Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 125

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Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Chaos Space

Even the siren with some of the Chaos’s bloodline couldn’t easily touch the chaos space at first . Only after cultivating some of the First Order of Chaos could she use her hands to touch it before fleeing to the East .

However, at the moment Zhou Wen grabbed the crystal ball, the expression of the siren changed .

When he held it, it actually retracted its brilliance and everything within it vanished . The text of the First Order of Chaos naturally vanished as well .

Seeing Zhou Wen play with the chaos space that had lost all its glow in his hands, the siren was dumbfounded .

“Impossible… How is this possible… You are an Eastern creature… You can’t possibly have the blood of Lord Chaos…” The siren spoke incoherently, unable to accept the fact that Zhou Wen had control over the chaos space .

“Meh!” With the crystal ball controlled by Zhou Wen, the antelope immediately sobered up . It flew into a rage as it glared at the siren and let out an angry bleat .

The siren shuddered and turned to flee . Unfortunately, it was too late .

The third eye on the antelope’s forehead opened and a blinding white light shot out and hit the siren . The latter didn’t even let out a cry before it was sucked into the vertical eye of the antelope .

The antelope closed its vertical eye and its mood changed for the better . It had been too careless and thought that nothing would happen with its strength . Yet, it fell for the siren’s scheme and almost got sucked into the chaos space .

If it wasn’t for Zhou Wen, it would really have perished .

Zhou Wen didn’t notice the expression on the antelope’s face as he fiddled with the crystal ball in his hand .

It wasn’t very big-about the size as a billiard ball . In the beginning, Zhou Wen had indeed been affected by the First Order of Chaos .

Fortunately, after being influenced, the Lost Immortal Sutra slowly stopped its circulation and when it restarted, it had turned into a brand new Primordial Energy Art circulation method-naturally the First Order of Chaos .

In fact, Zhou Wen had already regained his clarity of mind . However, he wasn’t a match for the siren and with the crystal ball in her hands, there was no way he could snatch it away from her, much less save the antelope .

Without rescuing the antelope, he still wasn’t the siren’s match when she regained her freedom, so he could only wait for a chance .

After the siren threw out the crystal ball, Zhou Wen knew that his opportunity had arrived . He snatched the crystal ball and controlled it with the power of the First Order of Chaos Primordial Energy Art, allowing the antelope to regain its lucidity .

This crystal ball was indeed very strange . When Zhou Wen used the power of the First Order of Chaos to control it, he found that its interior was a huge space that could contain infinity .

If he hadn’t cultivated the First Order of Chaos, this crystal ball would only allow entry just like a huge prison cell that didn’t allow escape .

However, after cultivating the First Order of Chaos, he could control it freely . It wasn’t difficult for him to extract something from the chaos space .

Isn’t this equivalent to a huge storage space? With a thought, Zhou Wen injected the power of the First Order of Chaos into the crystal ball, causing it to shrink according to his will and it soon became the size of a bean . However, it didn’t shrink any further .

Zhou Wen was naturally in a good mood after receiving such a magical crystal ball . However, although the Lost Immortal Sutra had helped him master the First Order of Chaos, it didn’t increase any of his attributes . His Strength, Constitution, and Primordial Energy were still at 11 while his Speed remained at 10 .

He thought for a moment before carefully taking in the power of the First Order of Chaos and guessed a probable reason .

From what Zhou Wen sensed, the First Order of Chaos obviously had an effect on strengthening his Primordial Energy . However, his Primordial Energy attribute had already been enhanced by the Wordless Monument, so when cultivating a relatively similar First Order of Chaos, it wasn’t of much use . He just had an additional Primordial Energy Art to call his own .

If my theory is correct, then I have to cultivate another Primordial Energy skill that improves Speed, to raise my Speed attribute to 11 points . Zhou Wen felt a slight headache .

It was already very difficult to find a Primordial Energy Art, and it had to be one that focused on increasing Speed . The difficulty had increased quite significantly .

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The information I found in the library did mention lands of mystery similar to Small Buddha Temple and Mount Laojun, but how can I confirm that the Primordial Energy Arts in that particular land of mystery will increase Speed? Zhou Wen was a little vexed .

Those lands of mystery weren’t in Luoyang to begin with, and now there was such a limitation . Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss where to find the Primordial Energy Arts .

I’ll wait until after the comprehensive test . Zhou Wen couldn’t leave the college now . So even if he had a target in mind, he wasn’t able to go .

The antelope sized up Zhou Wen and finally slumped back on the sofa, looking rather listless .

Zhou Wen returned to his room and closed the door . He then took out the crystal ball that was about the size of a soybean and attempted to put things like teacups inside before retrieving them .

It went very smoothly . Be it small items like teacups and spectacle boxes or bigger items like blankets or chairs, they could easily be put inside and retrieved . It was like a particular robot cat’s pocket .

However, after Zhou Wen mastered the complete First Order of Chaos, the mysterious light, shadows, and text in the crystal ball didn’t appear again . It lost the ability to attract other creatures to enter by themselves .

When Zhou Wen tried putting the mysterious phone into the crystal ball, he realized that it couldn’t fit .

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After studying it for a while, Zhou Wen put away the crystal ball and went online to search for items like jewelry or accessories .

In the past, all sorts of gemstones, jade, and diamonds were expensive . But now, the prices of those items were very cheap, and ordinary people could buy them .

Especially the price of diamonds, they weren’t much more expensive than natural crystals now .

Firstly, it was because diamonds weren’t worth much with artificial diamonds capable of replacing the demand for natural diamonds . Furthermore, in this era, people were more willing to spend money on Companion Eggs and dimensional crystals . This caused the price of diamonds to naturally drop drastically .

Now, an increasing number of high-level jewelry was made with dimensional crystals . Anyone who had a bit of money wouldn’t wear ordinary diamonds .

Zhou Wen was trying to hide the crystal ball inside an accessory . It was easy for others to suspect a single crystal, but it was difficult to feel any problems when the crystal was surrounded by several inlaid crystals similar to it . After all, the chaos space crystal ball usually looked no different from ordinary crystals .

After some choosing, Zhou Wen chose a silver bracelet made of natural crystals and diamonds .