Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 145

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Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Ten Minutes

“Since you are doubting the standards of our Sunset College students, I’ll fight you . ” A cold voice was heard in front of the Rising Sun Monument . Everyone turned their heads and saw the deadpan An Jing approach John .

John said with a smile, “Miss An, I believe you are mistaken . I’m not doubting Sunset College’s teaching ability or strength of its students . I’m very respectful to students like President Wei, Hui Haifeng, Feng Qiuyan, Wang Lu, and you, Miss An . All of you are truly capable students . As for Zhou Wen, I was originally very respectful to him . I wanted to get to know this rare genius, but your attitude has left me somewhat puzzled . This matter had nothing to do with me to begin with, but since I’m an exchange student here at Sunset College, I’m considered part of it during this period of time . I don’t wish for the college’s reputation to be sullied . ”

“You don’t dare to fight me?” She stared at John quietly .

John continued with a smile . “Miss An, are you upholding Zhou Wen’s honor or Sunset College’s? Could it be that this Zhou Wen is truly lacking in strength and cheated to obtain a spot that should have belonged to another student?”

John’s doubts caused the students of Sunset College who were watching to whisper amongst themselves . Clearly, everyone became suspicious .

Previously, when Zhou Wen obtained the spot, there were already people who suspected him . However, there was no evidence back then, so no one mentioned it . Now that John mentioned it, the previous suspicions were magnified .

“There’s absolutely no such thing . Our Sunset College categorically forbids cheating . Once they are discovered, they are immediately expelled,” an official from the college hurriedly explained . However, no matter what he said, he was unable to dispel the suspicions of those students .

“Unless Zhou Wen comes out to fight me to prove to everyone that he isn’t any worse than the other students in the top ten, it’s hardly convincing,” John said with a smile .

“How shall it be proven? By defeating you?” An Jing was about to say something when she suddenly heard a voice .

Everyone turned their heads and saw Zhou Wen walk over and stand in front of the Rising Sun Monument .

“It might be a little too harsh on you to talk about defeating me . Weapons or empty-handed, strength, speed, and endurance, or even if it’s a battle of Companion Beasts, you can choose any one type . As long as you can last ten minutes without being defeated, it’s your win . ” John was forcing Zhou Wen to have no way out .

“That bastard John is so sinister,” Li Xuan cursed under his breath .

Now, he finally understood why John hadn’t directly challenged Zhou Wen when he first came to the college . His intentions were extremely sinister .

If Zhou Wen were to fight John as one of the students who interacted with him in the beginning, he could just admit defeat if he wasn’t his match .

But now that things had reached this stage, if Zhou Wen couldn’t hold on for more than ten minutes, not only would Zhou Wen lose face, but even Sunset College’s reputation would be tarnished .

Therefore, Zhou Wen had to persist for ten minutes regardless . And in these ten minutes, John could do whatever he wanted .

John definitely wouldn’t dare kill Zhou Wen at Sunset College, but he could teach him a lesson that he would never forget .

An Jing naturally saw through John’s intentions and said to Zhou Wen, “Zhou Wen, you don’t need to prove anything to others . ”

“Since you are so lacking in confidence, how about this? I won’t do a thing . As long as you can last ten minutes without being defeated in front of one of my Companion Beasts, I’ll count it as you winning . How can a top ten student of Sunset College’s comprehensive test not be able to complete such a simple matter?” John looked at Zhou Wen mockingly .

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“Ten minutes?” Zhou Wen asked John .

“That’s right . Just ten minutes . ” John couldn’t help but smile when he saw Zhou Wen about to agree .

“Ten minutes is too long . ” Zhou Wen shook his head .

“Oh, then how long do you think you can last?” John looked at Zhou Wen with piqued interest . It was beyond his expectations that Zhou Wen was actually showing signs of weakness in front of so many people .

“One minute . ” Zhou Wen thought seriously before giving a number .

With Zhou Wen’s words, the surrounding Sunset College students felt ashamed . After all, Zhou Wen was in the top ten of the comprehensive test, so for him to admit that he could only last a minute in front of John’s Companion Beast was a disgrace to Sunset College .

“A minute is indeed short, but since you have spoken, let’s do it,” John said with a smile that had no mirth in it .

John thought to himself, Even if it’s only a minute, I can still cripple you . How dare you treat my sister that way . I will definitely settle this score with you .

There were special combat grounds in the school . Under the guidance of the college staff, the two of them arrived at the venue .

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This matter had long spread across Sunset College . Many students had come to watch, but there were very few counselors . Apart from Wang Fei and a few other counselors and staff who maintained order at the scene, there was basically no sight of the college’s upper management .

The college’s upper management could roughly guess how Zhou Wen had entered the top ten . However, they didn’t hold it against him because of the An family . From their point of view, Zhou Wen was bound to lose to John in combat, so no one wanted to embarrass themselves here .

“Will Zhou Wen be alright?” Fang Ruoxi asked worriedly .

“Old Zhou will definitely be fine if it’s just a minute, but…” Li Xuan said .

“But what?” Fang Ruoxi asked .

“I have a nagging feeling that things aren’t that simple . Old Zhou’s personality seems mild and uncompetitive, but he’s a very proud person deep down . He shouldn’t…” Li Xuan didn’t continue .

When Li Xuan saw Feng Qiuyan sitting by the side, he asked, “Little Feng, you fought with John . What are your thoughts?”

“John is very strong, a minute will be very difficult,” Feng Qiuyan said .

Li Xuan, Fang Ruoxi, and Tian Xiangdong were alarmed . Tian Xiangdong said in disbelief, “Is John so strong that Zhou Wen won’t even last a minute?”

Feng Qiuyan said calmly, “It’s indeed difficult to defeat John in a minute, but Coach might have his own ideas . ”

Tian Xiangdong’s and Li Xuan’s mouths widened so much that an egg could be stuffed into them . They looked at Feng Qiuyan like he was an alien .

“Did I hear wrongly just now? Are you saying that Zhou Wen wants to defeat John in a minute? Is that what Zhou Wen meant by a minute?” Tian Xiangdong felt his mind become a mess .

However, Li Xuan slapped his thigh . “I knew it . How could Old Zhou be so cowardly? That’s right, that must be the case . ”

As the few of them spoke, John had already summoned his Companion Beast . Many of the onlookers shouted its name when they saw it .