Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 119

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Chapter 119

Chapter 119 Providence Palace

Li Xuan had always believed that the antelope was a mutated animal from the bottom half of Mount Laojun . However, the power of its hooves made him realize that it was not only a dimensional creature but an extremely high-level one .

His Immortal God of Combat Life Providence had greatly augmented his Constitution . Although calling it an immortal and indestructible Dominance Body was an exaggeration, it wouldn’t be easy for mere Legendaries to injure him .

The antelope had severely injured him with a casual kick of its hoof . This was already beyond the strength of a Legendary level . It was highly likely an Epic stage existence .

“I’ll take you to the hospital . ” Zhou Wen was also given a fright . Although the antelope had been staying at his place and refusing to leave, it had never hurt him .

Now, with this strike, it had severely injured Li Xuan, who had just ascended to the Legendary stage . It also confirmed Zhou Wen’s previous speculation that the antelope had terrifying strength .

“There’s no need . This small injury is nothing to me . The Immortal God of Combat Life Providence still means something . ” Li Xuan shook his head and propped himself up, using the coffee table to stand up .

Li Xuan seemed to be enduring a great deal of pain in the beginning . Even breathing seemed to be unbearable, and his face was ghastly pale .

However, after taking a few deep breaths, his complexion gradually improved . The injury on his chest seemed to be slowly recovering .

“The Immortal God of Combat has a powerful self-recovery ability . As long as I’m alive, my injuries can slowly recover . ” Li Xuan did not forget to boast about his Life Providence .

“Your Virgin God of Combat Life Providence sure is nice . ” Zhou Wen was slightly surprised . This Life Providence was really impressive-it could be considered a life-saving skill .

“What Virgin God of Combat… It’s Immortal God of Combat… Cough…” Agitated, Li Xuan pulled at his internal injuries, causing him to cough out a lot of blood .

“It looks like your self-recovery powers won’t restore you that quickly . Let me take you to the hospital now . ” Zhou Wen helped Li Xuan out .

Li Xuan originally wanted to say no, but when he saw the antelope on the couch, he shivered and left Zhou Wen’s dormitory with his neck shrank back .

“What’s with that antelope? Isn’t it a mutated animal from Mount Laojun?” Li Xuan asked in a suppressed voice after Zhou Wen helped him out of the building .

“I’m not too sure either . It’s been following me all this time, but it hasn’t injured anyone before . It’s the first time today,” Zhou Wen said honestly .

“I… Forget it… I’ll just blame it on my luck… There’s no need to go to the hospital . Let’s find a place to rest . I still have something to tell you . ” Li Xuan felt depressed .

Zhou Wen sized Li Xuan up and asked, “Is your injury really alright?”

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“It’s just a flesh wound and I’m not internally injured . Even if we don’t go to the hospital, it will only take a few days before I recover . It’ll be troublesome if we go to the hospital, but you be careful in the future . Don’t end up getting kicked to death by that animal,” Li Xuan said .

The two of them sat down on a long bench on the lawn . Li Xuan’s complexion was much better now, having appeared to have returned to normal . From the looks of it, he wasn’t just bragging . The Immortal God of Combat was indeed impressive .

It’s not bad to have a life-saving Life Providence like Li Xuan’s, Zhou Wen thought .

“The school’s first comprehensive test is almost here . How’s your preparation going?” Li Xuan asked after taking a few deep breaths while on the long bench .

“What preparation?” Zhou Wen knew about the monthly comprehensive test, but he had no idea why he needed to prepare for it .

Li Xuan rolled his eyes at Zhou Wen speechlessly . “Let me guess . You didn’t read the syllabus for the comprehensive test?”

“No, has it been announced?” Zhou Wen shook his head slightly .

Li Xuan complained, “You really don’t know anything about the outside world . All you focus on is gaming . Every year, the first comprehensive test is the same . There are a total of four subjects—fishing a coin from a pot of oil, crossing a paper bridge, lifting stone tripod cauldrons, and sucking in the mountain and rivers . You need to pass two of these tests to pass . If you were to fail three of them, you would be dismissed from school . ”

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“Why do these names sound like acrobatic performances of the past?” Zhou Wen laughed .

“The names are indeed tacky, but they really aren’t easy . These tests are real tests of ability and not some sleight of hand used by acrobats on the street . Fishing out a coin from a pot of boiling oil uses real oil . To fish one out with one’s physical body is definitely impossible . Your hand will be crippled the moment you put it in . You need to have a Primordial Energy Skill covering your hand or have a protective Primordial Energy Skill to fish the coin out . Crossing the paper bridge is the easiest test to fail . It’s a paper bridge spanning a hundred meters . The bridge’s surface is made of thin calligraphic paper and tearing it when stepping over it will be considered a failure . Without a Primordial Energy Skill that imbues you with alacrity, there’s no way to cross it .

“The lifting of the stone tripod cauldron is easy . As long as you have enough Strength, using some Primordial Energy Skill that enhances Strength will allow you to pass . It’s not difficult to devour the mountain and rivers either . As long as you have 9 points of Primordial Energy, you’ll basically pass . These are the basic requirements Sunset College sets . You should be fine for the latter two, but you need to prepare the first two . If you don’t have the type of Primordial Energy Skills required, I can lend you a few Primordial Energy Skill Crystals,” Li Xuan said .

“There’s no need . I have my ways of passing . ” Zhou Wen had Lotus Flower Buddha’s Primordial Energy Skill, so it shouldn’t be a problem to fish out a coin .

As for crossing the paper bridge, he also had Dragon Gate Fairy Skill . It wouldn’t be difficult for him to cross the bridge .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t plan on completing all the tests since he could pass as long as he completed two tests . There was no need for him to participate in all four of them .

However, Li Xuan said, “Don’t take this matter lightly . If you can squeeze into the top ten in the comprehensive test, you can get a chance to enter Providence Palace . Besides Sunset College . That’s an awesome place unique to Sunset College that you can’t find elsewhere . ”

“Providence Palace?” Zhou Wen was surprised .

Zhou Wen had heard of this name before . Providence Palace was actually the royal palace in the era of the Sui and Tang dynasty . Back then, Luoyang City was the capital and center of politics of the country and Providence Palace was the political center of Luoyang .

Later on, Providence Palace was later buried in history and was destroyed during a war . However, after the dimensional storms, its ruins formed a dimensional zone .

Zhou Wen had heard a lot of rumors about the Providence Palace’s dimensional zone . It was a relatively special dimensional zone without much danger inside; yet, it was possible to obtain great opportunities inside .

In the past, when he was in high school, there were rumors of a certain student obtaining a particular treasure in Providence Palace and ended directly shooting to stardom, advancing to the Legendary or even the Epic stage .

Of course, they were only urban myths . The Providence Palace’s dimensional zone had always been under Sunset College’s control and had never been open to the public . Only a handful of Sunset College students had the qualification to enter . As for what benefits lay within, Zhou Wen really did not know what it was .

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