Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 148

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Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Super Meat Shield

That strike was too fast and powerful . It was rare to see a sword beam several meters long in the East district .

Although there were quite a number of Primordial Energy Arts and Primordial Energy Skills that allowed the projection of force in the East district, they were usually more converged, so there weren’t any exaggerated effects .

However, to be able to slash out a sword beam that was several meters long meant that John’s strength was indeed extraordinary . Typically, the West district Legendary cultivators who cultivated battle aura and similar Primordial Energy Skills would only produce sword beams that were about a meter long . To have one spanning several meters was truly terrifying .

“This John didn’t reveal his true strength when he was sparring with us . That strike was much stronger than what he previously demonstrated,” Feng Qiuyan said .

“Will Old Zhou, be alright?” Li Xuan was alarmed when he saw the might of the strike .

It wasn’t only Li Xuan . Many of the spectating students were worried for Zhou Wen when they saw such an exaggerated strike, afraid that he would be split into two by the sword .

The two counselors who were in charge of refereeing were already prepared to save Zhou Wen at moment’s notice .

Zhou Wen looked at the cleave without any intention of fighting . With a casual wave of his hand, a golden beam of light flashed as a ferocious-looking Golden Warrior appeared in front of him .

The mighty Golden Warrior completely shielded Zhou Wen’s body as it raised its palm to meet John’s terrifying battle aura sword beam .


An earth-shattering metallic clang sounded . The battle aura golden beam shattered like broken glass in the palm of the three-eyed warrior . The visual impact it dealt on the students made many of them crane their necks to see .

John’s sword cleaved onto the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s palm, but it failed to proceed further with the huge palm in the way .

“Holy sh*t, Three-Eyed Golden Warrior! That guy actually had another Three-Eyed Golden Warrior drop!” Li Xuan felt as if he was going mad .

Zhou Wen had a Three-Eyed Golden Warrior drop not too long ago . Back then he gave it to Li Xuan and had said that he could get one to drop for himself if he needed it .

Li Xuan had scoffed at it . The Three-Eyed Golden Warrior was so rare that people didn’t usually encounter one in months . Even if one did, the chances of a Companion Egg dropping was pathetic .

However, how long had it been? Zhou Wen had actually managed to produce another Three-Eyed Diamond? It made Li Xuan suspect that Zhou Wen had reincarnated ten times as a virgin . Otherwise, how could he have such good luck? The heavens had to be compensating him for the miseries in his past lives .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

John unleashed a flurry of slashes with his long sword, but they were all blocked by the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior . Even if it directly hit the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior, it merely left a faint mark .

The Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s Golden Body and Invulnerable Golden Power made its physical defenses stand at the peak of the Legendary stage . The only weakness was its third eye . Unless the third eye was hit, even Zhou Wen himself would find it difficult to injure it .

“Three-Eyed Golden Warrior, Mutated Demonized General . Zhou Wen is just too enviable . Those are Companion Beasts that can’t even be bought with money!”

“Ignoring everything else, Zhou Wen’s Companion Beasts are truly powerful, but he should have advanced to the Legendary stage . Otherwise, how could he incubate such a powerful Legendary Companion Beast?”

“The Heavens are unfair . Just give me one of the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior or Mutated Demonized General . ”

“That punk, John, must be feeling depressed . After slashing so many times, he hasn’t even managed to injure the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior . How can he fight Zhou Wen?”

The students discussed fervently, mostly envious of Zhou Wen for having two rare Legendary Companion Beasts .

John originally believed that with his powerful strength, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to kill the Companion Beast in front of him . He wanted to kill Zhou Wen’s beloved Companion Beast just like Zhou Wen had killed Holy Spear Knight . He wanted Zhou Wen to experience what it felt like to lose a Companion Beast before dealing with him .

But very quickly, John’s expression turned extremely ugly . This was because he knew that even if he used all his strength, there was no way he could hurt the Companion Beast in front of him . It was a meat shield-type Companion Beast with powerful defense . It would be meaningless if he continued fighting . It would only be a waste of his Primordial Energy .

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It was already too late by the time he realized this . His Primordial Energy at the Legendary stage was limited, and he had already expended most of it .

Wang Fei looked at the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior standing in front of Zhou Wen in a daze . He had managed to have two such Companion Beasts-ones that might not even be purchasable with money, drop in such a short period of time .

With her relationship with Ouyang Lan, she naturally knew that Zhou Wen hadn’t accepted the An family’s help . For him to obtain such a Companion Beast, it was definitely something he had obtained on his own .

This fellow actually managed to kill Mutated Demonized Generals and Three-Eyed Golden Warriors . He’s probably no longer at the Mortal stage, right? Wang Fei looked at Zhou Wen and suddenly felt infuriated .

She had worked so hard to help Zhou Wen grow stronger, but who knew that Zhou Wen had already advanced to the Legendary stage? To think she had been worried for him, afraid that he would lose too terribly .

This punk just needs to be punished . I should intensify the level of his training in the future, Wang Fei thought viciously .

While feeling indignant, Wang Fei felt somewhat excited . Before Zhou Wen entered Sunset College, he was definitely at the Mortal stage . In just a short span of time, he had already advanced to the Legendary stage . Furthermore, he had managed to kill such powerful Legendary creatures in Tiger Cage Pass and the Myriad Buddha Cave .

Such strength was worthy of the word “genius . ” If he were to be properly trained in the future, she might really be able to produce a great cultivator .

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Sis Lan sure has sharp eyes . Zhou Wen’s talent is indeed not bad and his luck isn’t bad . If he can obtain a special physique in the Holy Land, he might really have the chance to step into the Mythical stage in the future . Wang Fei felt her heart beat faster when she thought of the possibility of producing a Mythical expert . Her cheeks flushed a little red from the rapid circulation of her blood .

John had already stopped attacking . He wanted to retreat and recover his expended Primordial Energy before circling around the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior to attack Zhou Wen .

He knew very well that such super meat shield-type Companion Beasts weren’t fast at all . With his speed and movement techniques, it wasn’t difficult for him to circle around the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior . If he hadn’t wanted to kill Zhou Wen’s Companion Beast, he wouldn’t have been placed in such a passive position .

However, the moment he retreated, Zhou Wen, who had been standing behind the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior, suddenly moved . Like a ghost, he chased up to the retreating John and extended his palm to strike at his chest .

John was alarmed and furious . Zhou Wen had grasped the perfect opportunity when he was retreating . His strength was receding and his center of gravity was shifted backward, making it impossible for him to counterattack .