Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: 114

Chapter 114 Gym Training

Inside an office, Qiao Siyuan stood respectfully in front of his desk with his head lowered, wearing a humble look .

“Have you found the thing I asked you to find?” A man sat behind his desk . As the only light in the office was the table lamp, the man’s face couldn’t be seen clearly . Only a blurry silhouette could be seen .

“Sir, apart from the An family, I’ve searched everywhere I can . I didn’t find the thing you were talking about . ” Qiao Siyuan lowered his head and replied cautiously .

“Why didn’t you go to the An family?” the man asked indifferently .

“We had sent people to infiltrate them, but Ouyang Lan keeps the An family tightly under wraps . The people we sent didn’t have the chance of getting close to where Ouyang Lan and the rest live . They were only able to do miscellaneous chores in the yard . ” After a pause, Qiao Siyuan continued, “In the name of pursuing Jing Daoxian, I had tried using Liz to test the An family’s attitude . An Tianzuo was very unyielding, and he didn’t care about the Senator by maiming Liz’s energy sea . It’s not simple to enter the An family to search for it . ”

“If everything is that easily solved, what do I need you for?” the man coldly asked .


“Yes, sir . You’re right . I will think of another solution . ” Qiao Siyuan bowed slightly before continuing, “Sir, I don’t think Professor Ouyang left the thing at the An family home . ”

“Why do you say that?” The man sitting behind the light lit up a cigarette with an old lighter .

“According to my investigations, Professor Ouyang may be close friends with the An family, but he did not agree to Ouyang Lan’s marriage into the An family . Because of this matter, they had a falling out . Since then, he hasn’t entered the An family home and wasn’t even present when An Tianzuo and An Jing were born . ”

Seeing no response from the man, Qiao Siyuan continued, “It’s also because after that person’s death in the An family that Professor Ouyang and Ouyang Lan’s relationship improved . However, he’s only visited the An family a few times and never stays there for more than an hour, much less stay overnight . With Professor Ouyang’s relationship with the An family, I don’t think he will leave something so important there . ”

“Then, where would Ouyang hide the thing?” the man flicked away some cigarette ash before asking

“Sir, do you think Professor Ouyang could have taken it with him?” Qiao Siyuan probed .

“Impossible . That thing can’t enter dimensional zones or it will only spell trouble . Ouyang often needs to enter dimensional zones, so he won’t be so stupid . He must have hidden it somewhere . ” The man paused before saying, “Regardless, you must find the thing at all costs . Do not dismiss the An family’s residence . Who knows if their poor relationship was just an act Ouyang deliberately created . ”


“Yes, sir . ” Qiao Siyuan bowed .

“We don’t have much time left . We need to retrieve it as soon as possible . Those ignorant fools outside think that time can be squandered, but they have no idea that the disaster is already hanging above their necks like a guillotine blade . It can fall at any time . Once the dimensional zones’ restrictions are gone, humanity will usher in the apocalypse . Therefore, we need to have that item in our hands to prevent that from happening,” the man said .

“Sir, is that thing really that important?” Qiao Siyuan asked the question on his mind .

“Back when humanity entered the Holy Land, there weren’t just six heroes . In fact, there were a lot more, but most of them ended up dying inside, their names unknown to people . Besides the six heroes, some also left the Holy Land alive and brought certain things out . Jing Daoxian was one of them . Likewise for Ouyang . The thing he has was something I saw him take out the Holy Land with my own eyes . It is of grave importance . We need to gain control of it,” the man said .

“Sir, I think there’s a coincidence over a matter, but I’m not sure if it’s problem,” Qiao Siyuan said after some thought .

“Speak . ”

“Back when Jing Daoxian was seriously injured and under our pursuit, he actually stayed in Guide City for nearly ten minutes,” Qiao Siyuan said .


“You’ve already written this in the report . It’s related to that youth named Zhou Wen, right?”

“That’s right . Later on, I investigated Zhou Wen in detail . Other than being Zhou Lingfeng’s son, he has a rather good relationship with Professor Ouyang . When Professor Ouyang was principal at Guide City, he often invited Zhou Wen to eat at his placea treatment that other students and even teachers didn’t receive . Now, Ouyang Lan has married Zhou Lingfeng . I just find it too much of a coincidence . I’m thinking of the possibility that Professor Ouyang gave the item to Zhou Wen or Zhou Lingfeng . ”

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“Impossible . The power of that thing isn’t something a Mortal-stage can withstand . It’s impossible to even hold it . You can continue investigating Zhou Wen, but you have to place your focus on the An family . The only ones with the capability to commandeer that item in the An family are An Tianzuo and Ouyang Lan . ”

“Yes, I understand . ”

Feng Qiuyan wasn’t in a good mood . He originally thought that he would definitely be first in class for the homework mission, but he never expected Wang Lu to be faster than him by nearly a second .

As expected of Wang Lu . She already has such power even before advancing to the Legendary stage . After Feng Qiuyan saw Wang Lu’s video for the homework mission, he realized that he had lost fair and square . Wang Lu’s comprehension and control over her positioning had reached an extremely high level . This was something that he lacked .

After Wang Lu advances to the Legendary stage, I will definitely fight her . Before that, I still need to train myself and make myself stronger . Feng Qiuyan quickly walked to the school gym .


Feng Qiuyan believed that he had to be focused on everything he did . Quality was demanded for everything, so he only practiced his saber techniques . He hoped to make his saber techniques faster and stronger, allowing him to reach the peak of the world .

Hence, after arriving at the gym, Feng Qiuyan immediately walked towards the training court where the ball launcher was . It was the most suitable machine for him to practice his saber’s

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speed .

However, when Feng Qiuyan got to the ball launcher court, he frowned when he realized that someone was occupying the grounds in practice .

On careful look, he realized that the person was someone he knew—the freshman who had killed the word-engraved Demonized General, Zhou Wen .

There was only one ball launcher, so Feng Qiuyan didn’t wish to waste any time waiting . Therefore, after some thought, he walked straight into the court and picked up a rubber training saber from the rack before walking towards Zhou Wen .