Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 115

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Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Unable to Touch the Balls

Zhou Wen felt that having his strength constantly increase despite staying in his dorm gaming all day seemed a little too eyebrow-raising, so he planned on some outdoor activities . At least, he had to let others know that he was cultivating arduously .

After circling the gym once, he had planned on choosing a simple strength training machine to train his legs, allowing him to free his hands and continue gaming .

But to his surprise, the gym was filled with people . After searching for a while, he discovered an empty training court .

In the past, Zhou Wen had never used a ball launcher . After seeing the demonstration on the screen, he knew what kind of machine it

was .

The ball launcher was similar to the pitching machines used in baseball practice . Balls were shot out of the machine and the trainee aimed to hit them .

It was just that the launcher would be shot in random directions in a wide area . Furthermore, it could also shoot multiple balls simultaneously . This was slightly different from a baseball pitching machine

There were many practice weapons on the racks-sabers, swords, poles, spears, whips, etc . They were all made of rubber .

Zhou Wen casually picked up a short pole and turned on the ball launcher . He was too lazy to study how he could adjust the launcher’s difficulty, so he simply switched it on .

A ball shot out from the launcher’s barrel like a cannonball . Zhou Wen took note of the distance and swung his short stick, easily striking the ball and sending it far away .

Soon, Zhou Wen realized that the launcher was rather simple . He could use one hand to strike the balls while using the other for gaming .

Some training like this doesn’t seem too bad . As Zhou Wen gamed, he didn’t need to look at the balls with his eyes to strike them . The listening ability that Truth Listener imbued him allowed him to hit the balls accurately .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen discovered that practicing Truth Listener’s hearing ability was very helpful to his hearing .

There were all kinds of dimensional zones, many that had a great effect on one’s vision, causing people to sometimes fight blind . All Zhou Wen originally wanted to do was to get some exercise, but after practicing for a while, he found such training very beneficial .

At that moment, Feng Qiuyan arrived at the training ground .

He walked onto the court with a practice saber in hand, but when he saw Zhou Wen gaming while striking the balls, he couldn’t help but frown .

Looking at the balls’ trajectory and speed, he knew that this was the lowest level of difficulty . It wasn’t even a challenge for ordinary high-schoolers who had cultivated, much less students of Sunset College .

From Feng Qiuyan’s point of view, Zhou Wen’s training was an insult to the word “training . ”

Therefore, Feng Qiuyan decided to kick Zhou Wen out . Rather than let Zhou Wen waste the school’s resources, it was better for him to train more .

Of course, it was beneath Feng Qiuyan to chase someone away, nor did he want to nag at Zhou Wen like a woman .

Feng Qiuyan had his own ways of doing things —in a masculine manner .

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He approached Zhou Wen with a practice saber in hand and Feng Qiuyan stood there silently without moving as he stared at the ball launcher’s muzzle .

Feng Qiuyan’s idea was very simple . It was like playing basketball . As long as he snatched away all rebounds, preventing Zhou Wen from touching the balls, Zhou Wen would naturally find it pointless and leave .

Feng Qiuyan was confident he could snatch all of Zhou Wen’s balls, preventing him from even touching a single ball .


With a compressive blast emitted from the launch, a ball was shot out as it flew towards Zhou Wen at high speeds .

“Right now . ” Feng Qiuyan’s heart stirred and was about to swing the wooden saber in his hand .

He was confident that as long as he brandished his saber, there would be nothing left for Zhou Wen . The speed at which he drew his saber was not something any ordinary student could match . Even if Zhou Wen stood in front of him, Feng Qiuyan was confident he could gain the upper hand .

However, when Feng Qiuyan raised the practice saber in his hand and was about to brandish it, his hand paused in midair . He had ultimately failed to complete the slash as he watched Zhou Wen send the ball flying with his practice pole .

Is it a coincidence? Feng Qiuyan frowned as he looked at Zhou Wen . He had his back to him, one hand still holding a pole, the other hand gaming on his phone .

However, just as Feng Qiuyan was about to attack, he felt that Zhou Wen was standing in the most appropriate position, blocking all the trajectories of his saber slashes . It prevented him from slashing at the ball .

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It was like a rebound in basketball . Zhou Wen stood in the spot where the basketball landed . Although the others could jump higher than him, it was difficult to snatch the ball if they weren’t in the right place .

The position Zhou Wen stood in had given Feng Qiuyan such a feeling, preventing him from having any chance of striking .

It’s probably just a coincidence, Feng Qiuyan thought to himself as he stared at the ball launcher’s muzzle .

There were a total of thirty-six launching muzzles . They were split into six rows, covering a length and height of twenty meters . Each muzzle had a small range of movement and direction, allowing for different trajectories in the balls it shot out .

As it was set to the lowest difficulty level, it only shot out one ball at a time . However, where the ball shot out from and its direction was unpredictable .

Feng Qiuyan focused and planned on finding the ball’s landing spot before Zhou Wen could . He wanted him to have a taste of what it felt like to not be able to hit the ball .


Another ball shot out . Feng Qiuyan trained his gaze at the ball’s direction and position . Just as he raised his foot to rush over, he saw Zhou Wen already walk over . He was already one step too slow if he took the step now . Even if he rushed over, he would lose the optimal spot, failing to snatch the ball from Zhou Wen like before .

If you want to play, fine! I’ll be serious this time . Feng Qiuyan imagined Zhou Wen was competing with him .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen’s attitude of gaming while striking the ball made it obvious to him that he thought nothing of him . This made Feng Qiuyan vexed .

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t thinking too much about it . He did hear someone beside him, but he didn’t know that the person was Feng Qiuyan, nor did he know that Feng Qiuyan wanted to chase him away . He originally imagined that the training court allowed multiple people in, so he thought nothing of it . He just struck the balls relying on his hearing and senses .

The inclusion of Feng Qiuyan was also a form of practice for him .

Zhou Wen was still grinding Ant Nest-a dungeon he usually grinded when in public with other people around .

Another ball shot out . Feng Qiuyan was already fully focused, but just as he took his step, he realized that Zhou Wen was one step ahead of him, happening to walk to the optimal location before him again .


The ball was sent flying by Zhou Wen again . Feng Qiuyan had failed to touch three consecutive balls . He didn’t even strike out at all .