Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: 120

Chapter 120 Providence Palace’s Treasures

“I’ve already found out that there aren’t many areas in Providence Palace that have been cleared . We can only walk to the main entrance and can’t even enter the city gates . In fact, people do not even consider entering Providence Palace,” Li Xuan said .

“If we can’t even get in, why are we heading there?” Zhou Wen asked puzzled .

“Don’t be anxious . Listen to me slowly . ” Li Xuan acted all mysterious and continued, “Usually, the doors of Providence Palace are sealed shut . Even the most famous Epic experts would not be able to enter, much less us . That’s why no one knows what’s inside to date . However, one day every year, the city gates to Providence Palace will open . Many strange and magical items will appear from everywhere as though they are dragged by invisible ghosts, lining up to fly inside . ”

“I heard that there are all sorts of treasures in there . There are rare antiques, weapons and armors, gemstones and jade, and all kinds of precious treasures . However, they are practically no use to us . True treasures are the Companion Eggs and dimensional crystals . Rumor has it that a senior once obtained a Companion Egg which was an Epic stage angel . You definitely know of angel Companion Beasts . They are dimensional creatures that only appear in the West District’s dimensional zone . Logically speaking, we shouldn’t have any angel Companion Eggs here,” Li Xuan said in a tone of mystery .

“Is that true?” Zhou Wen found Li Xuan’s words getting more and more outrageous as he found it unbelievable .

“Why would I lie to you? Someone from our Li family has already entered, but they didn’t pick anything good,” Li Xuan said .

“According to what you’ve said, since there are so many good things in Providence Palace, why don’t they invite more people to head in to take them out? Why do they only allow the top ten in the comprehensive test in?” Zhou Wen still found it unbelievable as Li Xuan’s account didn’t make sense at all .

“Do you think anyone can choose what they want? When they first discovered the Providence Palace dimensional zone, they discovered ten tokens . On that day, only a person with a token had the right to choose one of the items to bring back . Those without the token couldn’t even touch anything inside . Those with a token could only choose one object, nothing more,” Li Xuan said in apparent seriousness .

Although Li Xuan’s words were bizarre, Zhou Wen knew that there was no need for him to lie . Instead, he was a little curious about Providence Palace .

Li Xuan smiled and said, “It’s useless to think too much now . If I want to choose something from Providence Palace, I’ll have to enter the top 10 at the comprehensive test or it’s useless . There are all kinds of experts in Sunset College, so even though I’ve advanced to the Legendary stage, I don’t have the confidence of squeezing into the top ten . Old Zhou, you haven’t even advanced to the Legendary stage . It will only be harder for you to enter the top ten . Ignoring everything else, there’s Huang Ji, Hui Haifeng, Wang Lu, Feng Qiuyan, and that sister of yours . Those five people will definitely enter the top ten, occupying five spots . The remaining five spots have many powerful fellows vying for it . I’m sure I can enter the top ten given a year or two, but now, it’s a little hard to say . ”

Zhou Wen didn’t know many students at Sunset College, but he knew all of the people Li Xuan mentioned .

“There’s nothing wrong with the rest, but Wang Lu hasn’t advanced to the Legendary stage yet, right? How do you know that she would definitely be able to take up a spot?” Zhou Wen looked at Li Xuan suspiciously .

“Do you really not know it or are you faking it? The Wang family’s Wang Lu cultivates in the Youth Rejuvenation Divine Art . If she can’t take the spot, who else can?” Li Xuan said .

Zhou Wen was confused by what he heard . Seeing that he did not know anything, Li Xuan explained in detail to Zhou Wen .

The Youth Rejuvenation Divine Art was the Wang family’s Primordial Energy Art which few outsiders knew much about . After cultivating this Primordial Energy Art, the first breakthrough would result in someone regaining their youth .

The youth here didn’t mean age, but the drop of one’s stage to the Mortal stage . At the same time, one’s physique and talent would improve tremendously . Not only was advancing quick, but one’s attainment was higher when redoing the cultivation .

Wang Lu’s first advancement to the Legendary stage happened when she was about the same age as An Jing . However, after the advancement, the effects of the Youth Rejuvenation reduced her back to the Mortal stage . She needed to cultivate and advance to the Legendary stage again, but she wouldn’t suffer a repeat .

However, after Wang Lu advanced to the Epic stage, she would experience the effect of Youth Rejuvenation again . She would still drop to the Mortal stage and have to cultivate again .

“Wang Lu definitely must have taken a liking to the opportunity of Providence Palace by choosing to study at Sunset College . Before the comprehensive test, she will definitely be able to advance back to the Legendary stage,” Li Xuan said with great certainty .

“I see . ” Only then did Zhou Wen realize that Wang Lu actually had such a story .

“Anyway, I’ve already informed you . Think about it yourself . Call me if you need anything . ” Li Xuan rubbed his chest and got up to leave .

His Invincible Connate Divine Art Life Providence and Invincible Connate Divine Art could heal his body quickly, but the pain didn’t lessen one bit .

After Li Xuan left, Zhou Wen had been thinking about the comprehensive test .

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If it was only a competition for placement, Zhou Wen definitely wouldn’t have wanted to vie for it . However, the items in Providence Palace were quite attractive to him .

Even if the other students were to compete, they could only choose one at most . However, Zhou Wen was wondering if he could download Providence Palace to his phone and choose multiple items .

To verify this thought, he had to download Providence Palace first . However, if he didn’t enter the top ten, he wouldn’t have the chance to get there and naturally wouldn’t have the chance to download the dungeon .

It looks like I’ll have to try for this spot . Zhou Wen made up his mind to vie for it, but he wasn’t sure if he could get the nomination .

The four projects tested the students’ Speed, Strength, Constitution, and Primordial Energy respectively . Zhou Wen’s four attributes were stronger than anyone else of the same level, but compared to those at the Legendary stage, he was still very much inferior .

“Fortunately, the comprehensive test allows the use of Companion Beasts . It’s not like I don’t have a chance at all . ” After Zhou Wen returned to his room, he began crazily grinding again .

In the past few days, Zhou Wen’s luck had seemed pretty good . When he was grinding Lotus Flower Cave, another Fairy Monkey Companion Egg was dropped . Furthermore, its attributes were extremely high .

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Zhou Wen couldn’t bear to use it as food . Finally, he steeled his heart and fused the Fairy Monkey Companion Egg with the Stone Qilin Companion Egg .

If he could get an excellent-grade Companion Egg with two skills, Zhou Wen decided to take the risk to incubate it .

However, with a 65% compatibility score, the fusion failed . With a loud bang from the phone, the two Companion Eggs vanished .

Although Zhou Wen was already mentally prepared for failure, he still felt depressed when he saw the two Companion Eggs disappear .

Gambling is indeed a terrible thing . Zhou Wen sighed and could only continue grinding .