Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 135

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Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Demonic Words

The Blade Demonized General’s attributes were similar to the Fist Demonized General’s . Only its talent skills were somewhat different .

Zhou Wen looked at the system notification and discovered that the compatibility score between the two Demonized Generals was as high as 88% . It tempted him greatly, and in the end, he couldn’t help but tap on the fusion button .

Ding! When he heard the system’s chime, Zhou Wen’s heart couldn’t help but pound . He was even a little nervous .

Fortunately, a compatibility score of 88% was as true as it gets . The fusion succeeded and produced a new Demonized General .

Just by looking at the new Demonized General’s appearance, it seemed to be even more ferocious and domineering . It wore red-vested armor, and its eyes were fiercely glowing red . It looked like a ferocious general in a raging inferno .

And the word engraved on its helmet was neither Blade nor First, but the word “Demon . ”

Mutated Demonized General: Legendary

Legendary Life Providence: Malignant General

Strength: 19

Speed: 18

Constitution: 18

Primordial Energy: 18

Talent Skill: Astral Slash Blade, Astral Fist, Demon Flame Spear, Demon Rider Summon

Companion Form: None

These stats are a little sick . Furthermore, it also has the Astral Slash Blade and Astral Fist skills . If I were to obtain another Paper Demonized General Companion Beast and fuse with it, would it result in an excellent-grade with all three skills? Zhou Wen thought to himself .

However, it wasn’t easy to have two Mutated Demonized General Companion Eggs drop . It was unknown how long it would take to have another one drop .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen had to grind Tiger Cage Pass dungeon every day, so he wasn’t in a rush . There were always opportunities .

The Mutated Demonized General was good at the offensive and defensive . It killed everything in its way, and together with the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and Silver-Winged Flying Ant, they formed a team that could kill monsters from both air, land, and sea . Most of the time, the blood-colored avatar didn’t even need to move a finger to kill the dimensional creatures .

With my current strength and Truth Listener at the Legendary stage, can I try clearing Ant City? Zhou Wen had always been obsessed with the golden beam of light in Ant City . However, previously he had been lacking in strength and couldn’t make much progress . Now that he had advanced to the Legendary stage and had four top-notch Legendary Companion Beasts, it seemed like he could make an attempt .

“Old Zhou, we can finally register our own club . What do you think it should be called? Do you think it’s better to call it the God of Combat Alliance or Invincible Club?” Li Xuan walked into the living room excitedly .

“Up to you . ” Zhou Wen was grinding Ant Nest, so he didn’t have the capacity to care . Furthermore, he wasn’t obsessive-compulsive . He would accept any name .

“Don’t mind . This is our club . There’s meaning only if we think of names together . Those two aren’t good . What do you think about Xuanwen? Our names are both in it . Others can tell that it’s our club,” Li Xuan said .

“Sure . ” Zhou Wen nodded while gaming-the blood-colored avatar had already rushed to the periphery of Ant City .

“Then that’s it . Let’s register for the Xuanwen Club . ” Li Xuan pulled Zhou Wen out excitedly .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to follow him out . But when they arrived, they realized that setting up a club didn’t just require filling in an application form . They had to gather at least five people to submit the application to establish a club .

“Why do we need so many people? The two of us are good enough to beat everyone in the world . ” Li Xuan’s heart stirred as he looked at Zhou Wen and asked, “It won’t be easy to find people now . Almost all the senior students have already joined clubs . After more than a month, most of the freshmen have been roped in . It will be very difficult to find suitable people . Your two high school classmates seemed to be interested in our club . Why don’t you rope them in to make up the numbers?”

“I’m not sure if they have joined other clubs or not,” Zhou Wen said .

“Then let’s make a call and ask . Do you have the phone number of that beautiful woman named Fang something?” Li Xuan urged .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to take out his ordinary phone and call Fang Ruoxi while gaming with one hand .

“F*ck, you even have a game-only phone and a phone for calls . Bro, you sure are extravagant,” Li Xuan teased .

Zhou Wen ignored him and called Fang Ruoxi . He heard her voice and asked, “Hello, is this Fang Ruoxi?”

“It’s me . Li Xuan and I established a club . If you and Tian Xiangdong haven’t joined other clubs, why don’t you consider it?” Zhou Wen said .

“We haven’t joined anything yet . I heard that you were setting up a club, so we have been waiting for your invitation,” Fang Ruoxi replied with a smile .

“Alright, we are still short of one person . I’ll contact you after we find everyone . ” Zhou Wen hung up after making an agreement with Fang Ruoxi .

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“Quite swell of this old classmate of yours . She’s pretty and pure, and she has some feelings for you . You have to act as early as possible . Otherwise, she’ll be contaminated by this mixing bowl known as university,” Li Xuan said with a smile .

“Don’t spout nonsense . She’s just an old classmate,” Zhou Wen said .

“Now we have four people . We are still short of one . Who do you think we should get?” Li Xuan tugged at his hair in frustration .

“Is it that difficult for Young Master Li to find someone?” Zhou Wen looked at Li Xuan in confusion .

“It’s really not difficult to find someone . Just a simple call and I can get a dozen or two . However, I’m afraid that there might be my brother’s people among them . I’m more at ease with people you recruit,” Li Xuan said .

“I don’t know anyone…” Zhou Wen suddenly thought of something as he asked Li Xuan, “Do you know Gu Dian?”

“Of course I know him . How can I not know this person? He’s the school’s most problematic person . He beat up a senior when he had just started school . He’s a person who only recognizes money . As long as he’s paid, he will do anything…” Li Xuan said as he looked at Zhou Wen in puzzlement . “Why are you asking about him?”

“Has he joined a club?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Let’s not even talk about him having thoughts of joining a club; even if he does, no one will want him . Who knows when he might beat up the people in his club . That would be such a joke… Wait… Don’t tell me you want to recruit him?” Li Xuan widened his eyes .

“I think he’s not bad . If there’s really no other candidate, we can give him a try,” Zhou Wen said .

“That won’t do . Such a person will definitely be bribed by my brother . When the time comes, he will harm us once again . ” Li Xuan shook his head repeatedly .

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“Do you think the others won’t be bribed by your brother?” Zhou Wen asked .

Li Xuan was slightly taken aback before he smiled bitterly . “You are right . As long as my brother wants it done, it’s useless who I find . ”

“At least Gu Dian has a clear price . Let’s be wary of him . It’s better than people that put on different facades, right?” Zhou Wen said .

“You’re right . However, there were people who invited Gu Dian in the past . He didn’t join either . It won’t be easy inviting him to join our club,” Li Xuan said with a sigh .

“Can you find him? Let’s give it a try,” Zhou Wen said .