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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 142

Published at 7th of April 2020 04:50:07 PM

Chapter 142: 142

Chapter 142 Saint John

“John, welcome to Sunset College for your studies . I’ll take you to the dormitory first . ” Wei Ge retracted his hand as his expression was a mixture of emotions .

“Then I’ll have to trouble you,” John said with a smile, “I heard that Sunset College produced a genius this year . A freshman who has yet to advance to the Legendary stage has managed to enter the top ten of the comprehensive test . ”

Wei Ge was a shrewd person . Upon hearing John’s words, he immediately had a guess . Could it be that this John has a grudge with Zhou Wen?

Although he had such thoughts in mind, Wei Ge said, “I do indeed have such a junior . His talent and character are excellent . ”

“I heard his name is Zhou Wen?” John asked again .

“That’s right . Do you know him?” Wei Ge asked .

“I don’t know him . I heard that Sunset College has produced such a genius, so I’m looking forward to it . If there’s a chance, I hope I can spar with him . ” John made his words very clear .

This only affirmed Wei Ge’s conjecture, but he avoided answering . He only smiled and said, “I’ll take you to the dormitory first . The school will arrange everything else . ”

John nodded with a calm expression . He didn’t say anything further and instead chatted with Wei Ge about the glorious history and interesting news of Sunset College .

News of John coming to Sunset College quickly spread . Even if the school didn’t promote him, a tall, handsome, and outstanding student like John would easily attract attention once he appeared on campus .

“It’s as the rumors say, John is indeed a genius with both looks and strength . The reputation of a saint is true . ”

“What do you mean ‘as the rumors say’? You haven’t seen his strength at all, have you? Maybe he’s just a pretty boy . ”

“Generally, men who are good-looking can’t be too weak,” said a girl .

The students of Sunset College were discussing the genius student from the West district, especially the Cape family that had borne one of the six heroes . This gave him an even more mysterious halo .

Many of the experts in the school hoped to battle John, but this was not something they could sort for themselves . They had to follow the arrangements of the school’s leaders .

Sunset College had carefully selected a list of students to interact with John . There were five people, including Huang Ji, Wei Ge, Hui Haifeng, Wang Lu, and Feng Qiuyan .

In consideration of Zhou Wen’s relationship with Liz, he wasn’t put on the list .

When John saw the name list, he didn’t say anything . The corners of his mouth curled up and he revealed a rare smile .

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Zhou Wen had also heard the news of John’s arrival, but he didn’t take it to heart . With his present strength and his legendary Companion Beasts that possessed astonishing combat strength, it could be said that he wasn’t afraid of any cultivator of the same level . If John really wanted to fight him, he wouldn’t back down .

He continued persisting in his old ways by grinding daily . He obtained quite a number of dimensional crystals and Companion Beasts, and his attributes increased significantly . Apart from his Speed, the other attributes had increased to 18 points and his Speed was at 17 points .

However, he didn’t obtain any better excellent-grade Companion Beasts . Most of them were used as food to feed Truth Listener and Banana Fairy . He attempted to fuse a small number of them, but all of them failed . The success rate of the fusion was frighteningly low .

Providing plenty of food was clearly beneficial . After consuming a copious number of Legendary Companion Eggs, Banana Fairy finally began to evolve .

Banana Fairy didn’t undergo much of a change when she reached the Legendary stage . Her body was still small and petite, and she didn’t grow up at all . Instead, the banana leaf she was sitting on had enlarged but was merely the size of a palm .

Banana Fairy: Legendary (Evolvable)

Life State: Great Yin Spirit Root .

Strength: 21

Speed: 21

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Constitution: 21

Primordial Energy: 21

Talent Skill: Grand Yin Wind

Companion Form: Fan

Apart from possessing a Life Providence, her attributes had grown to the same level as Truth Listener’s . There were no changes in other aspects, with her only skill being Grand Yin Wind .

The Great Yin Spirit Root seemed to have a certain augmentation effect on the Grand Yin Wind . Zhou Wen tested the power of the Grand Yin Wind in-game and with a gentle flap, he sent several black-winged flying ants flying tens of feet away . Furthermore, the wind caused their bodies to be covered in frost, to the point of nearly being frozen into ice sculptures and losing all their combat strength . They were so stiff that they curled into a ball and trembled .

What a potent Grand Yin Wind . Unfortunately, I can only use it once . Zhou Wen realized that the Grand Yin Wind was completely uncontrollable . If he used it once, it would absorb all his Primordial Energy at once without leaving him a single drop .

After advancing to the Legendary stage, Truth Listener and the Banana Fairy became restless . Zhou Wen often sensed their thoughts, hoping that he could release them .

When there was no one around, Zhou Wen would release them to allow them to take a breather . Truth Listener was rather well-behaved . He crouched beside Zhou Wen and pricked up his four ears to listen to him . It was unknown what he was listening to .

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However, Banana Fairy wasn’t that well-behaved . She flew around like a fly on the banana leaf, her mouth smacking away, saying something completely indecipherable .

Thankfully, Zhou Wen didn’t have any other advantages but being sufficiently focused, no matter how noisy the tiny Banana Fairy was beside him, he didn’t seem to hear her . He continued gaming without being affected .

Wang Fei was originally worried that John would cause trouble for Zhou Wen, but John didn’t seem to have any objections to the list of people . Nor did he mention Zhou Wen, as though he had no idea that Zhou Wen existed .

In just three or four days after arriving at Sunset College, John received unanimous praise from the students, especially the female students . They almost thought John was their Prince Charming .

During his sparring; John battled Wei Ge to a tie with his sword techniques, he tied with Hui Haifeng with his melee combat skills, his saber techniques were comparable to Feng Qiuyan’s, and his skills of alacrity were no weaker than Wang Lu’s .

Apart from not really fighting Huang Ji, John and the other four top students of Sunset College were tied . Although they didn’t win, they didn’t lose either .

However, many students believed that John was stronger because he had never used Holy Light Judgment, the Primordial Energy Skill he used to obtain the title of Saint .

A Primordial Energy Skill like the Holy Light Judgment was not something that could be learned with a dimensional crystal . Before that, one had to possess a Covenant Royale physique of the Cape family-one of the six heroes—to absorb the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal needed to master the terrifying Primordial Energy Skill like Holy Light Judgment .

In just a few days, John became synonymous with the words “humility,” “elegance,” “nobility,” and “gentlemanly . ” Even Wei Ge, who was popular with female students, was overshadowed by John .