Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 127

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Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Comprehensive Test

“Seniors, since you think so highly of us, why don’t we be friends? We should work on our communication for pure friendship at school…” Li Xuan used this opportunity to chat with the seniors as he walked over .

Just as they were happily chatting and Li Xuan was about to take a step further, they suddenly heard a commotion from the students . It was as though many female seniors were talking about a particular Brother Wei[1] .

“Ah! Brother Wei… Brother Wei…” The female seniors who had been conversing with Li Xuan suddenly ignored him and began waving their hands in a different direction .

“F*ck, when did Sunset College become so liberal?” Li Xuan was puzzled as he turned his head to look in the direction where the female seniors were waving their hands . He saw a boy walking towards the stage to speak on behalf of the students .

When he saw the boy’s appearance, Li Xuan said with a tinge of jealousy, “So what if you’re president of the student council? You’re only two years ahead of us . I’ll be running for student council president later . I’ll also be president . ”

“Is he very strong?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Not bad I guess . The student council president of Sunset College usually has the strength to squeeze into the school’s top three . Before we arrived, this Wei Ge was considered the second strongest in the college . His Life Providence was about being all-rounded in both academics and martial arts . He is extremely fast at learning and mastering things when others need to spend a lot of time practicing . From martial arts and weapons to theoretical knowledge, he has never gotten second place after entering Sunset College . ”

“Since he has never gotten second, why do you call him the second strongest?” Zhou Wen asked, perplexed .

Li Xuan chuckled and said, “He hasn’t been second before, but he has been beaten up badly by someone . However, that person was the weirdo, Huang Ji . Now, the situation is different . The two of us are here in Sunset College, so he can only be fourth in the future . ”

After Wei Ge delivered his speech, he did a demonstration for all the students in the four tests, mainly to teach the freshmen how the test was to be held .

In the coin fishing in oil pots, there were a total of 100 pots with boiling oil inside . However, the 100 pots were split into ten groups . Each group had 10 oil pots, and the further back the oil pots were, the higher the temperature .

Normally, if one could pull out a coin from the pot with the lowest temperature, it would be considered a pass .

“This test is very dangerous . Before choosing it, you must consider it carefully . Even if you have decided to participate in it, please start with the oil pot with the lowest temperature,” said Wei Ge as he summoned a Companion Beast-a black-furred gorilla .

“This is a Blackiron Gorilla at the Mortal stage . Its Constitution is at about 9 points, so it’s considered top-notch among the Mortal stage . ” With that said, Wei Ge ordered the Blackiron Gorilla to fish out the coin from the first oil pot . However, just as its claws reached into the pot, it screamed .

The Blackiron Gorilla screamed as it retracted its claw, but the fur on it had already blistered . It looked very scary, and there was even a faint meat fragrance .

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat when they saw this . Those students who were originally hoping to try their luck immediately gave up on the idea of choosing this test .

“I believe everyone has seen it . You must be careful when choosing this option . Next, I will demonstrate it for everyone . ” Wei Ge smiled as he rolled up his sleeve . A red tattoo appeared on his smooth arm-a red-scaled snake .

Following Wei Ge’s summoning, the red-scaled snake tattoo on his arm seemed to come alive . It transformed into a red-scaled bracer that wrapped his entire arm and palm . Then, Wei Ge extended his hand into the oil pot and took out a coin as if nothing had happened .

Following that, Wei Ge demonstrated the remaining three options, but he only did it for the lowest difficulty, mainly to let the freshmen know how the options were tested .

Out of the four options, only crossing the paper bridge did not have any ranking . All the paper bridges were 100 meters long, and the results were determined by the time it took for one to cross . Tearing the calligraphic paper meant zero points .

Besides, one was not allowed to use flying Companion Beasts when crossing the paper bridge and had to walk on paper . Therefore, this was a huge obstacle for many students .

After Wei Ge’s demonstration, the students started signing up for the options they were participating in . Each of them had to declare at least two, and of course, they could select all four .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan declared that they were taking all four options as they wanted to enter the top ten . Therefore, not only did they need to complete the four options, but they also had to obtain good results .

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These four options didn’t seem easy to Zhou Wen . It wasn’t difficult to pass, but it wasn’t easy to obtain a high score .

However, the first student who went up on stage chose to fish the coin from the oil pot . Furthermore, he walked straight to the hottest pot in the row of ten . He casually stood in front of the pot and rolled up his sleeve . He did not use a Companion Beast, but his arm had a metallic sheen . It was unknown what Primordial Energy Skill he used as he extended his hand into the pot and pulled out a coin .

“That guy’s name is Wu Jun . He also has a younger sister named Wu Nan . It’s very difficult to see the siblings in action . However, they have unfathomable strength,” Li Xuan told Zhou Wen .

Wu Jun’s performance gave many of the students who had been frightened earlier, hope . In the end, a freshman chose to fish the coin, believing that his Primordial Energy Skill could help him pass . However, just the lowest temperature pot scalded his hand . Luckily, there were doctors present to provide him emergency treatment .

After Wei Ge’s demonstration, he watched from the side . When he saw Feng Qiuyan choose to cross the paper bridge and obtain excellent results, breaking the previous record, he came to Feng Qiuyan’s side with a smile .

“Feng Qiuyan, I’ve heard so much about you . Are you interested in joining the student council?” Wei Ge asked with a smile .

The students beside them looked at Feng Qiuyan with envy . Those who could join the student council were all the college’s top students . Normally, they would have to apply to join . Yet, the student council president, Wei Ge, personally invited him . To the typical student, it was a great honor .

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“Not interested,” Feng Qiuyan replied expressionlessly as he walked past Wei Ge .

Wei Ge only smiled . Those who were capable all had some character . He could understand that, but at the same time, he firmly believed that it was only a matter of time before Feng Qiuyan joined the student council .

He turned to look at Feng Qiuyan and realized that he was actually walking towards Li Xuan .

Wei Ge naturally recognized Li Xuan, a famous scion from Luoyang City . He couldn’t help but be surprised that with Feng Qiuyan’s temper, he would actually have ties with Li Xuan . It was truly unbelievable .

However, Wei Ge soon discovered that Feng Qiuyan was not looking for Li Xuan, but the boy standing beside him .

[1] The name of Viagra in Chinese .