Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 143

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Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Dragon Gate Twenty Pieces

“Zhou Wen, be careful . That John is terrifying,” Li Xuan said to Zhou Wen with a heavy expression when he arrived at his dorm one night .

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Wen looked at Li Xuan in puzzlement .

“Don’t you find it strange? He definitely knows about you and Liz, but he hasn’t mentioned it in the past four days in school . Don’t you think this person is too sinister?” Li Xuan said .

“Isn’t it better if he doesn’t mention it?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Not mentioning it doesn’t mean he won’t cause trouble for you . Anyway, I think there’s something fishy . You have to be careful and don’t fall into his trap . By the way, it’s best you don’t agree to spar with him . Do you know what Wei Ge said about him?” Li Xuan said .

“I don’t,” Zhou Wen said with a shake of his head .

“Unfathomable,” Li Xuan said before continuing, “Although Wei Ge’s character isn’t great, he’s still quite powerful . If even someone like him views John as unfathomable,

st mean that John’s strength is really terrifying . Unless necessary, it’s best not to fight him . ”

“Alright, I’ll remember that . ” Zhou Wen nodded in agreement .

As long as John didn’t make trouble for him, he didn’t plan on fighting him .

When it comes to fighting, how can it be more fun than killing monsters in games? It’s not like fighting people can drop equipment or pets, Zhou Wen thought .

After sending Li Xuan off, Zhou Wen continued gaming while lying in bed . When Zhou Wen entered Myriad Buddha Cave again, he killed another Three-Eyed Golden Warrior and actually had a Companion Egg drop .

My Three-Eyed Golden Warrior Companion Egg has finally returned . Zhou Wen was delighted as he hurriedly checked its attributes .

Three-Eyed Golden Warrior: Legendary

Life State: Golden Body

Strength: 18

Speed: 14

Constitution: 18

Primordial Energy: 17

Talent Skill: Invulnerable Golden Body, Golden Palm, Golden Fiendtamer Fist .

Companion Form: Golden Silk Soft Armor

This Three-Eyed Golden Warrior was actually a rare Companion Beast with three skills . Furthermore, its attributes were even better than Li Xuan’s . It was basically maxed out .

The Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s Speed wasn’t fast to begin with, so 14 points was its limit . Li Xuan’s was only at 13, even slower than Zhou Wen’s . Its Strength and Primordial Energy were slightly lower than Zhou Wen’s, with only Constitution being equal .

Although its attributes were inferior to his Demonized General, its Golden Body Life Providence made it hardier than the Demonized General . It was an excellent-grade meat shield pet .

With the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior tanking any attacks up ahead, it gave Zhou Wen much more space to maneuver .

As for the Golden Fiendtamer Fist, it seemed to be weaker than Golden Palm, but something was better than nothing .

The Xuanwen Club was finally officially established . In order to celebrate the birth of the club, Li Xuan organized his first club activity and gathered all the members together . He planned on having a training event at a dimensional zone .

Although Gu Dian was only a member in name, Li Xuan still sent him a message, hoping that he might participate .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan never expected him to join them, but to their surprise, Gu Dian actually came .

“Are you going to Dragon Gate Grotto’s Ancient Yang Cave?” asked Gu Dian .

“That’s right . Shall we go together?” Li Xuan said with a smile .

“Alright . ” Gu Dian nodded slightly before standing to the side without speaking to anyone .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan had roughly understood his personality, so they didn’t mind . After getting Fang Ruoxi and Tian Xiangdong, the five of them set off towards Ancient Yang Cave at Dragon Gate Grotto .

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Ancient Yang Cave was considered one of the more famous caves in Dragon Gate Grotto . The famous ancient tablets from the Wei dynastythe Dragon Gate Twenty Pieces-consisted of twenty items . And nineteen of them were in the Ancient Yang Cave .

