Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: 136

Chapter 136 Myriad Buddha Cave

“Are you sure Gu Dian is here?” Zhou Wen looked at the Myriad Buddha Cave in front of him and looked at Li Xuan in disbelief .

“There’s no mistake about it . According to what I learned, Gu Dian is a weirdo . Ever since he entered school, he hasn’t slept in his dorm . As long as he’s not in class, he will definitely come to Dragon Gate Grotto . It’s normal for him to spend half a month here . I received accurate news that he entered Myriad Buddha Cave three days ago and hasn’t come out yet . There’s no mistake about him being inside,” Li Xuan said .

“Do you honestly think someone can live inside here?” Zhou Wen said as he pointed at the Golden Warriors wandering around the Myriad Buddha Cave .

There were relatively rare dimensional creatures in Dragon Gate Grotto . Typically, they were at the Mortal stage . As long as their numbers were few, ordinary students could handle them .

However, the Golden Warriors in the Myriad Buddha Cave were different . Not only were they at the Legendary stage, but they also had powerful defensive strength . Legendary students needed a great deal of effort to kill them . It was very difficult .

Unless there was a special requirement, the average Legendary wouldn’t be willing to come here to kill a Golden Warrior .

At that moment in the Myriad Buddha Cave, he could see two or three Golden Warriors wandering around . Zhou Wen didn’t believe that students could live here for two to three days .

Even if he had the ability to fight with a Golden Warrior, it was impossible for him to fight for three days and three nights . He would probably die from exhaustion in one day, much less three days and three nights .

“The news shouldn’t be wrong . Gu Dian is a weirdo . He often does this kind of thing . No one knows how he survives in the dimensional zones, but he manages to . It’s likely that he’s inside the Myriad Buddha Cave,” Li Xuan said with certainty .

“Since that’s the case, let’s go in and take a look . ” Zhou Wen had entered the Myriad Buddha Cave in-game and knew that it was difficult to kill a Golden Warrior . However, their Speed wasn’t very fast . He just needed to avoid them since he was only spending a short amount of time to find Gu Dian .

Upon seeing Zhou Wen enter, Li Xuan followed him into the Myriad Buddha Cave .

Seeing that someone had stepped into the Myriad Buddha Cave, Golden Warriors immediately rushed over . Their bodies were dark as if they were carved from some kind of jade . Every step they took left a deep footprint on the ground, indicating their extreme weight .

Li Xuan drew his saber and slashed down at the Golden Warrior that was charging right in front of him . His saber was fast and ruthless and was transformed from a Legendary Companion Beast . If an ordinary Legendary creature were to be struck by him, they would have their bones cleaved through even if they didn’t die .

However, when the blade landed on the Golden Warrior, sparks flew everywhere, producing a sound of metallic hum . Only a faint white mark was left on the Golden Warrior while Li Xuan’s palm went numb from the shock .

“It’s harder than the legends say!” Li Xuan hurriedly dodged, afraid to clash head-on with the Golden Warriors .

Zhou Wen dashed in and had no intention of fighting the Golden Warriors . Not only were they strong, but they also possessed the talent skill, Golden Bell .

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Unless someone wanted to have Golden Bell drop, no one would waste their time killing Golden Warriors . Unfortunately, the drop rate of Golden Bell was very low, making the Warriors unpopular among students .

Thankfully, the Golden Warriors were naturally slow, so it was impossible for them to catch up to Zhou Wen and Li Xuan . As they ran, they avoided the Golden Warriors’ attacks and entered the Myriad Buddha Cave .

Perhaps it was because no one had been here to kill the Golden Warriors for a while, there were plenty of them in the cave . After covering a few hundred meters, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan had about thirty to forty Golden Warriors chasing behind them .

“Is Gu Dian really here?” At that moment, even Li Xuan himself doubted the authenticity of the information he had received . No matter how he looked at it, there didn’t seem to be anyone here .

Just as Li Xuan was about to suggest returning, he suddenly saw a Golden Warrior rushing out of the cavern in front of him . However, it was different from the typical black Golden Warrior . It was covered in golden light and there was a single golden vertical eye on its forehead .

“Three-Eyed Golden Warrior!” Li Xuan exclaimed when he saw the warrior . However, it was a more pleasant surprise than horror .

“What’s that?” Zhou Wen had never seen a Three-Eyed Golden Warrior . Back when he entered the Myriad Buddha Cave in-game, he hadn’t ventured too deep . This was because it was too difficult to kill the Golden Warriors . He wasn’t interested .

In the time it took to kill a Golden Warrior, he could kill at least more than ten Legendary creatures .

“Three-Eyed Golden Warriors are an extremely rare Legendary creature . It should be a mutated version of Golden Warriors; however, their skills are different from that of other Golden Warriors . Typically, most Golden Warriors only drop two Primordial Energy Skills—Golden Palm and Golden Bell . As for the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s Primordial Energy Skill, it’s called Invulnerable Golden Power, one that’s far higher than Golden Bell . Not only is the Primordial Energy expenditure low, but the defensive strength is even higher… Since we encountered it today, let’s just kill it first . It will be great if the Invulnerable Golden Body drops . ” As Li Xuan spoke, he rushed towards the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior .

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He used all his strength to slash at it, but the Speed of the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior was much faster than the typical Golden Warrior . It didn’t show any signs of clumsiness .

As Li Xuan slashed down, the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior actually raised its hand and grabbed Li Xuan’s saber in midair before forcefully twisting it .

The Legendary saber in Li Xuan’s hand was twisted around . In the end, it couldn’t withstand the terrifying force and broke into several pieces .

“My Frost Cicada Saber!” Li Xuan felt his heart ache so much that he nearly vomited blood . He had recently been unlucky and had already sacrificed several Companion Beasts .

Zhou Wen swept past the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s head and struck out with his palm, hitting the top of its head .

With a clang, the Rank 10 Ashen Palm failed to injure it . The Three-Eyed Golden Warrior turned its head and struck out with Golden Palm, striking at Zhou Wen’s back like a bolt of lightning

Its palm move was like lightning-fast and ruthless . With Zhou Wen’s body in midair, it was as though he had no way of dodging . Li Xuan was alarmed as he kicked at the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior and shouted, “Old Zhou, dodge!”


Li Xuan’s kick was rather heavy-it was enough to snap a tree that was as thick as a person . However, the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior seemed oblivious to the attack as it ignored him . Without moving, the Golden Palm continued its trajectory towards Zhou Wen’s back .

In midair, Zhou Wen suddenly drew out a trajectory like a strange bird, dodging the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s strike .

Zhou Wen, who was like an eagle, was hovering above the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior . At the same time, he repeatedly struck with his palms, clashing with the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior .

Li Xuan, who was standing by the side, had no means to join in . Furthermore, large groups of Golden Warriors had gathered around them, instantly cutting off all paths of retreat .