Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 117

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Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Please Be My Coach

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Feng Qiuyan chase after him, Zhou Wen could only stop and turn his head to look at him .

Feng Qiuyan stared at him and enunciated each and every word as he said, “I want to hire you as my personal coach . Help tailor a training plan for me . ”

“You want me to be your personal coach?” Zhou Wen pointed at his nose and asked in surprise .

He did not believe that he had the talent to make training plans . His own plan was to game after gaming, ad infinitum .

“Please don’t reject me . If you have any conditions, feel free to raise them . Money isn’t a problem . ” Feng Qiuyan was quite sincere .

Zhou Wen had already opened his mouth, prepared to reject the offer, but upon hearing the words “money isn’t a problem,” he swallowed the words he was about to say .

“Are you sure you want me to be your personal coach and tailor training plans for you? I’m only a Mortal-grade student . ” Zhou Wen looked at Feng Qiuyan and confirmed it once again .

“Your level is not a problem . I just want to know your training methods . If you find it troublesome, you don’t have to deliberately plan one for me . I just need to train with you . I’ll do whatever you do,” Feng Qiuyan said with all seriousness .

Feng Qiuyan clearly misunderstood Zhou Wen, believing that he, who could think of using his sense of hearing to train his strikes, definitely had plans for targeted training . Therefore, he wanted to hire Zhou Wen as his personal coach .

He wanted to know how Zhou Wen had trained to his present standards . Perhaps, it could aid him in his cultivation, allowing him to break through his recent bottleneck .

“I’m very expensive . ” Zhou Wen didn’t think too much about it . Since there was a chance for him to earn money, there was no reason not to .

“I’ll pay you what it costs to hire the most expensive personal coaches on the market . The payment can be made monthly or per class . If you have any other requests, you can tell me now,” said Feng Qiuyan .

“It’s best we settle it according to class, so a payment for each class . ” Zhou Wen thought for a moment and realized that he didn’t have much to teach . He decided to teach a lesson first and if he really couldn’t handle it, he wouldn’t keep scamming Feng Qiuyan-one class would be all .

“Alright . ” Feng Qiuyan agreed without hesitation . He paid Zhou Wen for one class and eagerly asked, “Coach, what kind of training do we have for the first class?”

Zhou Wen thought for a moment before asking, “You use the saber, right?”

“That’s right . I train to push my swift saber to the pinnacle and I pursue extreme speed . ” Feng Qiuyan looked at Zhou Wen with anticipation . He hoped that Zhou Wen could give him some special training method to aid his breakthrough .

Zhou Wen pondered for a while when he heard that . He suddenly realized that he didn’t know any saber techniques, nor had he practiced any of them . The only thing he knew that had anything to do with sabers was Astral Slash Blade .

However, Astral Slash Blade was a Primordial Energy Skill that resembled a blade beam . It did not have any technique to speak of, as it was cleaved out directly without any need for cultivation .

Despite thinking all day, Zhou Wen couldn’t think of a training plan tailored to Feng Qiuyan’s cultivation .

Suddenly, an idea flashed in Zhou Wen’s mind as he thought of the word-engraved Demonized General in Tiger Cage Pass .

The word-engraved Demonized General had three different types . The Blade Demonized General’s Astral Slash Blade was fast and ruthless, but it could only suppress the Paper Demonized General and was useless against the Fist Demonized General .

Although a swift saber was formidable, there were also ways to counter one .

In any case, I don’t know any saber techniques yet . I’ll make Feng Qiuyan practice his saber in a diametrically opposite manner . When the time comes, he’ll find something amiss and won’t come looking for me again . Realizing how quick Feng Qiuyan was to pay him, he found him quite a nice guy and didn’t wish to scam him further .

“Feng Qiuyan, have you ever heard of the principle of extreme Yang gives birth to Yin?” Zhou Wen asked Feng Qiuyan .

“Are you referring to how things develop in an opposite direction when they go to the extreme?” Feng Qiuyan asked after some thought .

“It’s almost the same . The ancients say that true wisdom sounds foolish and great skill looks clumsy . It’s possible to have the opposite effect once you reach an extreme . You practice in the swift saber, then perhaps one day, if you feel slow drawing your saber, it might mean that your saber techniques can improve further,” Zhou Wen said in a cursory manner, hoping that he could satisfy Feng Qiuyan for now, so that he wouldn’t seek him out again .

Feng Qiuyan took Zhou Wen’s words seriously as he asked, “Then, how do I train to reach the realm of the slow saber?”

“Some things require you to figure it out yourself . No matter how well others explain it, that’s still someone else’s insight . Only something you figure out is yours . I have already given you direction . As for how you should do it, it will require you to think about it . ” Although Zhou Wen was bullsh*tting Feng Qiuyan, what he said was truly what he believed in and understood . It wasn’t complete nonsense .

After managing to get rid of Feng Qiuyan with great difficulty, Zhou Wen jogged back to his dorm and lay comfortably in bed as he took out his mysterious phone .

Perhaps it was his luck . This time, while he was grinding the Lotus Flower Cave, although he failed to obtain a Rank 9 Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, he managed to obtain a Fairy Monkey Companion Egg

Fairy Beast: Legendary

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Life Providence: Pet of Air

Strength: 15

Speed: 18

Constitution: 15

Primordial Energy: 14

Talent Skill: Dragon Gate Fairy Skill

Companion Form: Wings

The Fairy Monkey’s stats were clearly incomparable to the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, so he directly fed the Companion Egg to Truth Listener .

In the past, Truth Listener didn’t react much after eating a Companion Egg . However, after swallowing the Companion Egg this time, a system notification appeared .

‘Truth Listener has obtained the evolution requirement and is beginning to evolve . ’

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Zhou Wen saw Truth Listener’s figure appear on the screen . It was a tiny beast in the shape of a golden silk monkey . At this moment, Truth Listener was glowing with resplendent golden light, as though it was a golden Buddha statue . It was so blinding that it filled the entire screen with golden light .

After feeding it for so long, it’s finally evolving . Zhou Wen was delighted .

Truth Listener at the Mortal stage was not of much use . However, it would definitely be very useful after advancing to the Legendary stage .

After a while, the golden light on the screen gradually faded away, revealing its true looks . At the same time, a system notification popped up on the screen: ‘Truth Listener’s evolution completed . ’

However, Zhou Wen didn’t seem to notice much of a change . Its body was still small, only slightly bigger than his fingers . It was covered in golden fur and its eyes were sparkling with golden light .

No, it’s still a little different . Zhou Wen realized that Truth Listener was indeed somewhat different . It originally resembled a golden silk monkey with just a pair of ears, but now it had another pair of ears . It now had four ears .

However, its ears were very small . They were neatly placed on both sides of its head without making it look ugly at all . If one didn’t look closely, one would not notice that it had four ears .