Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 141

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Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Strange Siblings

Just as Zhou Wen was about to drip his blood to revive and continue fighting, he suddenly heard a voice coming from afar . The sound became clearer as though someone was walking over .

“Brother, is that thing really inside Tiger Cage Pass?” A woman’s voice sounded . Although it wasn’t loud and was rather far away, Zhou Wen could still hear it clearly with Truth Listener’s ability .

“The most likely place is Tiger Cage Pass . ” A man’s voice rang out .

“If that thing is really inside Tiger Cage Pass, with our abilities, we won’t be able to rush in at all . I’m afraid we’ve made a wasted trip,” the woman added .

“Not necessarily,” the man said with a laugh .

“The one in Tiger Cage Pass is not the usual person at the Epic stage . I’m afraid we won’t even be able to catch an arrow from him, so how can we rush in?” the woman said .

“Blindly charging in will definitely not work . However, I do know of a method that can allow us to enter . ” The man paused before continuing, “There are three mutated Demonized Generals like Fist, Paper, and Blade in Tiger Cage Pass . If we can gather all three Demonized Generals’ skills, we can use them to get past that arrow . When the time comes, as long as we can get close enough to Tiger Cage Pass, we can enter it through that secret tunnel . ”

“There aren’t many mutated Demonized Generals to begin with . It’s easier said than done to have one drop with all three skills,” said the woman .

“Let’s take it slow . After all, we still have to stay at Sunset College for two years . If we are lucky, we might be able to gather the three Primordial Energy Skills,” the man said .

Zhou Wen was lying in the broken-down tank and heard their conversation clearly . The duo talked as they walked and soon, they had gone some distance without discovering Zhou Wen .

Those two must be Wu Jun and Wu Nan who were in the top ten, right? They actually know so much about Tiger Cage Pass and some secret tunnel? What’s the thing they were talking about? Zhou Wen could easily recognize them with Truth Listener’s ability .

However, the siblings’ behavior was somewhat odd .

However, none of this had anything to do with Zhou Wen . He continued to lay in the tank and grind away . He still wanted to enter the Golden Flying Ant’s nest to drink a few mouthfuls of the ant honey .

He had only taken a sip due to his lack of preparation the last time . Next time he felt that he would be able to fill his stomach .

However, through a great ordeal, when Zhou Wen finally arrived in front of the nest at the highest point, he saw a golden beam flash before he could enter . The golden flying ant charged out of the nest and killed the blood-colored avatar outside without giving him a chance to enter .

Zhou Wen refused to give up and tried again, but the result was the same . Without even having the chance to enter the nest, he was killed by the Golden Flying Ant .

How can this be? Logically speaking, the game’s program should be fixed . The first time I went there, the Golden Flying Ant was in the nest . It only took action after I rushed in . Why did it come out before the blood-colored avatar entered the nest during the second and third time? Zhou Wen felt depressed .

Drinking the Golden Ant Honey seemed hopeless, so all Zhou Wen could do was grind the other dungeons .

While grinding, Zhou Wen also headed to Myriad Buddha Cave to see if there were any Three-Eyed Golden Warriors .

There were Three-Eyed Golden Warriors, but they spawned at different locations every time which meant that it took Zhou Wen some time to find them .

The Mutated Demonized General led the way on a horse, blasting through the horde of Golden Warriors . This made Zhou Wen’s progress speed much faster .

After finding a Three-Eyed Golden Warrior, the Mutated Demonized General clashed head-on with it but failed to gain much of an advantage . However, it wasn’t placed at a disadvantage either .

The clash between the Golden Palm and Astral Fist was like a collision between Mars and Earth . The air blasts that produced were enough to send the Golden Warriors by the side flying

Although the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior was powerful, its Speed and means of attack were still inferior to the Mutated Demonized General .

Zhou Wen used Astral Suction Palm to help the Mutated Demonized General to kill the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior, which ended up dropping an 18-valued Constitution Crystal, raising Zhou Wen’s Constitution to 18 points .

Time passed as Zhou Wen grinded away, living a very regular lifestyle . He alternated between Tiger Cage Pass and Lotus Flower Cave on a daily basis .

Wang Fei was greatly gratified when she learned how hardworking Zhou Wen was . However, unbeknownst to her, Zhou Wen only found a place to game after entering the dimensional zones .

“Who’s that boy? Why haven’t I seen him before? He’s so handsome!” A few girls were walking in the school when they suddenly saw a boy walking over . After taking a closer look at his face, their eyes lit up .

“Really? Our school actually has such a handsome guy . Why didn’t we notice him in the past?” The girl’s eyes were almost fixed on him .

In their eyes, that boy was flawless from head to toe . His entire being seemed to be glowing .

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When the boy saw them looking at him, he smiled at them . The girls’ hearts pounded wildly and they lowered their heads shyly, not daring to look at him again .

By the time they lifted their heads again, the boy had already disappeared .

“Damn it, I should have asked for his number just now . ” A girl stamped her feet in regret .

“The door isn’t locked . Come in . ” Wei Ge was clearing some student council work when he suddenly heard a knock on the door .

The door was pushed open, but Wei Ge felt that something was amiss . It was as if the person was not a member of the student council, so he looked up .

Upon seeing this, Wei Ge felt a sense of animosity .

The boy in front of him was his idea of the perfect man . He was elegant, mature, reliable, and had the aura of a nobleman . No one could ignore his existence with him merely standing there . It was as though he was the center of the world .

With just a glance, Wei Ge had already added the boy to the list of his opponents .

The boy reached out his hand and, in a friendly manner, said, “Hello, I’m John . ”

“So it’s John . I’m the student council president of Sunset College, Wei Ge . I’ve already received notice from the school that I’ll be responsible for your daily life while you’re studying here . ” Wei Ge stood up and reached out to shake John’s hand as their gaze met .

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John’s gaze was as pure as a silent sea, without any ripples .

When their hands held each other, Wei Ge smiled as he secretly exerted strength in his palm . He wanted to test John’s strength .

Wei Ge had long heard that John had the title of Saint in the West district-he was a famous genius in the West district .

Wei Ge didn’t think that he would be any worse than John, but after his hand gradually tightened, his expression changed .

No matter how much Wei Ge exerted his strength, nothing happened to John’s palm . It remained warm and firm, as though strength couldn’t affect it at all . Even his expression was as gentle as ever .

Wei Ge felt that John was like an unfathomable ocean . No one knew how terrifying it was beneath the calm .