Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 118

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Chapter 118

Chapter 118 Heaven’s Senses

Truth Listener: Legendary (Evolvable)

Life Providence: Heaven’s Senses

Strength: 21

Speed: 21

Constitution: 21

Primordial Energy: 21

Talent Skill: Truth Listener, Indestructible Golden Body, Evil Warding, Nine Extremes

Companion Form: Earring

In the past, Zhou Wen thought that the maximum stats for Legendaries was 18 . He later found through the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and Silver-Winged Flying Ant that 18 wasn’t the limit, but he had never seen 21 .

Mythical creatures are really different . Even if they haven’t evolved to the Mythical stage, their stats aren’t something ordinary Companion Beasts can compare with . However, I have no idea what exact use Heaven’s Senses has . Zhou Wen read Truth Listener’s stats carefully and saw that there was an additional note regarding the Life Providence: Prying into the secrets of the world using ears instead of eyes .

When he summoned Truth Listener, it still looked petite . It was glowing with golden light as if it was a piece of golden silk monkey art carved out of gold .

From its appearance, it did not seem powerful at all . The Legendary Mutated Skeleton Ant that shared its level looked many times stronger than it .

Getting Truth Listener to turn into an earring before wearing it, Zhou Wen closed his eyes and focused . He immediately felt that the Truth Listener earring had augmented his sense of hearing in a way that was much better than before .

Although he had his eyes closed, everything around him appeared like a three-dimensional figure in his mind . It was as though Zhou Wen could see everything around him . The only difference was that the three-dimensional figure in his mind was black and white instead of the colored world he saw with his eyes .

Zhou Wen knew that he wasn’t really seeing anything, but the ability brought by the Truth Listener earring

He originally believed that he had no way of hearing a still object no matter how good his hearing was . But now, he realized that what he believed was wrong .

No object existed independently . Although some objects were still, the movement of other objects would similarly affect them . As long as his hearing was powerful enough, he could replace his eyes with his ears to see still objects .

The flow of air and the sound waves produced feedback the moment they touched a still object . The average person couldn’t hear such feedback, but the Truth Listener earring allowed Zhou Wen to hear it clearly . Furthermore, it outlined a three-dimensional figure in his mind, as though he was looking at it with his own eyes . There were even more details than could be seen with open eyes .

Within twenty meters, even if there were obstructions, Zhou Wen could still see everything behind the walls with his ears . It was as if he had x-ray vision . Other than the lack of colors, everything else was no different from normal vision .

With this strange sense of hearing, Zhou Wen could clearly hear everything in the two buildings beside him . The sound-proofing was completely ineffective against him .

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While Wang Lu wasn’t in the dorm, An Jing happened to be in the bedroom near to Zhou Wen . He didn’t have a fetish for invading privacies, so just as he was about to retract his hearing, he heard An Jing say, “Zhou Wen still hasn’t cultivated in the Sun Strafe Art . Was the harm I dealt him last time that great? Did I really go too far?”

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback . If he hadn’t identified that the person speaking was clearly An Jing, he would have believed that he had heard wrongly .

His impression of An Jing was always one that was haughty and aloof as if she viewed everything in a condescending manner . It was hard to imagine that these words came from her mouth .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel curious . He wanted to hear what An Jing would say, so he didn’t put away the Truth Listener earring and continued listening to the commotion next door .

The usually cold and arrogant An Jing was now sitting on the bed with a teddy bear in hand . It was as if she was speaking to the bear . “I didn’t really want to hurt him . I just wanted to prove myself . I just want to let Grandpa know that Mom’s choice was wrong . Her child is the best, far more excellent than the genius described by Grandpa . I know Zhou Wen is innocent and this matter has nothing to do with him, but apart from defeating him, I didn’t have any way of proving to Grandpa that I’m better than him . I really didn’t want to set him back . ”

“Bear Bear, what do I have to do to make him stand back on his feet?” An Jing paused before adding, “It’s not that I care about him . It’s just that if he can’t get back on his feet and advance to the Legendary stage, my defeat of him will be meaningless . It still wouldn’t prove to Grandpa that I’m better than him . So I must first help him establish his confidence and then help him advance to the Legendary stage . I’ll defeat him when he’s at tip-top shape . This will let Grandpa know that his daughter’s child is the best . Mom’s decision to marry Dad was right . ”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Wen stopped listening and put away the Truth Listener earring .

Now, he finally understood why An Jing was targeting him . It was not because of Zhou Lingfeng and Ouyang Lan’s marriage, nor was it simply because of that special physique .

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t concerned that An Jing was upset with him . He only hoped that An Jing would not disturb him in the future . It was best if they minded their own business .

Now, all Zhou Wen wanted to do was game in peace . The fewer things he had to do, the better .

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As usual, he first killed all the mini-bosses in the dungeons before heading to Fire God Platform to memorize the Ancient Imperial Sutra . Just as he was doing it the second time, the doorbell rang .

Zhou Wen opened the door and saw that it was Li Xuan, who he hadn’t seen in days .

Li Xuan wore a smug look as he patted Zhou Wen on the shoulder . “Brat, I’ll be protecting you in the future . If there’s anyone who dares bully you, just give them my name . ”

“You aren’t sick, are you?” Zhou Wen swatted away Li Xuan’s hand and sat down on the couch . He poured himself a cup of blood-replenishing tea and slowly drank it .

Li Xuan smugly sat down beside Zhou Wen and wrapped his arm around his shoulder . Suppressing his excitement, he deliberately whispered, “Old Zhou, I finally succeeded in advancing to the Legendary stage . Guess what my Life Providence is?”

“I’m not guessing . I’m not interested . ” Zhou Wen continued drinking his tea .

However, Li Xuan still said excitedly, “I doubt you can guess it anyway . Let me tell you, my Legendary Life Providence is Immortal God of Combat . Isn’t that impressive? Just the sound of the name makes it freaking awesome . I’m not bragging, but this Life Providence pretty much means invincibility-an immortal body, a supreme Dominance Body . People like Yang Lie will be exhausted to death beating me while I stand there, completely unmoved…”

When Li Xuan said this, he stood up and jumped onto the couch . He made an arrogant pose, his eyes filled with contempt as though he was looking down on everyone in the world .

But as soon as he finished speaking, he was kicked down by the sleeping antelope .

The antelope had already treated the couch as its bed . For Li Xuan to have the guts to hop on its bed in his shoes, there was no way it was going to be friendly with him .


Li Xuan fell to the ground, his sternum sinking in with the shape of a hoof while he spewed out blood from his mouth .

“Isn’t… Isn’t that an antelope?” Li Xuan sprawled on the ground as he looked at the languid antelope in astonishment, his face wearing a look of disbelief .

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