Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 131

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Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Treasure Selection

Zhou Wen had been searching for the tiny palm symbol the entire time, but he hadn’t found it . He had scrutinized the building that housed the city gates countless times, but he had failed to find it .

However, other than the entrance, there were only city walls with no sign of the tiny palm symbol .

Is the tiny palm symbol in Providence Palace? Zhou Wen looked at the tightly shut door of Providence Palace and thought, If it were really in Providence Palace, that would be troublesome . Every year, the Providence Palace only opens its gates once a day . However, the counselors have repeatedly exhorted us not to enter . In the past, there were experts at the Epic stage who had entered the Providence Palace on this day without being able to exit . Furthermore, I’m only at the Mortal stage .

Just as he was feeling disappointed, he suddenly heard the melodious and solemn music from within Providence Palace .

Accompanied by the music, it was as if the city gates, that had been sealed shut for centuries, were slowly opening . The city gate was filled with a brilliant purple glow, so blinding that it was hard for anyone to look straight at it .

Before Zhou Wen and company could see what stood beyond the city gates, the underground space suddenly emitted a blinding light that resembled holy light from the spatial rifts .

Then, they saw an inconceivable sight . They saw large and small boxes flying out from the spatial rifts .

There were exquisite wooden boxes, boxes filled with antiquity, and green and snow-white jade boxes . There were also large metal chests .

There were also gold and silver boxes with gems embedded in them . They looked dazzling and exquisite . The girls stared at them, almost entranced .

There were many gift boxes . In just a moment, more than a thousand boxes flew towards the entrance in a line . Just like the legends said, there seemed to be invisible ghosts dragging them into the entrance .

“There are so many boxes . How should I choose one?” Feng Qiuyan frowned .

“You can only rely on luck . There’s no other way . ” Hui Haifeng took a large stride towards a golden box with all sorts of gems embedded in it . He took out his token and lightly tapped the small golden box with the token . The small golden box stopped floating in midair having lost its support as it fell to the ground .

Hui Haifeng immediately reached out and held onto the small golden box, then returned . He was very decisive .

Zhou Wen looked at the gift boxes that numbered more than ten thousand . He really didn’t know which one to choose from . At that moment, Wang Lu said to Zhou Wen, “My luck has always been good . If you need it, I can help you choose one . ”

When Wang Lu said this, she was brimming with confidence . It was as if she would definitely be able to choose something good .

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you then . ” Zhou Wen was extremely disappointed having failed at finding the tiny palm symbol . Choosing a box held little meaning for him .

If he couldn’t download the Providence Palace dungeon, the probability of choosing a gift box with a Companion Egg in it was just too low .

To be able to choose a gift box with a high-level Companion Egg was even more difficult .

Zhou Wen never had luck with gambling, so it didn’t matter whether he chose it or not . He couldn’t be bothered to waste his time and energy and casually threw the token to Wang Lu .

Even if he had to choose it himself, he could only randomly pick one . It was no different from letting Wang Lu choose one . He might as well save some time to see if he could find the tiny palm symbol .

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“Anyone else need my help?” Wang Lu looked at the others and asked .

“Since we are already here, it’s all down to luck anyway . It’s better to choose one yourself,” Wei Ge said with a smile .

The others obviously liked to hold their own fate in their hands, so no one planned on letting Wang Lu choose for them .

Other than Hui Haifeng who had already made his selection, the others began to observe the boxes, hoping that they could find some clues .

Zhou Wen was also observing, but he was looking into Providence Palace to see if he could find the tiny palm symbol .

Unfortunately, it was filled with a screen of resplendent divine light . All he could see was gift boxes flying in, but he couldn’t see what was on the inside .

However, Wang Lu had no intention of seriously choosing . She treated the two tokens as darts and threw them into the row of boxes .

With two clangs, two boxes were knocked to the ground by her random throw .

Wang Lu grinned as she ran over and carried the two gift boxes back, handing one to Zhou Wen .

The gift box was carved out of wood . It was about thirty centimeters wide on all sides, and there were cloud patterns engraved on it . Other than that, there was nothing else .

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Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to see what was inside . After receiving the box, he stuffed it into his bag and continued gazing into the palace .

“Aren’t you going to open it?” Wang Lu said .

“There’s no need . It doesn’t matter what it is,” Zhou Wen said casually .

Wang Lu was a little displeased that Zhou Wen didn’t care about it . Seeing that everyone was choosing their boxes and that no one was paying any attention to them, she said to Zhou Wen, “Don’t think that I just randomly chose it . My luck is really good . The items I inside will definitely be good . ”

“Yes, thank you,” Zhou Wen said perfunctorily .

Wang Lu was incensed when she saw Zhou Wen’s perfunctory manner . She glared at him hatefully, but Zhou Wen had been observing the situation inside Providence Palace the entire time without giving her a second glance .

“If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have helped you choose . ” Wang Lu pouted and resentfully retreated to the side . She didn’t even have the mood to open her gift box to see what was inside .

Even after they had all made their choices, one after another, and the counselors had led them out of Providence Palace, Zhou Wen still hadn’t found the tiny palm symbol . He was extremely disappointed .

None of them had the intention to open their gift boxes on the spot . Zhou Wen also took the box that Wang Lu had chosen for him back to his dorm .

I wonder what it is? Zhou Wen opened it up .

Indeed, it was the same as he imagined . There were no Companion Eggs or dimensional crystals inside, but a strange old bronze flask .

It can’t be a chamber pot, right? Zhou Wen looked at the bronze flask inside the box, and it looked like one, no matter how he looked at it .

But from the looks of it, it seemed to be a little too small . It was probably not suited for adults .

Furthermore, the style looked more exquisite and it had smooth curves as if it did not match the style of the East District’s ancient style .

Zhou Wen switched on his ordinary phone and checked the Internet . Soon, he learned what it was . It was a hand-held oil lamp from ancient Arabia .

From the looks of the oil lamp, it should be an antique . I wonder how much I can sell it for? Zhou Wen muttered to himself as he took out the bronze lamp and wiped the dust he saw on it with a piece of tissue paper .

After a few strokes, the bronze lamp suddenly trembled, and the patterns on it began to glow strangely .