Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 137

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Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Three-Eyed Golden Warrior

“Old Zhou, there are too many Golden Warriors . I can’t hold on any longer, quickly retreat!” Li Xuan shouted as he dodged the power Golden Warriors .

“Hold on . Give me three minutes,” Zhou Wen said .

“Three minutes? Even thirty seconds would be too difficult . Three-Eyed Golden Warriors are too difficult to kill . We definitely won’t be able to kill it in a short period of time . Let’s go back and get more people to come over . We can clean up this group of Golden Warrior hindrances before slowly killing it . Besides, I really can’t last three minutes,” Li Xuan shouted while fighting .

“Two minutes,” Zhou Wen said again .

“F*ck, if you can’t kill it, my blood will be on your hands . ” Li Xuan gritted his teeth and summoned a Companion Beast armor to protect his body as he charged into the Golden Warriors’ ferocious attacks, slamming one of them back several steps .

“If the tiger doesn’t show its might, do you really think I’m HELLO KITTY?” Li Xuan was like a god of combat that had descended to the mortal world . His body slammed forward, his fists unleashed a barrage of attacks, and he managed to charge out of the crowd of Golden Warriors .

Zhou Wen didn’t have the time or mood to appreciate Li Xuan’s ferocious appearance . He circled above the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior like a hawk, dodging its Golden Palm . At the same time, he struck out repeatedly with his palm, striking the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s head .

Even with the augmentation of the lotus bracer, Zhou Wen’s might made it very difficult for him to injure the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior . Every collision was like a clash of metal as sparks flew .

Although it seemed to be filled with zest, Zhou Wen’s palm strikes couldn’t hurt the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior at all . At most, it only made it uncomfortable .

The Three-Eyed Golden Warrior didn’t feel good either . It waved its palm again and again, but it failed to even touch the corner of Zhou Wen’s clothes . Zhou Wen was like a giant fly flying above it .

“Roar!” Even the most mild-tempered Buddha would be enraged, much less an irascible warrior . With Zhou Wen enraging it, the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s palm glowed with golden light as it used all its might to strike at the airborne Zhou Wen in an indomitable manner .

It’s now! Zhou Wen’s eyes focused as he no longer relied on his movement technique or silver wings to dodge in the air . He flattened his left hand as he sucked at the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s bloodthirsty Golden Palm .

Zhou Wen’s palm was blood-red, as though it possessed an invisible force that deviated the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s palm to the side .

With a boom, the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior delivered its full might with Golden Palm to its forehead, shattering the forehead with the vertical eye, as well as the golden eye .

The Three-Eyed Golden Warrior collapsed to the ground with a loud thud . Within its own shattered skull, there was a strange dazzling golden glow .

Zhou Wen landed in front of the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s corpse and reached into its head . He pulled out a golden crystal bead the size of a goose egg . Inside it, there was a Three-Eyed Golden Warrior figure shimmering-it was a Companion Egg .

My luck with Companion Eggs seems pretty good at the moment . Zhou Wen reeled with joy .

“Old Zhou, stop staring blankly . I can’t hold it any longer . Quickly come and help!” Li Xuan shouted .

Zhou Wen turned his head and saw that he was surrounded by a group of Golden Warriors . They were pummeling Li Xuan until he was dizzy . His armor had cracked from the beating and was about to explode .

However, Li Xuan’s Immortal God of Combat Life Providence and Invincible Connate Divine Art were really good at tanking . After being struck countless times, to the point of almost being beaten to a pulp, he still remained conscious . However, the situation looked extremely bad .

Zhou Wen threw the Companion Egg into his backpack as the silver wings on his back vibrated . Instantly, it transformed into a silver beam of light that flew above Li Xuan . He reached out and pulled Li Xuan into the air and landed on the Buddha statue on the mountain cliff .

“Don’t touch those Buddha statues!” Li Xuan immediately shouted when he saw this . His face was filled with horror .

However, he had shouted too late . Zhou Wen raised him with both hands as he stepped on the Buddha statue’s shoulder and used the momentum to once again leap into the sky .

“It’s over… It’s over… Old Zhou… You’re really trying to kill me… In the future, you should just stay at home and play games . No number of lives is enough coming out with you . ” Li Xuan nearly cried .

There were countless Buddha statues in Myriad Buddha Cave . Before becoming a dimensional zone, there were more than ten thousand of them, but the number was inestimable after the area became a dimensional zone .

In Myriad Buddha Cave, everything could be touched, but not the Buddha statues . Once touched, the Buddha statue would awaken . Although it wouldn’t really stand up, with the awakening of the Buddha statue, all the dimensional creatures in Myriad Buddha Cave would go berserk . Their strength would greatly increase, and in addition, their bodies would also become even harder . Even their originally low speed would turn extremely fast .

Just the thought of a group of accelerated Golden Warriors was terrifying . It was almost impossible for the two of them to escape Myriad Buddha Cave alive with their Legendary stages .

However, Zhou Wen ignored Li Xuan . After he leaped into the air, he landed on the legs of a Buddha statue that was sitting at a greater height .

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“Old Zhou, why are you still stepping on them? Do you think our deaths need to be expedited?” Li Xuan felt that his name was already written in the King of Hell’s notebook .

The Golden Warriors below couldn’t come up, nor did they dare to touch the Buddha statues . As for Zhou Wen and Li Xuan, they stood there for quite a while without seeing any movement from the Buddha statues .

Li Xuan looked at them in confusion . “Could it be that these Buddha statues aren’t awake today?”

“That’s possible,” Zhou Wen said casually as he looked around Myriad Buddha Cave .

He had entered Myriad Buddha Cave in-game, so he naturally knew that the Buddha statues couldn’t be touched . However, that was before he used the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra .

As long as Zhou Wen switched his Primordial Energy Art to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, he wouldn’t anger the Buddha statues no matter how much he touched them .

After all, the Buddha statue was only a statue, not a true Buddha . Even a true Buddha might mistake Zhou Wen as a pious child, so it was even more natural for the Buddha statues to fail to distinguish him .

This was because Zhou Wen’s Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra was too low . If he reached an extremely high level, most Buddha-type creatures would bow to him without daring to fight him .

The Golden Warriors were, after all, low-level dimensional creatures without any intelligence, so they lacked the ability to sense such weak auras of the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra .

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“Old Zhou, stop carrying me . Put me down now . ” Li Xuan had been too nervous before, but now that he relaxed, he realized that Zhou Wen’s hands were still carrying him in a princess hold without letting him down .

“I think it’s better I carry you . ” Zhou Wen didn’t know if his Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra could protect Li Xuan . It was fine if he stepped on it himself, but he didn’t know if it was okay for Li Xuan .

“I know I’m handsome, but you can’t have impure thoughts about me just because I’m handsome . ” Li Xuan leaped out of Zhou Wen’s embrace and stood on the Buddha statue’s knee .


As Li Xuan stood still, he suddenly felt the Buddha statue shake violently, nearly throwing him down, its eyes suffused a golden glow .