Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 139

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Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Working Hard to Improve

“Do you like it?” Zhou Wen asked Li Xuan .

“Nonsense . Who wouldn’t? This thing can only be obtained by chance . I’ve only heard of it in the past . I don’t even know what companion form this Companion Beast has,” Li Xuan said .

“Take it if you like it,” Zhou Wen said .

“Really? Don’t you want it for yourself?” Li Xuan was slightly taken aback .

“Of course I do . However, you have to give me the amount of money I deserve . It can’t be lower than the market price,” Zhou Wen said .

The Three-Eyed Diamond Companion Egg might be difficult for others to obtain, but to Zhou Wen, it was just a little difficult . If he wanted, he could visit Myriad Buddha Cave multiple times in-game in the future . It wouldn’t be difficult for him to obtain one .

The game’s Companion Eggs couldn’t be sold in the real world, so it was best to sell Companion Eggs obtained in reality .

“Money isn’t a problem, but are you sure you don’t want to keep it for yourself? This item is truly rare and even if its companion form isn’t something you wish for, the Companion Beast is strong enough . It can be used as a meat shield and as a vanguard while charging ahead . Very few people can hurt it . It’s a rare excellent-grade beast,” Li Xuan said .

“I don’t need it now . If I need one in the future, I’ll just get one more from the Myriad Buddha Cave,” Zhou Wen said with a smile .

“Get one more? You make it sound easy . Ignoring the fact that Three-Eyed Golden Warriors are extremely rare, just the time it takes to spawn one takes months . And even if you manage to wait for its spawn, the chances of a Companion Egg dropping after killing it is less than 20% . ” Li Xuan looked at Zhou Wen as though he was looking at an idiot .

“Why are you saying so much? If you don’t want it, just give it to me,” Zhou Wen said as he reached out his hand .

“Yes… but don’t regret it…” Li Xuan hurriedly clenched the Companion Egg in his hand .

Gu Dian said that the Myriad Buddha Cave would return to normal an hour later . There was still plenty of time, so Li Xuan couldn’t help but incubate the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior .

“Wow… Invulnerable Golden Power… Golden Palm… Double skills… Wow… Its companion form is actually a Golden Silk Soft Armor… It looks so cool…” When Li Xuan summoned the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s Golden Silk Soft Armor companion form, he deliberately walked in front of Zhou Wen and occasionally let out an exaggerated cry . Clearly, he was showing off on purpose .

Zhou Wen ignored him without giving him a second look . All he did was lower his head and game .

Seeing that Zhou Wen was ignoring him, Li Xuan felt a little bored . He ignored Zhou Wen and went to Gu Dian to show off . He summoned the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior and ‘tsked’ in amazement . “Look at its body . Look at how domineering it is . It’s a rare excellent-grade beast . Old Gu, have you seen anyone else with such a Companion Beast after living in the Myriad Buddha Cave for so long?”

“Pay me and I’ll say no . ” Gu Dian looked up at Li Xuan with a serious expression .

“How boring… The two of you are really boring…” Li Xuan felt that being with the two of them was like playing a zither to a cow . He felt depressed that no one was available to appreciate his splendor .

After waiting for an hour, the Myriad Buddha Cave was indeed restored to normal . The Golden Warriors also returned to their original states . The three of them rushed out together and did not waste time with the Golden Warriors .

After getting Fang Ruoxi and Tian Xiangdong together, the five of them filled out an application form and returned to wait for the news after the submission . The school said that the club would be approved within a week .

Li Xuan told them to leave the matter to him and that Zhou Wen didn’t need to worry about it . Their Xuanwen Club would get the approval tomorrow .

Zhou Wen had no plans on bothering with it anyway . He planned on heading home to game, but unfortunately, he bumped into Wang Fei and was taken to her office .

“Zhou Wen, have you considered the matter that I mentioned previously?” Wang Fei asked .

“Ms . Wang, I already said that I won’t avoid it . ” It wasn’t that Zhou Wen insisted on fighting John, but that he had nowhere to go .

“Alright, since you’re so insistent, I won’t persuade you any further . In light of how you might be representing the school in battle, you can bring up anything that you need now . The college will try its best to support you,” said Wang Fei .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and said, “I want the entry pass to Tiger Cage Pass and Lotus Flower Cave . I wonder if it’s possible?”

“Of course, that’s not a problem . If you need anything, I can help you apply for a few more passes,” Wang Fei agreed readily .

Wang Fei felt gratified . Although Zhou Wen had almost no chance of defeating John, it was still worth it if this could stir up Zhou Wen’s fighting spirit .

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“That’s even better . Thank you, Ms . Wang . ” Zhou Wen expressed his gratitude .

He didn’t really wish to enter to train himself with the pass, but to find a reasonable excuse for future summonings of the Demonized General and using of the Primordial Energy Skills .

“There’s no failure when you’re young . The most important thing is not to leave any regrets . Work hard and don’t make yourself regret in the future . ” Before Zhou Wen left, Wang Fei even encouraged him .

Zhou Wen felt that Counselor Wang Fei was really a nice person, but she was just too naggy .

That afternoon, Wang Fei sent a few permit passes to Zhou Wen . Apart from Tiger Cage Pass and Lotus Flower Cave, there were several other dimensional zones that had been closed by the school-ones that the typical student wasn’t able to enter .

After Zhou Wen had obtained the passes, he went to Tiger Cage Pass first .

He did enter Tiger Cage Pass, but he didn’t kill any monsters . He killed Demonized Soldiers for a while before finding a spot without any Demonized Soldiers . Coincidentally, there was an old, broken-down tank there . He lay down in it and continued to use his phone to grind .

There were many black-winged flying ants outside Ant City . They were Legendary creatures, and their combat ability was similar to the Silver-Winged Flying Ant . However, they were not as agile as the Silver-Winged Flying Ant .

Zhou Wen summoned Truth Listener, the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, and the Mutated Demonized General in their Companion Beast form . Together with the blood-colored avatar, they charged towards Ant City .

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The Mutated Demonized General charged forward as the Silver-Winged Flying Ant flew in the air . Behind it were the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant and Truth Listener . The blood-colored avatar was in the middle, sending the grinding team into the black-winged ants .

Despite being at the Legendary stage, Zhou Wen’s few Companion Beasts were much more ferocious than the black-winged flying ants . With one charge of the Mutated Demonized General and a cleave of the strange spear in its hand, it killed several black-winged flying ants .

The lotus flower above the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant’s head spewed out large amounts of red lotus seed bullets . The black-winged flying ants that were hit by the lotus seed bullets immediately corroded away, losing their ability to fly . After landing on the ground, their combat strength decreased drastically and they were beheaded by Truth Listener’s tiny claws .

What shocked Zhou Wen the most was Truth Listener . Despite its tiny size-less than the size of a palm-its claws were like a ghostly claw that could lop off a black-winged flying ant’s head with one strike .

Zhou Wen originally imagined that it would be a bitter fight, but now he realized that he didn’t need to do a thing . All he needed to do was follow behind to pick up the items .

The four Companion Beasts charged forward, and from time to time, he would hear a chime . Quite a number of dimensional crystals dropped on the ground, and even a black-winged flying ant’s Companion Egg dropped .