Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 150

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Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Restriction City

Wang Fei hadn’t been in a good mood recently . Apparently, she hadn’t been in a good mood ever since she had Zhou Wen as a student .

Zhou Wen’s defeat of John had cheered her up for a period of time, but soon, there was no more joy in her .

She originally believed that Zhou Wen would establish his confidence, stop giving up on himself, and become a hardworking student after defeating John .

However, the truth was completely opposite to what she had imagined . Since Zhou Wen had defeated John, he hadn’t returned to the dimensional zones and just cooped himself in his dorm all day .

According to Wang Fei’s investigations, although she didn’t know what he was doing in the dorm, Zhou Wen’s sunbathing every morning while holding his phone didn’t escape her notice . He was clearly playing a game .

Damn you, Zhou Wen . You’re like a donkey Every time I whip you twice, you’ll take two steps . If I don’t whip you, you just stay there and roll around . Do you really think I can’t do anything about you? The more Wang Fei thought about it, the angrier she became .

She originally believed that Zhou Wen had finally snapped out of his doldrums, but to her surprise, he immediately returned to his original state after the crisis passed . It was like dowsing Wang Fei’s enthusiasm with cold water .

Wang Fei was clearly not someone who could let matters pass . Therefore, she made it her mission to completely free Zhou Wen from the terrible habit of gaming . She wanted him to completely quit his online addiction .

Of course, the reason Wang Fei was so adamant about it was that she didn’t want Zhou Wen’s talent to be wasted .

He thinks he’s impressive just because he defeated John? He’s still far from invincible . Furthermore, he relied on his Companion Beasts, not his own abilities… With this in mind, Wang Fei’s eyes suddenly lit up . She couldn’t help but smile as she revealed a bizarre smile . She had another idea once again .

It wasn’t that Zhou Wen didn’t deliberately go to Tiger Cage Pass . He was just too famous . Recently whenever he went out, there were always students he didn’t know coming up to talk to him .

Zhou Wen couldn’t ignore others when they came to greet him out of goodwill, but with so many students doing so, he had no time to focus on gaming .

In addition, his Demonized General and Three-Eyed Golden Warrior had already been revealed, so there was no need for him to pretend to head to the dimensional zones . He might as well stay in his dormitory to play games .

Zhou Wen originally believed that he could game in peace, but the new homework mission that Wang Fei assigned washed his plans down the drain .

“Old Zhou, our counselor is treating us, ordinary students, as special admissions students . The homework mission she assigned us is only given to those special admissions students in past years,” Li Xuan complained after seeing the homework mission .

“What kind of place is Restriction City?” Zhou Wen asked as he looked at the information on the homework mission .

Their new homework mission was to hunt ten bronze beasts in Restriction City, but Zhou Wen had never heard of a dimensional zone known as Restriction City .

Li Xuan said, “Restriction City is one of the underground cities in Luoyang and is one of the few that’s right at the bottom . It isn’t considered dangerous, and there are quite a number of dimensional creatures at the Mortal stage in there . The highest-level ones are only Legendary creatures . However, there’s something very special about Restriction City . There’s no way to use a Companion Beast there . It’s impossible to summon them or use their companion form . ”

“In other words, we need to use our strength to kill ten Legendary creatures?” Zhou Wen understood what Li Xuan meant .

“That’s right . This mission has very high standards required of one’s own strength . In the past, only special admissions students received this mission . I never expected that this year, our class would actually be given such a homework mission . I’m afraid most of the students will fail . The students in our class must be wailing in despair now,” Li Xuan said .

“Is this bronze beast very difficult to kill?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

Although most of the students were still at the Mortal stage, the mission allowed for up to four people to complete the mission . With the collective strength of four students, killing a Legendary creature wasn’t too difficult unless they encountered a creature as powerful as a Mutated Demonized General .

Most of the students had completed the previous mission of killing ordinary Demonized Generals .

“It’s not easy to kill . According to the information, the various attributes of the bronze beasts are pretty good . They do not have any obvious weaknesses . Although they aren’t considered strong among the Legendary stage, they are extremely difficult to deal with . Under the circumstances of not being able to use a Companion Beast, it’s still fine for us at the Legendary stage, but it’s probably very difficult for those Mortal-stage students to accomplish it,” Li Xuan said with a smile .

“Let’s go . Let’s head to Restriction City . ” Zhou Wen suddenly stood up and pulled Li Xuan out .

“Why are you suddenly so pumped up? Aren’t you gaming?” Li Xuan was puzzled . Zhou Wen had never been so enthusiastic before .

Zhou Wen said, “Since most of our students are unable to complete the homework mission, don’t you think that they will spend money to buy my strategy if I can figure out a strategy?” Zhou Wen said with lit eyes .

“Do you lack money?” Li Xuan was rendered speechless .

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“Yes . ” Zhou Wen nodded seriously .

“Why do you need money? How much do you need?” Li Xuan asked again .

“I wish to invest in Huang Ji’s game . I’ve previously chatted with him and the first round of investment requires a million bucks for him to first create a simplified version . Development will continue when I have more money,” Zhou Wen said .

“Are you crazy? What era are we in now? You actually want to invest in developing a game? Are you going to develop it for old people? Young people these days have more and more invested in dimensional zones . Apart from those old people who have never cultivated before, who else would be in the mood to play games?” Li Xuan said .

“Me,” Zhou Wen said with a smile .

“That’s what depresses me . You game all day, so how are you this strong?” Li Xuan was indeed depressed . On the surface, he appeared to be enjoying himself, but he cultivated hard in private . However, compared to Zhou Wen, his progress was clearly much slower .

“I game to become stronger,” Zhou Wen said seriously .

“F*ck off . Stop pulling my leg . I won’t fall for your trick . ” Li Xuan didn’t raise the issue of money again . If Zhou Wen really needed it, he wouldn’t mind helping him . A million wasn’t a huge sum to him .

However, Zhou Wen had indulged in the fantasy of investing in a game . Li Xuan felt that it was best if he wasn’t an accomplice in this, so he didn’t offer the money .

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Zhou Wen had no plans on borrowing money either . He wanted to earn money himself .

Hence, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan went to Restriction City that was deep underground .

Restriction City was in an ancient style . Legend had it that it was the capital city of a certain dynasty in ancient times . It was said to be related to East Zhou, but Zhou Wen didn’t know if it was real or fake .

However, after entering Restriction City, he immediately felt as though the Companion Beasts on him had vanished . He no longer had any connection with them .

However, Banana Fairy and Truth Listener were exceptions . Zhou Wen could still sense their existence and could still use his will to communicate with them .

A Mythical pet is indeed extraordinary . Zhou Wen was somewhat delighted .