Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: 134

Chapter 134 Mutated Demonized General

“Counselor, although my strength isn’t enough to represent the college, there’s no need for me to be afraid of John, much less escape . ” Zhou Wen bowed slightly to Wang Fei before turning to leave the office .

Ignoring the fact that Zhou Wen had already advanced to the Legendary stage, even if he wasn’t John’s match, he still wouldn’t choose to flee to the An family residence .

This fellow’s surname isn’t An, but why is he as stubborn as the An siblings? Wang Fei watched Zhou Wen leave the office and couldn’t help but worry .

After Zhou Wen returned to his dorm, he launched an instant dungeon and began grinding crazily . He wanted to spawn some high-level dimensional crystals and quickly raise his attributes .

Ding! After killing a Silver-Winged Flying Ant, a 14-valued Speed Crystal dropped . The blood-colored avatar absorbed the Speed Crystal and his Speed increased to 14 .

Ding! After killing a Mutated Buddha Heart Lotus, a 13-valued Primordial Energy Crystal dropped . The blood-colored avatar absorbed it and his Primordial Energy increased to 13 .

Ding! After killing a Skeleton General, a Skeleton General Companion Egg dropped .

Zhou Wen unhesitatingly incubated it and obtained a Skeleton General Companion Beast . However, the Companion Beast’s stats and skills were relatively average .

While grinding the Lotus Flower Cave, Zhou Wen was once again lucky enough to spawn a Fairy Monkey Companion Egg . When he incubated it, the stats weren’t too bad, but they weren’t considered excellent-grade stats .

Since it wasn’t an excellent-grade Companion Beast and its skills weren’t anything special, Zhou Wen decided to attempt a fusion when he saw that the Skeleton General and the Fairy Monkey had a compatibility score of 57% which was a rather high success rate .

However, Zhou Wen was extremely disappointed . The fusion failed as the two Companion Beasts disintegrated simultaneously .

Zhou Wen knew how lucky his Mutated Lotus Flower Ant had been at succeeding from the recent fusion failures . The chances were about the same as winning the lottery .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen was able to keep grinding dungeons . His chances of dropping a Companion Egg were much higher than the average person . After persisting for an entire day and night, Zhou Wen’s stats experienced a significant boost . His Strength and Constitution had reached 16 points . His Speed and Primordial Energy were slightly weaker and had only increased to 15 points .

This made Zhou Wen clearly feel that his body was much stronger . During this process, he managed to raise his Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to Rank 9, raising his movement technique to its limit .

Rank 9 was a standard Primordial Energy Skill limit . There was no way to continue raising it with Primordial Energy Skill Crystals . In the past, Rank 9 was the highest Zhou Wen could reach . However, with the precedent of Ashen Palm, he knew that Rank 9 wasn’t the limit and that there was room for improvement . However, that required him to train and figure it out himself before being able to reach Dragon Gate Fairy Skill’s limit of Rank 10 .

It was unknown how many times he had entered Tiger Cage Pass dungeon before he encountered a Demonized General with the word “Fist” engraved on its helmet . It delighted Zhou Wen .

Seeing the Demonized General turn golden in color, like a golden-armored god of war, Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to charge forward instead of retreating, clashing head-on with the Fist Demonized General .

Now that Zhou Wen had advanced to the Legendary stage, his speed had increased significantly . Coupled with the Silver-Winged Flying Ant’s silver wings, his speed was no longer slower than the Fist Demonized General’s . He easily dodged its strange spear’s

rust before slashing at its neck with his hand wrapped in the lotus flower bracer .

With a clang, Zhou Wen’s present strength combined with the lotus flower bracer was still unable to damage the Fist Demonized General . Instead, his opponent balled its other hand into a fist and threw a punch at the blood-colored avatar’s stomach .

Astral Suction Palm! Zhou Wen guessed that the Astral Suction Palm could restrain the Fist Demonized General’s Primordial Energy Skill . Unsure if it was true, he gave it a try .

The strength of the Fist Demonized General’s fist was extremely domineering, as though it had gathered all of its energy into one point . Even the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant at the same level would explode with one punch .

The Astral Suction Palm appeared nothing powerful with how soft and weak it was . The instant his palm clashed with the fist, Zhou Wen felt a strange feeling . His Astral Suction Palm seemed to be able to guide the forces of the Demonized General’s fist .

With a thought, Zhou Wen pulled and pushed with his Astral Suction Palm, directing the Demonized General’s domineering punch right back into the other side of his enemy’s chest . With a boom, the armor on his body shattered and blood spewed out .

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Zhou Wen was delighted when he saw this . He controlled the blood-colored avatar to charge forward, penetrating the wound on the Demonized General’s chest with his palm which wore the lotus flower bracer . This impact burst the heart inside .

‘Killed Fist Demonized General . Discovered Companion Egg . ’

Zhou Wen was still immersed in the excitement of his killing the Fist Demonized General for the first time when he saw the system notification appear . He couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised .

Upon careful look, he saw a black-colored Companion Egg drop on the ground . He hurriedly ordered the blood-colored avatar to pick it up but seeing its attributes, he couldn’t help but find it odd .

Mutated Demonized General: Legendary

Legendary Life Providence: Malignant General

Strength: 19

Speed: 17

Constitution: 18

Primordial Energy: 18

Talent Skill: Astral Fist, Demon Flame Spear, Demon Rider Summon

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Companion Form: None

How can a Mutated Demonized General not have a Companion Form? Zhou Wen found it odd, but its stats were really high . It was considered a top-notch existence among Legendaries .

He directly incubated the Mutated Demonized General since he had no plans on giving such an excellent-grade Companion Beast as food .

He summoned the incubated Mutated Demonized General and it was exactly the same as the one in the game . A burly Demonic General riding on a red horse, with a strange spear in his hand . With one charge, the strange spear in its hand could knock over a large number of Demonized Soldiers . It was extremely powerful .

Another Demonized General! Zhou Wen was delighted . With the boost provided by the Demonized General’s skills—far greater than the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and the Silver-Winged Flying Ant-it was good as a vanguard .

Taking advantage of the excitement of having a new Companion Beast, Zhou Wen continued grinding . He wanted to raise his stats in one fell swoop . It would be best if he could raise everything to 18 .

Perhaps due to luck, Zhou Wen encountered another Mutated Demonized General when he respawned again and went to Tiger Cage Pass . However, the Demonized General’s helmet had the word ‘Blade’ engraved on it this time .

He didn’t attack himself, allowing the Fist Demonized General to charge forward . Due to the effectiveness of the Fist Demonized General against the Blade Demonized General, it killed the Blade Demonized General with one charge .

The Blade Demonized General’s Astral Slash Blade was shattered by the Astral Punch and was made completely useless .

Exceeding Zhou Wen’s expectations, the Blade Demonized General once again dropped a Companion Egg . Having obtained two Mutated Demonized General Companion Eggs consecutively, this was a probability that Zhou Wen found unbelievable .

Mutated Demonized General: Legendary

Legendary Life Providence: Malignant General

Strength: 19

Speed: 18

Constitution: 17

Primordial Energy: 16

Talent Skill: Astral Slash Blade, Demon Flame Spear, Demon Rider Summon

Companion Form: None