powerful . ” Wang Lu didn’t deliberately belittle that organization .

I wonder what my Life Providence will be in the future? Typically, a Life Providence is related to a person’s physique and the Primordial Energy Art one cultivates . My physique isn’t bad and the Primordial Energy Art I cultivate in isn’t weak . I don’t think it will be difficult to obtain a powerful Life Providence . I just have no idea what kind it will be . It’s best if it’s a combat-style Life Providence . Zhou Wen felt some anticipation for his Life Providence .

However, advancement with the Lost Immortal Sutra was much more difficult than the average Primordial Energy Art . Even the Primordial Energy Arts on the mysterious stone monuments weren’t as difficult to cultivate as the Lost Immortal Sutra .


“With Feng Qiuyan around, there’s no hope of breaking the record . I can only blame myself for my bad luck . ” Wang Lu was slightly depressed

Although she didn’t really care about this record, to be doused with cold water after preparing for so long and being at the brink of success would leave anyone depressed .

“It’s not difficult to break his record,” Zhou Wen said after some thought .

“You have a solution?” Wang Lu’s eyes lit up as she looked at Zhou Wen . She surprisingly didn’t have any doubts over his words .

“There is a solution, but it’s not part of my job,” Zhou Wen said .

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“Speak . What conditions do you have?” Wang Lu saw through Zhou Wen’s thoughts and curled her lips .

“Money, how much can you pay me if I help you break the record?” Zhou Wen wasn’t materialistic and didn’t spend much money . However, to invest in Huang Ji’s game required a huge sum of money .


Zhou Wen didn’t have the time or means to earn money . All he could do was start with trivial matters and save up whatever he earned .

A rich person like Wang Lu, who could pay 150,000 bucks for a videographer, likely valued help to break a record at 150,000 bucks or more .

Wang Lu sized up Zhou Wen and asked, “Are you that short of money?”

“Yes, very . ” Zhou Wen nodded .

“What do you plan on doing with the money? How much do you need?” Wang Lu asked

again .

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“I have no idea how much money I need . A senior from our school is making a mobile game . I wish to invest in him, but I don’t know how much I need to invest . However, I believe plenty is needed . ” Zhou Wen didn’t hide the fact that it was an investment in a game . He was planning to invest in Huang Ji’s game to make others know of it . The more people who knew it, the better .

“You’re really a gaming fanatic . In this era, there aren’t many people who are addicted to games like you anymore . ” Wang Lu thought for a while before saying, “But the scale of making a game has quite a range, so the amount of money spent will be highly variable . If you only wish to make a simple game, a hundred to two hundred thousand bucks would be enough . I can give you that immediately, but if the game you wish to make is grander in scale, the money I give you will be a drop in the bucket . You might as well write up a proposal . If I think it’s feasible, I can invest in both of you . ”


“We’ll talk about investment in the future . It’s best you give me the money for helping you break the record,” Zhou Wen said as he extended his hand .

Wang Lu fiercely swatted away Zhou Wen’s hand . “You can have the money, but first you have to break the record for me . How do I know if you can really help me break the record or not?”

Zhou Wen didn’t say another word . He began searching for a Fairy Monkey in Lotus Flower Cave with Wang Lu . Breaking a record needed them to first find a Fairy Monkey .

Zhou Wen was rather confident about breaking Feng Qiuyan’s record . He had been grinding Fairy Monkeys recently and had quite some experience killing them . It could be said that Zhou Wen was the person who understood Fairy Monkeys the most in Sunset College .