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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 151

Published at 11th of April 2020 12:10:10 AM

Chapter 151: 151

Chapter 151 Bronze Luck Beast

Restriction City was totally unique . There were bronze beasts and bronze birds everywhere in the city, with smaller creatures such as rabbits, rats, sparrows, and bigger creatures such as tigers, wolves, and peacocks everywhere .

Most of the bronze beasts here were at the Mortal stage, and the students’ homework mission was to kill ten Legendary bronze beasts . It looked very simple .

However, without the protection of a Companion Beast, it would be very dangerous for them to charge into a bronze beast horde .

It was fine if ordinary Mortal-level students didn’t have Companion Beasts, but Li Xuan and company were unable to use one even if they had one . It was a very unpleasant feeling .

“There are so many bronze beasts . Which one of them is at the Legendary stage?” Zhou Wen looked at the bronze creatures in the city and was momentarily unable to distinguish them .

“There’s only one Legendary bronze beast in Restriction City called Bronze Lucky Beast . It’s definitely not here . We can only encounter them by walking further in . ” Li Xuan paused and pointed at the Mortal-level bronze beasts . “It’s best you ignore those fellows . Let’s charge in and find the Bronze Lucky Beast . ”

“Why?” Zhou Wen was puzzled .

“There are too many bronze beasts at the Mortal stage . Even if we kill all of them now, another batch will quickly surge in from the spatial rift . There’s no way to clear them no matter how fast we kill . Furthermore, they have very low drop rates . No matter how many we kill, nothing of use will drop . There’s no need to waste time on them,” Li Xuan said as he rushed into the city .

It was rather strange . The bronze beasts and birds in the city were originally motionless like statues, but the moment Li Xuan approached them, the bronze beasts near him came to life and charged at the duo ferociously .

The duo tried their best to avoid their attacks, but once they went past a certain range, the bronze beasts stopped pursuing them . Instead, they automatically returned to their original spots, either crouching or standing, as though they had become statues again .

Only when they reached the crossroads of the city did Li Xuan point at a bronze behemoth’s statue and say, “That’s the Bronze Luck Beast . ”

Zhou Wen took a careful look and saw that the statue resembled both a tiger or a lion . It had scales growing on its body, and its tail resembled a snake . On its head was a pair of horns, making it look extremely odd .

“Roar!” The two of them were about fifty meters away from the Bronze Luck Beast when it suddenly came alive . It let out a roar before jumping off the bronze platform and charging at Zhou Wen and Li Xuan like a green beam .

The two quickly dodged, causing the Bronze Luck Beast to miss . Its claws scratched the rock on the ground, leaving deep marks, as though someone had struck it with a sharp ax .

“Is this what you call ordinary?” Zhou Wen knew from its Speed and strength that this fellow was definitely in no way ordinary . It was definitely top-notch at the Legendary stage .

Without using a Companion Beast, Zhou Wen’s Strength and Speed were probably inferior to it .


Li Xuan’s punch landed on the Bronze Luck Beast’s body, but his fist turned numb from the impact . He failed to injure it .

“F*ck, how is that possible? The information clearly states that the Bronze Luck Beast’s attributes are ordinary . It’s only about the same as ordinary Golden Warriors, making it a little harder to kill . ” Li Xuan was also very depressed .

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When the two of them were dealing with the Bronze Luck Beast, the ordinary bronze beasts nearby also pounced forward and caused them some trouble .

Zhou Wen used Ashen Palm, but it didn’t seem to be of much use against the Bronze Luck Beast . The Bronze Luck Beast’s resistance didn’t seem to be weaker than ordinary Golden Warriors .

However, its Speed was much faster than that of a Golden Warrior . It was among the best, making it extremely difficult to deal with .

After using the Astral Slash Blade, Zhou Wen left a deep mark on the Bronze Luck Beast’s body . However, the damage wasn’t enough to kill it unless Zhou Wen was able to release another two or three more Astral Slash Blade beams .

Having used Astral Slash Blade with all his might, he had drained all of his Primordial Energy . He had none left for a second attack .

Li Xuan and Zhou Wen had no choice but to leave Restriction City and return empty-handed .

“Thankfully, it’s the two of us . If it were those Mortal-stage students, I would be surprised if they hadn’t ended up dying in there . Isn’t the homework mission assigned by Ms . Wang a little ridiculous? Also, why is the information so unreliable?” Li Xuan looked at his tattered clothes and said gloomily .

“Who knows? But that’s good too . I’ll think about it again when I return . If I were to come up with a strategy to kill the Bronze Luck Beasts, there will definitely be many students who will want to buy it . ” Zhou Wen was very optimistic because he had already discovered the tiny palm symbol before entering the city and downloaded Restriction City into his phone .

Unbeknownst to Zhou Wen, Bronze Luck Beast had a weakness . As long as he spent more time researching it, it was only a matter of time before he found a simple method for killing it . If he wrote a strategy, he might even earn a fortune .

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Li Xuan had no choice but to listen to Zhou Wen and return .

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen opened the Restriction City’s instance Dungeon and began his repeated grinding .

From the path he took after entering the city, and how to best avoid awakening the bronze beasts to killing the Bronze Luck Beast, Zhou Wen repeatedly experimented .

Li Xuan was right . The Bronze Luck Beasts were much stronger than what was written in the database . Even a Legendary-stage student would find it difficult to kill them without using a Companion Beast in a one-on-one situation .

In the past, special admissions students needed the collection strength of four people to kill the Bronze Luck Beast . Now, most of Zhou Wen’s class was at the Mortal stage, so it was an impossible task to expect them to kill a Bronze Luck Beast .

In the beginning, Zhou Wen had relied on Truth Listener’s and Banana Fairy’s help to successfully kill a Bronze Luck Beast .

After some slow research, he finally managed to kill the Bronze Luck Beast alone . However, his ability to do so didn’t mean that the other students could do it .

Even if he wrote out his strategy, his fellow classmates, whose attributes remained at the Mortal stage or they lacked powerful Primordial Energy Skills, made it impossible for them to use this method and strategy .

Is there really no other way? As Zhou Wen continued killing the Bronze Luck Beasts, he kept studying them, hoping to find a way for his fellow Mortal-stage classmates to kill them .

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At that moment, Wang Fei had a smug look on her face . She had indeed issued a homework mission for them to kill the Bronze Luck Beasts, but she had done some tampering with it when handing it out .

Apart from Zhou Wen and Li Xuan, the other students had received the mission to kill a Mortal-stage bronze beast . Only the two of them had received the mission to kill Legendary Bronze Luck Beasts .

They really think they’re impressive . I’ll let those two punks suffer . Wang Fei was very certain that Zhou Wen and Li Xuan wouldn’t be able to complete the mission .

This homework mission was prepared for the Legendary-stage special admissions students this year and had not yet been officially handed out . Even for special admissions students, they needed three to four people to join forces to kill the Bronze Luck Beast .

Now, Li Xuan and Zhou Wen were the only ones in their class who were at the Legendary stage . It was impossible for them to seek help from other students .

When she imagined how Zhou Wen would come to her with his face ashen after failing to complete the mission, Wang Fei was filled with anticipation .