Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: 124

Chapter 124 Crystal Ball

“Did you bring out the First Order of Chaos? Is it the original version?” Zhou Wen didn’t really believe that the siren could obtain the original version of Chaos’s Primordial Energy Art .

Although to Zhou Wen, the siren was very powerful, she was definitely not a top-notch expert among dimensional creatures . There were too many dimensional creatures that could kill her .

For something as valuable as Chaos’s Primordial Energy Art, it was possible if the siren had taken out a copy, but the original copy was probably something not even Mythical experts would move around casually, let alone a mere siren .

However, a copy was useless to Zhou Wen . The Lost Immortal Sutra needed the original version of the Primordial Energy Art to do its magic .

The siren said, “Of course it’s the original version . Don’t look down on me . Although I’m not strong, Lord Chaos’s blood runs through my veins… there’s that tiny bit… After getting the First Order of Chaos, I escaped to the East . ”

“Then where is the First Order of Chaos? Show it to me now . If it’s really useful, I can spare your life,” Zhou Wen said .

“I can show you the First Order of Chaos, but you have to swear that you will return it to me after you see it and that you will let me leave safely . ” As the siren spoke, it glanced sideways at the antelope .

The antelope seemed to have some interest in the First Order of Chaos that the Sea Demons mentioned . It bleated out twice as if urging the siren to take it out quickly .

“You don’t have the right to bargain . Show me the item . If it’s real, I can spare your life,” Zhou Wen said coldly .

“Alright . ” The siren hesitated for a while before clenching its teeth . It reached into the clamshell and pulled it out and handed it to Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen looked over and saw that the siren was holding a crystal ball, but it was different from an ordinary crystal ball . Within it were constantly changing light and shadows .

Night, day, fire, lightning, wind, clouds, sun, moon, and stars kept flashing and disappearing . As they flashed, Zhou Wen could see the characters changing into words, vanishing when the light and darkness crossed each other .

However, he didn’t know what those words meant . They were different from the language he had learned in the League-probably an ancient language that predated the League .

Although he couldn’t read it, Zhou Wen was shocked to discover that his gaze was still attracted to the words in the crystal ball . He couldn’t even look away as his body and mind changed along with the changes in the crystal ball .

It felt as if he had entered the world within the crystal ball, feeling his body assaulted by all kinds of things, burned by flames, and struck by lightning . He shivered in the darkness and sank into the sea .

It wasn’t only Zhou Wen . Even the antelope which was also staring fixedly at the crystal ball seemed to suffer from dementia .

Upon seeing this, the siren was delighted as a sinister smile appeared on her face . How can fools like you be able to withstand Lord Chaos’s divine powers? Without the bloodline of Lord Chaos, reading the First Order of Chaos in the chaos space is simply courting death .

The siren struggled to get up, hoping to kill Zhou Wen and the antelope who were entranced by the text in the crystal ball .

However, with the antelope’s body on her, it was like a mountain . Despite exerting all her strength, there was no way to break free .

Dammit, how is this antelope so strong? Although I was injured before I escaped, I shouldn’t be so weak that I can be suppressed by an Epic creature… The siren wasn’t anxious despite not being able to break free .

The siren knew very clearly that as long as they spent more time looking at the First Order of Chaos, they would be assimilated very quickly, and would be thrown uncontrollably into the chaos space . All she needed to do was wait patiently for the time to pass .

After waiting for a moment, a look of doubtful shock flashed in the siren’s eyes . Zhou Wen was clearly a Mortal stage student, which gave him an upper limit of less than a minute before he should be pulled into the chaos space and be trapped inside .

However, two to three minutes had already passed, and Zhou Wen was still standing there looking at the chaos space . He had no intention of walking forward .

This human is really strange . Thinking back to how her eyes had failed to entrance him, she couldn’t help but examine him .

For a Mortal stage to perform as such, she believed that he might have some treasure on him . Otherwise, it would be difficult to explain why he was able to resist her eyes and be able to look at the First Order of Chaos for so long .

As for that antelope, she had already determined that it was an extremely powerful existence . It was not surprising that it could persist for so long .

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Thus, an extremely bizarre scene happened in the two-story living room of Zhou Wen’s building . An antelope was standing on a mermaid, while a human and antelope were staring intently at the crystal ball held by the mermaid .

Time ticked by . Half an hour later, the siren was certain that Zhou Wen must have an extremely powerful treasure when he still didn’t walk towards the crystal ball .

God really watches over me . Not only was I lucky to get the First Order of Chaos, but I actually have a powerful treasure to deliver itself to me . The siren was delighted and wished to immediately free herself from the antelope and search Zhou Wen’s body for the treasure .

Suddenly, the antelope on her back moved and slowly walked towards the crystal ball .

“They’re finally moving . ” The siren was overjoyed . She threw the crystal ball into the air, causing it to float far away from her, making the antelope slowly walk towards it, getting off her in the process and giving her freedom .

She had not thrown the crystal ball at the antelope earlier because she was afraid that with it pressing down on her body, it would also pull her into the crystal ball .

The siren didn’t take back the crystal ball immediately to deal with the antelope but instead headed straight for Zhou Wen .

Even a powerful creature like the antelope was attracted by the words in the First Order of Chaos, walking towards it involuntarily; yet, Zhou Wen managed to be unfazed by it, affirming her belief that he had a powerful treasure on him-one not weaker than the chaos space .

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The siren wriggled her tail impatiently and swam towards Zhou Wen, but at that moment, Zhou Wen, who was standing there like a wooden pole, suddenly moved .

The silver wings behind him spread out like a silver bolt of lightning and flew up into the air, lunging in the direction of the crystal ball where the chaos space was .

The first reaction of the siren was that Zhou Wen finally couldn’t withstand the power of the First Order of Chaos and was being attracted over to it .

However, she immediately dismissed such a thought . How could people who were attracted by the First Order of Chaos use Primordial Energy Skills and Companion Beasts?

Zhou Wen was very close to the crystal ball to begin with . Therefore, with the siren’s hesitation, he managed to grab onto it with one hand .

“You have a death wish!” The siren didn’t panic as she looked at Zhou Wen and sneered .

Without a Chaos bloodline, touching the chaos space would cause one to be sucked into it and be trapped inside forever .