Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: 144

Chapter 144 Rising Sun Monument

It killed Wei Ge to meet John again, but he had no choice but to take him around to experience campus life at Sunset College .

In the past, Wei Ge had been the center of attention wherever he went . He had been the target of all the girls’ passionate gazes . But with John by his side, Wei Ge felt as if his brilliance had been completely overshadowed .

He felt it now as they were touring the campus . There was a large group of girls following them, however, the girls who used to only have eyes for him were now staring unblinkingly at John . Their eyes were almost in the shapes of hearts .

“Is this Sunset College’s Rising Sun Monument?” John stood in front of a monument made of white jade and stared at the rows of names on it .

“That’s right . This is the Rising Sun Monument . The names of the top ten students of each year’s comprehensive test are engraved on it as a way to inspire future students . If they make it onto the rankings several times, there will be a star-shaped mark beside their names . The number of stars tells you how many times the student has had their name appear on the Rising Sun Monument while schooling,” said Wei Ge proudly .

He had been on the rankings ever since he was in his sophomore year . Together with the current year, he had already been on the rankings twice . He was bound to appear on the rankings next year, in his final year .

Only a small group of elites in Sunset College attained such rankings for three consecutive years . This was an illustrious result that one could be proud of .

“President Wei’s cultivation is superb and his sword skills are peerless . I guess you definitely make it onto the rankings?” John asked with a smile .

“I was lucky enough to get on the rankings twice . ” Wei Ge pointed at his name on the monument .

“Hui Haifeng, Feng Qiuyan, and Wang Lu are both highly talented, so they should be on this list, right?” John asked again .

“Indeed . They were in the top ten in the comprehensive test this year . ” Wei Ge pointed them out one by one, but he could already feel that something was amiss .

“Eh, that’s weird . ” John looked at the Sun Rise Monument and suddenly exclaimed in surprise .

Wei Ge had already realized something as he shot a look at John . However, he didn’t follow up on the topic, as if he hadn’t heard John’s words of surprise .

Although Wei Ge didn’t respond, one of the girls following them asked, “What’s so strange, John?”

Wei Ge wanted nothing more than to give the girl a slap, thinking that this woman was truly stupid .

John pointed at the name on the monument and said, “President Wei, you and the others are all elite talents, being able to advance to the Legendary stage before reaching twenty . It’s not surprising that you could make the rankings . However, on this entire Rising Sun Monument, other than one person, all of them are at the Legendary stage . Why is this person’s name on it despite being only at the Mortal stage?”

“The person you’re talking about is Zhou Wen, right? Although he is only at the Mortal stage, his strength is indeed astonishing . He obtained the stunning results of three perfect scores and one short of perfect at nine during the comprehensive test . He’s indeed a genius, so it’s not surprising that he made the rankings,” the girl from before added .

John pulled up the corners of his mouth and looked at Zhou Wen’s name on the monument . “I never expected such a genius to exist in this world . To be able to enter the top ten of Sunset College’s comprehensive test at the Mortal stage makes him a truly rare sight . Since I’m here at Sunset College, I have to see him for myself . Otherwise, wouldn’t this be a longing regret?”

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Wei Ge’s expression changed slightly before it immediately reverted to its original state . He looked at John and said, “Zhou Wen is indeed a genius . However, he’s still at the Mortal stage . It’s probably not appropriate for you to spar with him, right?”

Although Wei Ge didn’t have a good impression of Zhou Wen, as the student council president of Sunset College, he still stood in the position of upholding the school’s reputation .

John said indifferently, “President Wei, that’s not right . There were many experts at Sunset College’s comprehensive test . Even the top twenty-three are probably Legendary experts . For a Mortal stage to be able to defeat so many Legendary experts, and for you, President Wei, Feng Qiuyan, and company, to be similarly ranked in the top ten, isn’t it odd that you’re now telling me that he doesn’t have the ability to fight someone at the Legendary stage? Could it be that Zhou Wen’s results weren’t obtained by his strength alone? If that’s the case, I suggest that his name be promptly removed from the Rising Sun Monument, lest it mars the reputation of Sunset College . Those not in the know might even come to the impression that students of Sunset College only know how to cheat . ”

Wei Ge’s expression changed as he replied firmly, “Zhou Wen’s results are real . Students from Sunset College never cheat . ”

“In that case, I would like to see how this Mortal stage genius managed to enter the top ten of the comprehensive test…” John said with a smile .

Zhou Wen was gaming on his bed when he suddenly heard his phone ring . When he saw that it was a call from Li Xuan, he chose to answer .

“Old Zhou, bad news . That bastard John is too sinister . ” Li Xuan’s resentful voice sounded .

“Calm down . What happened? Tell me slowly . ” Zhou Wen wasn’t flustered at all .

“That bastard is standing in front of the Rising Sun Monument…” Li Xuan recounted what had happened and continued anxiously, “This matter has blown up quite a bit . The school doesn’t have a way out, so this matter probably won’t be easy to settle . ”

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“Got it . ” When Zhou Wen heard the doorbell ring, he said to Li Xuan, “Someone’s pressing the doorbell . It might be Ms . Wang Fei . I’ll talk to you later . ”

“What do you plan on doing?” Li Xuan asked again .

“What else can I do if others come knocking at my door?” Zhou Wen hung up after saying that .

Opening the door, it was indeed Wang Fei . She looked at Zhou Wen and sighed . “Zhou Wen…”

Just as she said that, Zhou Wen cut her off . “Ms . Wang, I can fight . Take me there . ”

Wang Fei was stunned . Seeing Zhou Wen’s indifferent expression, as though he had already made a decision, she still asked, “Have you decided?”

“Yes, don’t worry . Even if I can’t win, I definitely won’t embarrass the school,” Zhou Wen said .

“Just do your best . ” Wang Fei didn’t believe that Zhou Wen could defeat John . If possible, she would rather Zhou Wen not fight .

However, the matter had blown up so much that it might even affect the reputation of Sunset College . Regardless of whether it was victory or defeat, Zhou Wen needed to step forward to battle John .

The school held no hopes of Zhou Wen defeating John . They only hoped that he wouldn’t lose too terribly so that they could have a chance of spinning it in a better light .

Wang Fei didn’t wish for Zhou Wen to fight, afraid that the positive attitude he had recently established would crumble from the beating .

John’s family background was better than An Jing’s . His achievements were not much worse than An Jing’s, and might even be better .

Back then, Zhou Wen didn’t even manage to withstand a single blow from An Jing . This time, the outcome wasn’t optimistic either .