Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 121

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Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Untouchable Stone Saber

“Overseer, there’s news from the League that a dimensional creature broke out from the sea and has infiltrated the East district . It might be coming to us,” Ah Sheng said as he held a document that had just been faxed over .

“What level is the dimensional creature?” An Tianzuo frowned and asked .

“I’m not too sure yet, but from the description of the document, it didn’t easily break through the coastal defenses and even suffered some injuries . It should be an ordinary Epic stage creature,” Ah Sheng looked at the document and said, “However, after it charged through the coastal defenses, the League hasn’t been able to track it . They occasionally discover its traces and from its trajectory, it might pass through Luoyang . The League wants us to cooperate in stopping it . Overseer, what’s your take on this?”

“Strengthen the defenses and distribute the newly researched Primordial Gold bullets . Even if you can’t kill it here, you can’t let it do as it pleases in Luoyang,” An Tianzuo said .

“Yes, Overseer . ” Ah Sheng received the order and left .

With the help of the Legendary Truth Listener earring, Zhou Wen felt like a fish in water . A few days later, he finally managed to remember all the content of the Ancient Imperial Sutra .

The moment he finished memorizing the Ancient Imperial Sutra, he felt as if every cell in his body was igniting . His entire body became extremely hot, almost to the point of burning

As for the firebird horde that charged towards the blood-colored avatar, they retreated and returned to the furnace in front of the stone monument .

Just as Zhou Wen thought his body was about to explode, the Lost Immortal Sutra came into effect, causing his body to turn completely still .

In the next second, his Primordial Energy began circulating again . However, it was no longer the path of the Lost Immortal Sutra . It became the Ancient Imperial Sutra that Zhou Wen had just memorized .

The Ancient Imperial Sutra could be described with one word-overbearing . Wherever Primordial Energy flowed, Zhou Wen felt as though all his cells had turned into explosives that could explode with unparalleled power .

That searing, potent, and oppressive power was something Zhou Wen had never experienced in any of the other Primordial Energy Arts he cultivated in .

However, this overbearing power made him feel brimming with energy and vitality instead of destruction .

When the Ancient Imperial Sutra completed a cycle, Zhou Wen felt a strange change in his body . It was as though a casual punch could cause a rupture in the world .

Looking at the blood-colored avatar’s stats, he discovered that the values of the four attributes had changed from 10 to 11 points . Now, Zhou Wen had three stats at 11, leaving only one stat at 10 .

As he had mastered the Ancient Imperial Sutra to a basic level, the blood-colored avatar could stand near the Fire God Platform without firebirds appearing to attack him .

Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to walk up to the Fire God Platform . The flames inside the furnace flickered but did not spew out any firebirds .

He originally thought that Fire God Platform would give him a Companion Egg, but he was ultimately disappointed . There was only a stone monument and a stone furnace on Fire

1 Platform, nothing else; hence, there was no one to give him a Companion Egg .

So not every place has a Mythical Companion Egg to give! Zhou Wen didn’t feel disappointed as he carefully observed the stone monument and furnace .

He had already noted down the words on the monument . Furthermore, he had already gained a basic mastery of the Ancient Imperial Sutra, so there was nothing special about it .

On the contrary, the stone furnace was rather strange and Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be even more meticulous studying it .

There were many firebird symbols on the outside of the stone furnace, but upon closer inspection, he realized that they were not firebirds but fire plumes of different shapes .

There was something in the furnace that was burning with scarlet flames .

Zhou Wen looked at it for a while before identifying it as a stone saber . It was in the furnace flames that burned vigorously . This only allowed him to make out its blurry outline .

Is the stone saber in the furnace also a Companion Egg? Zhou Wen’s heart skipped a beat as he made the blood-colored avatar attempt to remove the saber from the furnace .

Since it was only a waste of a blood drop if the blood-colored avatar were to die, Zhou Wen was not stingy with making such attempts .

After circulating the Ancient Imperial Sutra to its limit, the blood-colored avatar’s palm reached into the stone furnace . The flames in the furnace automatically parted, as though they were welcoming his hand .

The flames split apart, revealing the stone saber stuck in the middle of the stone furnace . Zhou Wen could now see it clearly instead of a blurry outline .

The first impression that he had of the stone saber was that it was rough . It was ground from black stone with many rough edges and uneven pot marks . It was nothing perfect or exquisite .

However, this stone saber gave Zhou Wen an extremely oppressive feeling . It was as though it was the only thing that could claim to be supreme in the entire world as an ancient and desolate aura inundated him .

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On one side of the stone saber, there was a bloodstain . The blood-red color coupled with its shape made it look like a blood-red bolt of lightning

Without any hesitation, he controlled the blood-colored avatar to grab the handle, hoping to pull the stone saber out of the furnace .

However, when the blood-colored avatar’s palm touched the stone saber, Zhou Wen was stunned . The blood-colored avatar’s palm seemed to pass through an illusion and did not touch it .

Why is this happening? Zhou Wen tried a few more times, but the result was the same . The stone saber did not seem to exist at all as though it was only an illusion . It was futile no matter how the blood-colored avatar tried to grab it . Time and again, its palm would pass through it .

Zhou Wen spent a long time studying the situation on Fire God Platform without figuring out what was going on .

Could it be that the stone saber is really just an illusion? Zhou Wen stared at the stone saber in the game, but it didn’t look like an illusion at all, because the aura of the saber was just too potent . How could an illusion have such an aura?

Now, Zhou Wen had the urge to immediately return to Guide Ancient City and scale the Fire God Platform in reality . He wanted to see if there was a stone saber in the furnace .

That was just an impulsive thought after all . It was impossible for him to return to the Guide Ancient City, so he could only give up on his plan of obtaining the stone saber and leave the Ancient Imperial City dungeon .

My three stats have already reached 11 points, so how can I find a Primordial Energy Art to increase my Speed to 11 points? Zhou Wen only wanted to quickly advance to the Legendary stage .

Being at the Mortal stage was just too weak . He would be slaughtered if he encountered true experts . Furthermore, only by advancing to the Legendary stage could he incubate Legendary Companion Eggs without any worries .

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Armor, weapons, necklaces, and other Companion Beasts were very helpful in improving his strength .

After careful consideration, Zhou Wen headed to the college library . He wanted to see if there were any other mysterious dimensional zones in Luoyang that had Primordial Energy Arts .

Unfortunately, he didn’t find anything similar to Small Buddha Temple or Mount Laojun . At least in Luoyang, there was no place like that .

Zhou Wen browsed through the other dimensional zones in the League . He made some decent discoveries through this search .


As Zhou Wen was checking the information, he suddenly heard a loud boom . The entire library was shaking violently as a large amount of cement fell from above .

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