Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

Chapter 116 How Did You Do It?

At first, Feng Qiuyan had deliberately suppressed his Speed, trying his best to maintain it at the Mortal stage to compete with Zhou Wen .

However, with the passage of time, Feng Qiuyan subconsciously increased his Speed after repeatedly failing to beat Zhou Wen to the punch . He began competing with Zhou Wen with Speed at the Legendary stage .

This only served to alarm Feng Qiuyan even more-Speed at the Legendary stage was still inadequate . Although his Speed was really much faster than Zhou Wen’s, with Zhou Wen standing in the middle of the court which was about twenty meters wide, he only needed to cover ten meters .

Due to the short distance, he wasn’t able to manifest his Speed advantage .

That was not the main reason either . Although the advantage of a short distance wasn’t too obvious, an advantage was still an advantage . Under normal circumstances, he would definitely grab an advantageous spot ahead of time .

Even if he couldn’t take that spot, with his saber speed, he could still strike the ball before Zhou Wen .

However, it was like Zhou Wen was prescient . Before the launcher shot out the ball, he had already begun moving . It was too late for Feng Qiuyan to move by the time he saw the ball . Having faster Speed was useless and this left Feng Qiuyan extremely aggrieved .

What was even more unacceptable to Feng Qiuyan was that Zhou Wen had been gaming with his other hand the entire time while snatching the ball away from him .

At first, Feng Qiuyan thought that Zhou Wen was deliberately insulting him and wasn’t really focused on his gaming .

However, Feng Qiuyan later discovered that Zhou Wen was truly gaming . His eyes were peeled to the screen, having never left it once . It was as though snatching the ball was something that he did in passing .

This fellow… He’s formidable… Sweat began oozing out of Feng Qiuyan’s forehead as he stared at Zhou Wen’s back . The contempt he had for him previously vanished completely . Zhou Wen’s figure seemed to grow in size, turning tall and mighty . It was like an uninvadable city wall .

Zhou Wen wasn’t paying attention to him at all, lost to his new discovery .

The Truth Listener earring gave him tremendous hearing, enough to make him hear the ball launcher in operation clearly . Therefore, he knew which muzzle the ball would shoot out ahead of time, allowing him to know the ball’s trajectory and landing spot before Feng Qiuyan .

However, this wasn’t the biggest surprise for Zhou Wen . What truly surprised him was his train of thought .

Zhou Wen was an extremely focused person . In the past, no matter what he did, he could be fully focused without being disturbed by anything . Therefore, others might find him dull due to his lack of reaction no matter what they said to him .

In fact, it wasn’t because Zhou Wen was dull and silly, but that he was too focused to the point of not being able to hear what others were saying to him .

Now, Zhou Wen realized that he could still be focused on what he was doing, but at the same time, he seemed to be able to handle other matters as well . This feeling was rather indescribable .

If an analogy had to be made, Zhou Wen’s thought process could be analogous to a computer processor . In the past, Zhou Wen’s brain was a single-core processor, but now, it was a dual-core, allowing it to handle multiple programs at the same time .

Of course, this was only an analogy and was limited in its accuracy . However, it was a fact that Zhou Wen could hit all the balls while gaming . There didn’t seem to be any interference between the two activities .

At the same time, Zhou Wen keenly discovered that while he was gaming and striking the balls, the Lost Immortal Sutra’s circulation became especially fast . It was more than twice as fast as usual .

It appears this is the result of the Lost Immortal Sutra . Zhou Wen increasingly found the Lost Immortal Sutra extraordinary . However, he couldn’t figure out why Jing Daoxian had given him such a powerful Primordial Energy Art for no reason . It didn’t seem to make sense if it was simply because he caught his fancy .

Zhou Wen didn’t know the origins of the Lost Immortal Sutra, so he naturally didn’t know how terrifying it was . If not for the extraordinary focus he was born with, he would have long been killed by it . Even if he didn’t die, he would go mad .

Even now, Zhou Wen could hear the murmuring voices resounding in his ears when sleeping at night . It would be difficult for a normal person to endure such harassment . Even if he didn’t go mad, he would become extremely irascible; yet, Zhou Wen didn’t suffer from such effects .

As Zhou Wen indulged in the thrill of his new discovery and training, Feng Qiuyan’s expression became increasingly ugly .

He had already done his best, but couldn’t snatch the ball from Zhou Wen . Although summoning a Companion Beast would give him a chance of defeating Zhou Wen, Feng Qiuyan’s pride prevented him from doing so . He continued relying only on his physical prowess to compete with Zhou Wen .

When Zhou Wen felt that he had enough practice today, he stopped and rested . Just as he was about to return, he turned his head to look at Feng Qiuyan .

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He couldn’t help but be taken aback by what he saw .

He recognized Feng Qiuyan, but he looked drastically different from before . He was covered in sweat as he panted heavily . His eyes were glaring at him with eyes as red as a rabbit’s eyes . This look like he could devour him at any moment gave Zhou Wen a fright .

Feng Qiuyan wasn’t truly exhausted but was suffering from immense mental stress . With his physique at the Legendary stage, he had lost to a Mortal-stage fellow . Furthermore, he had been badly defeated . He had failed to snatch a single ball despite Zhou Wen gaming with one hand . The stress was simply unimaginable .

If it weren’t for Feng Qiuyan’s determination, anyone else with a slightly weaker well would probably have already lost their confidence .

The more Feng Qiuyan wanted to win, the greater the stress he was under . The mental fatigue he suffered exceeded his physical fatigue .

When Zhou Wen imagined that Feng Qiuyan would lunge at him and bite him, Feng Qiuyan glared at him and suddenly asked, “How did you do it?”

“What do you mean how?” Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback .

“How are you able to predict the landing spot of the ball without looking for it?” Feng Qiuyan asked the question burning in his heart .

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He was stronger than Zhou Wen in everything, but he had lost to him on this point .

“Because of this . ” Zhou Wen pointed at his ear before picking up the coat on the chair and left .

Zhou Wen was referring to the Truth Listener earring he was wearing, but Feng Qiuyan clearly misunderstood Zhou Wen’s words . He believed that Zhou Wen was referring to his ear and instantly, he fell into thought as he muttered to himself, So that’s how it is . So he wasn’t really gaming, but using the game to divert his sight and only use his ears to listen out for the ball . So there’s actually such a training method . From the looks of it, the rumors of him being a gaming fanatic aren’t as simple as they seem . He’s more hardworking than anyone . Even gaming is a form of cultivation .

Clearly, Feng Qiuyan misunderstood Zhou Wen . In fact, gaming was his main goal and practicing his listening skills was just something he did in passing .

Seeing Zhou Wen walk out of the court, Feng Qiuyan suddenly snapped to attention as though he had awoken from a dream . He chased after him and called, “Zhou Wen, wait a moment . ”