Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 129

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Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Perfect Score

Sunset College is indeed one of the best schools in the East District . There are just too many formidable people around . Li Xuan couldn’t help but feel nervous when he saw someone raise the heaviest stone tripod cauldron .

Zhou Wen had roughly guessed that based on the present situation, the two of them had to obtain perfect scores on at least two tests before they could enter the top ten .

Hui Haifeng and Feng Qiuyan had already passed the test, each scoring full marks on three and nine points on the fourth . Hui Haifeng was one point short of crossing the paper bridge and Feng Qiuyan was one point short in the coin fishing test .

As Li Xuan expected, Wang Lu had indeed advanced to the Legendary stage . Like An Jing, she had obtained 4 perfect scores very easily .

Huang Ji hadn’t taken the test, but considering how he had beaten up Wei Ge previously, Zhou Wen knew that it was highly likely that Huang Ji would receive four perfect scores as well .

There were already five people in the top ten . In addition, there were Wu Jun and Wu Nan who had outstanding performances, leaving three spots left .


“That’s not right . There are only two slots left . That Wei Ge will definitely score four perfect scores,” warned Li Xuan .

“In that case, we need to obtain four perfect scores to safely enter the top ten,” Zhou Wen pondered for a moment before saying and basically giving up .

After all, he had yet to advance to the Legendary stage . He could only rely on his Companion Beasts, so it was very difficult for him to score high .

Hui Haifeng, Wang Lu, and company looked at Zhou Wen and Li Xuan with smiles . They had already received their results, so they were all waiting to see the duo’s performance .

“We have to give it a try no matter what,” Li Xuan said through clenched teeth . The situation was worse than he had expected .

When the staff called out Zhou Wen’s name, he had no choice but to head to the venue with oil pots to fish out a coin . Just as he was about to register with the staff and head on up, he was stopped by someone .

“Zhou Wen, mind if we have a chat?” Wei Ge said with a smile .

“How may I help you?” Zhou Wen stopped and asked Wei Ge .

“Let the other students take the test first . Let’s have a chat at the side . ” Wei Ge led Zhou Wen to a quiet spot .

“Feel free to speak your mind,” Zhou Wen said .

“Zhou Wen, you haven’t advanced to the Legendary stage yet, right? Are you confident of getting into the top ten?” Wei Ge said when he saw Zhou Wen looking at him suspiciously . “Don’t misunderstand me . I don’t have any other intentions . I just feel that you are a talent . It’ll be a pity if you can’t get into the top ten because of your stage . ”

“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen looked at Wei Ge in puzzlement, unsure what he was getting at .

“The student council still has an empty spot for vice president . I admire you very much and wish to recommend you to be the vice president of the student council . ” Wei Ge paused for a moment before smiling and saying, “As a member of the student council, I will naturally do my best to help you . Perhaps it will help you enter the top 10 in the comprehensive test . ”

“Thank you for your kind intentions . However, I’ve already made an agreement with Li Xuan to organize a club on my own,” Zhou Wen said .

Sunset College had a clear rule that students who had already joined a club could not become members of the student council . This was to prevent some clubs from using the power of the student council to seek personal gains .

“Is that so? That’s such a pity . The doors of the student council will always be open to you . If you ever change your mind, hit me up anytime . ” Wei Ge looked saddened but did not say anything else .

Zhou Wen went to the staff to register before heading to the first test venue— fishing a coin from a pot of boiling oil .

“President, will Zhou Wen become the second Hui Haifeng?” a student council member standing beside Wei Ge whispered .

Wei Ge didn’t answer him . He thought for a moment and asked, “Were you in charge of setting up the venue?”

“Yes, it was all set up by our student council . Didn’t you arrange for it?” Zheng Tianlun was puzzled .

“I didn’t arrange for you to tamper with it, right?” Wei Ge narrowed his eyes at Zheng Tianlun .

Zheng Tianlun’s forehead immediately broke out into a cold sweat . He forced a smile and said, “As expected, I can’t hide anything from you, President . I was just trying to help some friends out . I wasn’t trying anything else since all they wanted was a pass . ”

Wei Ge said indifferently, “You don’t have to worry . I didn’t say anything before, and I won’t say anything now, but I need your help with something . ”

“If there’s anything, President, please instruct us . We will definitely do it well,” Zheng Tianlun hurriedly said .

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“The difficulty of Zhou Wen’s options should be lowered . The lower the level, the better . It’s best if he gets 4 perfect scores,” commented Wei Ge .

Zheng Tianlun asked with a puzzled look, “President, that Zhou Wen has already rejected you . Why are you still helping him?”

“Rejection doesn’t make him an enemy . This person isn’t simple . There’s no harm in doing him a favor . ” Wei Ge smiled at Zhou Wen when he said that . He didn’t say certain things .

If he were to become an enemy in the future, this matter might become a skeleton in the closet for Zhou Wen .

Cheating was a serious matter at Sunset College . The punishment ranged from having a black mark on their records to being expelled .

“Alright, I’ll do it now . However, all we can do is adjust it within a certain range . If it’s at the Mortal stage, I’m afraid it will be difficult for him to get a perfect score,” Zheng Tianlun said after some thought .

“Just do what needs to be done . Remember, I don’t know anything,” Wei Ge said .

“I got it, President . Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with you at all,” Zheng Tianlun said hurriedly .

Zhou Wen came to the oil pot and was rather cautious . He began with the pot that had the lowest temperature .

“How many points do you think Zhou Wen will get?” Li Xuan asked Hui Haifeng .

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Hui Haifeng shook his head and said, “It’s hard to say . Normally, without advancing to the Legendary stage, he won’t have any Legendary Companion Beasts or Primordial Energy Skills . Fishing out a coin from the fifth pot is already quite impressive . However, Zhou Wen is somewhat abnormal . He might have some unexpected results . ”

“It’s about the same as I expected . With his abilities, I think he should be able to obtain around seven points . It will be a little difficult to get any higher . ” Li Xuan knew Zhou Wen quite well .

In fact, Zhou Wen had roughly estimated getting such a score . Although the Lotus Flower Buddha Body could protect him, it was a Primordial Energy Skill that augmented his entire body . It was inferior to Primordial Energy Skills that specialized in augmenting one’s arm .

Furthermore, his Constitution wasn’t comparable to those at the Legendary stage . The latter might not even be able to obtain ten points, so Zhou Wen estimated that he would get about seven or eight .

However, when Zhou Wen tried the oil pots one by one, he realized that the temperature of the pot wasn’t as high as he imagined . He had managed to successfully take out a coin from the final pot and obtained full marks without any surprises .

Although it was thanks to the lotus flower bracer, Zhou Wen still felt that something was amiss .

What? Looks like the test isn’t that difficult . Li Xuan heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Zhou Wen easily obtain a perfect score .

He was just after Zhou Wen in fishing out the coin . Seeing how Zhou Wen had easily scored a perfect ten, he didn’t bother wasting any more time as he directly headed straight for the tenth pot .

To Li Xuan’s surprise, when he extended his hand into the pot, believing that his Immortal God of Combat Life Providence and Invincible Connate Divine Art could protect him, he let out a loud cry . He hurriedly pulled out his hand only to see his skin scalded red .