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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 138

Published at 5th of April 2020 04:50:06 PM

Chapter 138: 138

Chapter 138 The Ship Anchor

Li Xuan jumped in fright as he wrapped his arms around Zhou Wen’s neck and hung off his body .

However, it was already too late . The Buddha statue did not stop its anomalous change . The countless Buddha statues in Myriad Buddha Cave all suffused golden glows, illuminating the cave in a golden resplendence .

The ordinary Golden Warriors’ eyes also became golden . Their black jade-like bodies emitted golden glows as they stared straight at Zhou Wen and Li Xuan .

“They… shouldn’t be able to come up, right?” Li Xuan gulped and said with some difficulty .

Just as Li Xuan said that, he watched the warriors’ bodies as a golden halo appeared beneath their feet and began to levitate them . This only served to turn Li Xuan’s face green .

“Come here . ” Just as the Golden Warriors were about to charge up with the golden halo, they suddenly heard a low and hoarse voice coming from above .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were alarmed as they hurriedly looked up and saw that in the middle of the many Buddha statues, a person had extended half his body and was waving at them .

That ferocious face that resembled a ferocious ghost was obviously Gu Dian’s .

“Why is Gu Dian here?” Li Xuan exclaimed .

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t in the mood to speak to Li Xuan . He leaped up with him in his arms as the silver wings on his back vibrated . Soon, he arrived at the spot where Gu Dian was standing

Only then did the two realize that in the middle of the two Buddha statues was a stone rift .

Gu Dian retreated and let the two of them follow him into the stone rift, leading them deeper in .

The Golden Warriors rose up with the help of the golden halo, but they didn’t dare touch the Buddha statues . All they could do was surround them from the outside without chasing up to them .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan walked a distance with Gu Dian before the stone rift opened up . There was an uncarved stone cave inside .

The cave wasn’t small, and there was a pool below . There was clear spring water flowing in the pool, making it look very clear .

There were also some daily necessities in the cave, which looked like they belonged to Gu Dian .

“Everything outside will return to normal in an hour . You can then leave,” said Gu Dian coldly .

“Old Gu, we came specially for you . We plan on registering a club and wish to invite you . ” Li Xuan exchanged looks with Zhou Wen and directly explained his intentions .

“Not interested . ” Gu Dian said without lifting his head .

“Don’t be in such a hurry to reject it . Our club’s benefits are good . There will be quite a good membership allowance every month . ” Having heard that Gu Dian loved money very much, Li Xuan hurriedly used monetary incentives .

“One hundred thousand a month . I’ll join if you pay me,” Gu Dian said .

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100,000 was nothing to Li Xuan, but Gu Dian’s attitude displeased him . Furthermore, he had never heard of any club using money to buy members . Wouldn’t that be a joke?

Li Xuan wanted to say something but was stopped by Zhou Wen . Zhou Wen looked at Gu Dian and said, “Five members are needed to register a club . There are only four of us now . We wish to invite you on board, and it would be best if you are willing to join . If you aren’t willing, can you help us out and register with us? Although you will be one of our members in name, you actually don’t need to attend any of the club’s activities or be responsible for the club . How much would that cost?”

“10,000,” Gu Dian said straightforwardly .

“Alright, 10,000 it is . Li Xuan, pay up . ” Zhou Wen agreed without hesitation, but the one paying had to be Li Xuan .

“Just helping in the registration costs ten thousand? Isn’t that a little too easy?” Li Xuan said reluctantly .

“Anyway, I can’t find anyone else . Find someone else or pay . Choose one,” Zhou Wen said as he spread out his hands .

“Even if I’m willing to pay, I still need a signal . How am I to transfer money in this crappy place?” Li Xuan said gloomily .

“That’s settled then . You can return with us later . We’ll transfer the money to you once there’s a signal,” Zhou Wen said to Gu Dian .

“Sure,” said Gu Dian and he began packing his things .

Gu Dian reached out his hand for something on the mat and stuffed it into his pocket . Zhou Wen had been observing Gu Dian all this time, so his action left him puzzled .

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When Gu Dian took the item, he had clearly used his body to block their line of sight, as though he didn’t want them to see it .

However, Zhou Wen had been wearing the Truth Listener earring during his previous battle . Through the abnormal hearing given to him by the earring, Zhou Wen could hear the shape of the item .

As Truth Listener only provided listening abilities and not true sight, all Zhou Wen knew was that it was a pocket watch . The exterior was likely made of metal . As for the color, it was unknown to Zhou Wen .

However, there was a strange symbol engraved on the pocket watch’s surface, something that Zhou Wen seemed to have seen somewhere before .

After all, he had heard it without any color, making it different from true vision . Therefore, Zhou Wen momentarily couldn’t recall where he had seen the symbol before .

As he stared at Gu Dian who was thinking as he was packing his things, Zhou Wen’s eyes lit up . He finally remembered where he had seen such symbols .

The symbol on the pocket watch was a ship’s anchor, but it was different from the typical ship’s anchor . On the surface was a woman’s side profile .

According to what Zhou Wen knew, people who went out to sea to fish in the past were very particular about women . Typically, they wouldn’t let women go out to sea with them, nor would they carve women’s symbols on the boat .

Therefore, Zhou Wen had a deep impression of the ship’s anchor when he saw it .

The last time he saw the symbol was when he followed Ouyang Lan to the Xiyuan Crystal Shop . In the room at basement four, there was a silver-haired Companion Beast in chains .

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Behind the chain was a metal piece the size of a millstone . On the metal piece was a nine-number keypad, and on the side of the metal block was such a ship’s anchor symbol .

However, Zhou Wen’s mind was focused on the nine-number keypad back then, so he didn’t pay much attention to the ship’s anchor symbol . Furthermore, the symbol on the metal piece was huge while the pocket watch was very small . Therefore, Zhou Wen took a while before recalling the matter .

Is it a coincidence? Zhou Wen thought with a frown . Although the difference in size between the two symbols was huge and he hadn’t seen the anchor’s colors on the pocket watch, from the structure of the symbol, it was indeed the same .

“Old Zhou, what did that Three-Eyed Golden Warrior drop? Quickly take it out and show it to me,” Li Xuan said .

Zhou Wen handed Li Xuan the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior Companion Egg that dropped . When Li Xuan saw it, his eyes lit up as he cried out, “Why is your life so good? You actually had a Three-Eyed Golden Warrior Companion Egg drop . That was worth it . Totally worth it . There aren’t many of these things, so even if you have the money, you might not be able to buy them . It really was worth risking our lives for it . ”