After it became a dimensional zone, the Dragon Gate Nineteen Pieces also underwent changes, giving birth to a Legendary creature, the Mounted Tablet Beast .

Li Xuan’s organization of the club activity was to hunt the Mounted Tablet Beast together .

Mounted Tablet Beasts looked extremely odd . It was a stone turtle that carried a stone tablet on its back . It moved very slowly, but its body was extremely hard . It was like a Golden Warrior, a Legendary creature that was extremely difficult to kill .

The only difference was that no one liked to kill Golden Warriors . However, Mounted Tablet Beasts were popular for hunting because although it was difficult to kill, they dropped excellent Primordial Energy Skills . Furthermore, the drop rate was rather high .

According to the differences in the words written on the tablet, there were a total of nineteen types . Every Mounted Tablet Beast had a special Primordial Energy Skill . There were nineteen types that could drop and each one had their own uses and was deeply loved by the students .

As too many students hunted Mounted Tablet Beasts, the school had no choice but to limit entry into the Ancient Yang Cave . They had to have a permit to enter freely .

After Li Xuan used some connections, he obtained the pass to Ancient Yang Cave and organized this event .

There were too many small dungeons in Dragon Gate Grotto . Although Zhou Wen knew of the existence of Ancient Yang Cave, he had never been to it in-game .

Originally he was not interested in the Cave, but he still had to participate in the club’s events . Hence, he went along with Li Xuan and company .

The Buddha statues and Buddhist shrines in the Ancient Yang Cave were dazzling . Just as they entered, they saw a moving stone pillar . On careful look, it was a giant turtle carrying a stone tablet crawling on the ground .

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“Let me repeat again . When killing the Mounted Tablet Beast, make sure not to touch the Buddha statues or the Buddhist shrines . Otherwise, no one can save you if something bad happens,” Li Xuan exhorted again .

“Brother Li, don’t worry . We know the rules . We guarantee that we won’t break them,” Tian Xiangdong said as he patted his chest .

“That’s good . After all, there’s not much danger in Ancient Yang Cave . The Mounted Tablet Beast crawls very slowly . As long as you don’t court death, it probably won’t be able to harm you . Everyone split up and do whatever you need to do . You can all find Mounted Tablet Beasts for yourselves . ” Li Xuan immediately began as he charged towards the Mounted Tablet Beast .

Gu Dian and Fang Ruoxi went in different directions to search for the Mounted Tablet Beasts hidden in the Ancient Yang Cave .

However, Zhou Wen stood rooted to the ground as he watched Li Xuan attack the Mounted Tablet Beast . At the same time, he looked at the stone tablet text on the back of the Mounted Tablet Beast .

The words on the tablet danced and moved in a strange way . The strokes were full, straight, and filled with spirituality . It had an unbound beauty .

Zhou Wen didn’t know calligraphy, but when he saw the words on the tablet, he thought of the mysterious stone monuments he had seen .

The stone tablet on the back of the Mounted Tablet Beast couldn’t match the mysterious stone monuments Zhou Wen had seen . Nor did it have any mysterious power lingering on . It was likely something ordinary .

However, after reading through the information regarding Ancient Yang Cave, Zhou Wen’s heart stirred . The species of the Mounted Tablet Beast corresponds to the Dragon Gate Nineteen Pieces . Does that mean that at the last piece of the Dragon Gate Twenty Pieces, there’s a corresponding dimensional creature and Primordial Energy Skill? But why haven’t I heard of any other Mounted Tablet Beasts outside the Ancient Yang Cave?

Zhou Wen checked the information regarding the Dragon Gate Twenty Pieces and discovered that nineteen of them were in Ancient Yang Cave . Only one piece was located outside Old Dragon Cave at Cixiang Kiln .

Upon seeing this, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but recall something . Wang Lu had previously mentioned that one could hear a dragon’s roar near Old Dragon Cave and that there was a treasure halo that appeared at night . Apparently, it was close to Cixiang Kiln .