Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 133

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Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Exchange Student

“Pui! Pui!”Zhou Wen spat out the cement in his mouth and looked at his hands in surprise . What’s going on?

After some thought, he recalled what had happened yesterday and seemed to realize something . He quickly took out his mysterious phone and pricked his finger with a needle, dripping a drop of fresh blood onto the screen .

The blood quickly coagulated into the blood-colored avatar . Zhou Wen looked at its stats and was overjoyed . He had indeed advanced to the Legendary stage .

He eagerly checked the blood-colored avatar’s attributes only to be left somewhat puzzled .

Zhou Wen

Age: 16 years

Level: Legendary

Legendary Life Providence: Sigh of the King

Strength: 12

Speed: 12

Constitution: 12

Primordial Energy: 12

Primordial Energy Art: Lost Immortal Sutra

Primordial Energy Skill: Astral Suction Palm, Astral Slash Blade, Astral Suction Palm, …

Companion Beast: Truth Listener, Banana Fairy, Mutated Lotus Flower Ant, Silver-Winged Flying Ant

His stats and Primordial Energy Art were considered normal, but his Legendary Life Providence was a little strange . Typically, ordinary people weren’t able to see their attributes in the game like Zhou Wen, but after advancing to Legendary, they were able to sense the basic abilities of their Legendary Life Providence and know how it could be used .

However, Zhou Wen couldn’t sense what his Life Providence could be used for . All he could sense was that his Life Providence’s powers needed certain conditions to be triggered .

As for the triggering conditions, Zhou Wen only had a vague sense which wasn’t too clear .

When he looked at the additional note regarding Sigh of the King in-game, there was only one sentence: Sigh of the King, it is endless sinking .

Zhou Wen didn’t understand the meaning of the annotation, so he was momentarily unsure whether his Life Providence was good or bad .

However, being able to advance to the Legendary stage was ultimately a boon . It meant that Zhou Wen could finally incubate a Legendary Companion Egg without any reservations . He could also absorb high-valued dimensional crystals to raise his stats .

As for killing Epic creatures, Zhou Wen didn’t have a blind sense of self-importance . The difference between the Epic and Legendary stages was far greater than the difference between the Legendary and Mortal stages . The weakest Epic could easily kill the strongest Legendary .

It wasn’t only because an Epic’s attributes were higher, but also because an Epic’s life possessed a form of soul protection . They were completely different from Legendaries, making it an extremely difficult task to defeat an Epic at the Legendary stage .

Whatever . I’ll increase my stats first . Zhou Wen picked up the mysterious phone . He wanted to enter the game and use some high-valued dimensional crystals to raise his stats . Otherwise, even if he had advanced to the Legendary stage, he would still be one of the weakest .

Li Xuan and An Jing had their family’s support, so it was very simple for them to raise their stats . They just needed to use the dimensional crystals prepared by their families, but Zhou Wen needed to rely on himself .

Before he could launch a dungeon on his phone, the doorbell rang .

“Old Zhou, what treasure did you choose from Providence Palace? It can’t be that your luck was so bad to choose a urinal or something, right?” Li Xuan didn’t dare enter the room as he looked straight in . When he saw the antelope sleeping on the couch, he immediately retracted his head .

“See for yourself . ” Zhou Wen invited Li Xuan into the house .

“No, no, no . I’m not going in . I’m not here to see the treasure you chose . Counselor Wang Fei got me to tell you that she wants you to see her . ” Li Xuan quickly shrank back again .

“Why is the Counselor looking for me?” Zhou Wen was puzzled .

“She didn’t say, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the exchange students with from Covenant College,” Li Xuan said .

“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen didn’t understand . Covenant College was a famous school in the West District and was worlds apart from Sunset College . Even if there was an exchange student, it shouldn’t have anything to do with him .

Li Xuan smiled and said, “There’s an exchange student from Covenant College here in Sunset College to study for a period of time . I heard that the exchange student is quite extraordinary . He’s from one of the Six League Heroes families . He’s famous at Covenant College and is considered as the heir to the six heroes . He’s the most likely person to reach the level of the six heroes . ”

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“What has this got to do with me?” Zhou Wen frowned .

“Since it’s an exchange student, they will interact with students from our college after arriving . In order to not lose face, the school will definitely let the best students interact with that fellow . Having entered the top ten at the comprehensive test, it’s normal for the school to give you such an important mission . However, I don’t think it’s any of your business . After all, your ranking in the top ten is too low . As long as you stand out, it will definitely be Huang Ji, Wei Ge, and An Jing who will deal with that exchange student . Just watch the show,” Li Xuan said .

Zhou Wen thought that it made sense and went to Wang Fei’s office .

It was just as Li Xuan guessed . Wang Fei informed him that an exchange student from Covenant College was coming to study at Sunset College .

“Zhou Wen, do you know who the exchange student is?” Wang Fei asked .

“Is this related to me?” Zhou Wen said indifferently .

“Of course it has something to do with you . Otherwise, why would I especially summon you here? If it was just an ordinary exchange student, you wouldn’t be needed . ” Wang Fei paused . “The student’s name is John . Like Liz, he comes from a family with the last name Cape . ”

“Liz?” Zhou Wen frowned slightly .

Wang Fei continued, “John is Liz’s younger brother, but he’s different from the poorly talented Liz . His talent is almost comparable to the hero from the Cape family . Not only did he inherit the physique of the hero, but he also obtained an extremely powerful Life Providence when he advanced to the Legendary stage . In the west, he has the title of a Saint . ”

“So what?” Zhou Wen said indifferently .

“Do you need me to go into the details between Liz and you? Given John’s status, even if he came to Sunset College, he wouldn’t purposely challenge a Mortal . However, you happened to be ranked in the top 10 at the comprehensive test as a Mortal stage . This gave John an excuse to challenge you . When the time comes, even if he doesn’t dare to do anything to you in Sunset College, it will be a disgrace to both you and Sunset College if you were to suffer a terrible defeat . ”

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Wang Fei paused for a moment before saying, “That’s why the school hopes that you can go home for a few days and not give John a chance to challenge you . ”

“If he’s really out to get me, won’t he come knocking on my door even if I were to hide in my dorm?” Zhou Wen said .

“It’s alright . You can return to the An family home to rest for a few days . The school will approve your leave,” Wang Fei said .

“There’s no need . ” Zhou Wen directly rejected it . He definitely wasn’t going to seek protection from the An family .

“Zhou Wen, if you really had the strength to be in the top ten, the school doesn’t mind you fighting with John . It doesn’t matter even if you lose . However, I think you should know better than me how you ended up in the top ten . The school didn’t hold it against you for the sake of the An family . However, you should know that your current strength isn’t enough to represent Sunset College’s top standards . It’d be meaningless to accept such a challenge,” Wang Fei said .