Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 147

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Chapter 147

Chapter 147 Rebellious Knight

“What’s that? Was I seeing things? That Mutated Demonized General seems to have used two Primordial Energy Skills of fist and blade at the same time, am I right? Is there such a Demonized General?” A student from Sunset College stared at the scene with widened eyes .

“Haha, what Knight of the Round Table . He’s far inferior to our Demonized General . ”

“Ten minutes was indeed too long . A minute was too long as well . What Zhou Wen said was right . Haha . ”

“I knew it . How could someone from Sunset College cheat? Zhou Wen’s results must be real . With this Companion Beast, he’s qualified to be in the top ten . ”

“Isn’t Zhou Wen at the Mortal stage? Can a Mortal stage use a Legendary Companion Beast?”

As the students were in a flurry of discussion, Wang Fei wore an odd look as well . What’s going on with that Demonized General? It has both fist and blade techniques . Is this another mutation of the Mutated Demonized General?

“Old Zhou, amazing . The Mutated Demonized General is truly powerful,” Li Xuan said with a laugh .

John’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Zhou Wen and said slowly, “Sunset College is indeed worthy of its reputation . I’ve underestimated you . I lost just now . You have the right to fight me . Do you dare fight me seriously in battle?”

“Tch, I thought a saint from the West district would be impressive . So they are just people who can’t afford to lose,” Li Xuan curled his lips and said disdainfully .

“John, you’ve already lost,” An Jing said coldly .

John remained unmoved as he continued staring at Zhou Wen . “Are you afraid of accepting the real challenge?”

“You’ve already lost . I’m not interested in people who have been previously defeated,” Zhou Wen said calmly before turning to leave .

John’s expression turned ugly as he clenched his fists tightly and stared intently at Zhou Wen’s back . “Do you dare to fight me with the Cape family’s honor on the line as well as this Rebellious Knight Companion Egg?”

Those who had heard of the name Rebellious Knight were alarmed . Even Zhou Wen stopped in his tracks and turned to look at John .

“The Rebellious Knight you mentioned is the one that’s strongest among the Knights of the Round Table?” Zhou Wen asked .

“That’s right . The most powerful Knight of the Round Table-Lancelot . If you can defeat me, you can have him . ” John took out a Companion Egg .

The egg emitted resplendent holy light and the flawless shell that resembled jade had the marks of a sword and shield .

Zhou Wen stared at the Companion Egg and was truly tempted .

Lancelot was known as the strongest Round Table knight, but it was also because of his existence that it fractured the Knights of the Round Table and the legend of King Arthur .

He was somewhat similar to a General Lu Bu in the history of East district . They were all tragedies that were a result of a woman and eventually ended a great legend .

Besides other things, Lancelot was indeed an invincible Round Table knight of that era . If the Rebellious Knight really corresponded to Lancelot, then it was likely to be even stronger than the Holy Spear Knight that John had used .

Zhou Wen didn’t doubt the authenticity of the Rebellious Knight Companion Egg . The Cape family was one of the Six League Heroes’ family clans, so for John to dare say such things about betting on the Cape’s family’s honor, there was no need to use a fake Legendary Companion Egg to ruin the reputation of the family .

“Since you are betting with Rebellious Knight, I can give you a chance . However, victory and defeat require a clear definition . You can’t just let me kill you here, can you?” Zhou Wen spoke very seriously .

When people heard this, they felt like Zhou Wen was looking down on John, as though he was saying that John would lose without a doubt and that he would go back on his word when he lost .

John’s eyes twitched a few times, but he suppressed the anger in his heart .

He had paid a heavy price for underestimating Zhou Wen . Now, he needed to fight him again . He believed that it was easy for him to defeat him with his strength . A real battle wasn’t as simple as relying on a powerful Companion Beast . John was confident that he could repress Zhou Wen and his Companion Beast .

Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm himself down and maintain his usual composure . He took out a pen and drew a circle on his chest .

“It’s your victory as long as you can touch this area,” John said as he pointed at the circle on his chest .

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“Alright . ” Zhou Wen nodded, but he had no intention of drawing a circle on his chest . It was as though he was saying that he wouldn’t lose .

When John saw Zhou Wen acting in such a manner, he felt even more infuriated . However, it also matched his thoughts . He had no intention of easily defeating Zhou Wen .

Not only did he want to defeat Zhou Wen, he also wanted Zhou Wen to pay the price for the matter regarding Liz .

When Wang Fei heard that Zhou Wen had agreed to fight John again, she couldn’t help but frown .

Zhou Wen had defeated John by surprise with a powerful Companion Beast . He should have quit while he was ahead, but now, he had been enticed by the Companion Egg and agreed to the battle . It was somewhat irrational .

“Feng Qiuyan, in your opinion, what are the chances of Zhou Wen winning?” Li Xuan asked Feng Qiuyan .

Although he was most familiar with Zhou Wen, he didn’t know much about John . Furthermore, he was biased, so he couldn’t make an accurate judgment .

Feng Qiuyan pondered for a moment before saying, “Coach is indeed very strong . If both of them are at the Legendary stage, I think that Coach will definitely win . But if Coach hasn’t advanced to the Legendary stage yet, it’s hard to say . After all, they will be one level apart . ”

As he spoke, John walked towards Zhou Wen . At the same time, a golden light condensed on him, transforming into a golden armor that enveloped his entire body .

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John clenched his right hand slightly as a gorgeous sword with embedded gems appeared in his hand .

He was tall and handsome . With the gold armor and long sword as a foil for him, he looked mighty and domineering, like a legendary hero knight that saved the world .

With John’s footsteps, his entire body and sword emitted a strange glow . The light seemed to condense into something corporeal that could be seen with the naked eye .

“Is that the famous battle aura Primordial Energy Art of the West district?” Li Xuan and company widened their eyes as they looked at John .

They had only seen battle aura in videos and teaching materials . This was the first time they had seen it with their own eyes .

“Battle aura Primordial Energy Arts are rather common in the West district . It’s somewhat different from our East district’s Primordial Energy Arts . It’s not as converged as our Primordial Energy Art . Typical battle aura arts are more domineering . Once one reaches the Legendary stage, they will have the ability to release their battle aura which has destructive power and is also slightly stronger than most of the East district’s Primordial Energy Arts, Wang Lu said .

At this moment, John, who was less than ten meters away from Zhou Wen, suddenly sped up . He leaped up and slashed at Zhou Wen with both hands wielding his sword .

All the battle aura in him condensed on the sword and transformed into a sword beam that was several meters long . It instantly slashed at Zhou Wen’s head .