Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 152

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Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Chess Mountain

Cold river water flowed out between the mountains and bright moonlight shone, illuminating the river, giving a sheen that resembled fish scales .

Although the moonlight was bright, it was still terrifyingly dark under the water surface . The mountain pass in the distance was like an abyss, as though it could devour everything at any time .

On the bank of the river, there was a defensive mechanism made of steel concrete . The soldiers held their binoculars and watched the mountain pass .

“It’s already been more than ten days . There’s been nothing happening at Chess Mountain . Is it really as scary as you all say it is?” a soldier muttered .

“That’s because you didn’t see the earlier situation since you were transferred in late . Otherwise, you would have peed your pants . ” Another middle-aged soldier chuckled .

“Tsk, what’s there to be afraid of? It’s not like I’ve never entered a dimensional zone before . What haven’t I seen before? Last month, we were ordered to explore a dimensional zone . There, we killed countless dimensional creatures,” the soldier from before said .

The middle-aged soldier curled his lips and said, “I’ve been a soldier for so many years and the dimensional zones I’ve entered and the number of dimensional creatures I’ve seen are more than the number of women you have seen . But that day, I nearly peed my pants . If you really saw what I saw you would have peed your pants on the spot . ”

“What did you see that day?” the soldier asked curiously .

“That day, we were under orders to guard the mountain pass . We were planning to enter the mountain the next morning to explore the dimensional zones in the Chess Mountain, but on that night, the river’s waters suddenly turned into something resembling blood…” As the middle-aged soldier spoke, he subconsciously pointed at the river .

However, when his eyes met the surface of the river, his eyes suddenly widened and he stuttered, “Just… like this…”

The young soldier turned his head and under the moonlight, saw that the shimmering lake had turned blood red at some point . The blood-red color rapidly spread out from the mountain pass . In just a moment, the river water had turned into a deep red liquid .

The alarm in the base sounded and all the soldiers and officers that were either on duty or resting got up .

As the highest-ranking officer in the area, Zhao Muye rushed to the outer perimeter of the defenses . When he saw the blood river flowing slowly, his expression turned abnormally grave .

“Commander Zhao, there’s something coming out from the Chess Mountain’s pass,” shouted a soldier who had been using binoculars to monitor the mountain pass .

Zhao Muye looked over with his binoculars . Sure enough, he saw something approaching from the mountain pass . Adjusting the focus of the night vision lens to make out what was it, Zhao Muye’s expression changed drastically .

He saw a humanoid creature walking on the river of blood-towards them . The clothes he wore were very odd . It was likely a product of an ancient era .

That wasn’t the crux . More importantly, the area above his shoulders was empty-he had no head . Instead, the head was in his hands .

That head didn’t look like a human either . It had a green face and sharp fangs . It had crimson hair and a pair of strange horns growing on its head .

The headless monster walked across the bloody river with its head in one hand . It walked out of Chess Mountain and gradually approached the defenses by the river bank .

“Fire!” Zhao Muye ordered calmly as he waited for the headless monster to enter the shooting range .

“Fire… Fire… Fire… Give it whatever you have…” The soldiers who received the order raised their guns and aimed at the headless monster over the river, firing with everything they’d got .

Bullets rained down on the headless monster’s body, instantly tearing his clothes apart . In the blink of an eye, his clothes were riddled with holes .

Seeing the headless monster standing motionless above the river surface, the soldiers couldn’t help but stop shooting, but they quickly realized that something was amiss .

The monster’s clothes were riddled with holes, but no blood flowed out .

Suddenly, the head in the headless monster’s hand opened a bloodshot eye that seemed to contain infinite amounts of blood .

“No good!” Zhao Muye’s expression changed as he summoned his Companion Beast, Guardian Spirit Hawk, turning it into a barrier of light that protected the nearby area .

The headless monster’s body jerked violently . The bullets that had been sent into his body shot back like raindrops . Furthermore, the bullets followed their original trajectories and traced back to their owners .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The light barrier formed by the Guardian Spirit Hawk failed to block the bullets that were shot back as it was pierced by multiple spots .

Screams were heard as the bullets penetrated the soldiers’ bodies . In a moment, more than half of the soldiers who had fired were killed .

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“Change to the newest type of Primordial Gold bullets and continue firing . ” Zhao Muye gave the order . However, when he looked at the river surface, he realized that the headless monster had disappeared . Apart from the moonlight that scattered across the river, there was no trace of it .

Zhao Muye cursed under his breath as he summoned his Companion Beast armor and weapon . When he turned around, he realized that the headless monster was holding its head, standing within the defensive line .

The devil- like head and blood-red eyes were staring at Zhao Muye and the soldiers with bloodthirsty eyes .

“Inform the Overseer . Everyone else, prepare for battle!” As Zhao Muye spoke, he raised his saber and slashed at the headless monster . The saber beam was like a rainbow as it streaked across dozens of meters .

To his surprise, the headless monster didn’t dodge at all . Instead, it raised the head in its hand and blocked Zhao Muye’s saber beam .


The saber struck the devil-like face, but it failed to tear apart its skin . The blood-red eyes stared at Zhao Muye under the saber as a creepy smile appeared on his face .


Blood splattered as gunshots rang out . The silent night was completely broken .

“Qihe River Base requesting backup… Qihe River Base requesting backup… A dimensional creature has rushed out of Chess Mountain… It has already rushed into the base… Please provide support immediately…”

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When Ah Sheng received the news, his usually stoic expression changed . He immediately awaited An Tianzuo’s further orders .

“Hold on for twenty minutes . Backup will be there soon,” answered An Tianzuo .

“Something happened at Chess Mountain after all . Muye is there…” Ah Sheng said worriedly .

“Let’s go . ” An Tianzuo interrupted Ah Sheng with a terse remark .

Several helicopters quickly took off and carried An Tianzuo, Ah Sheng, and a group of spearhead troops towards Chess Mountain .

When they arrived at the Qihe River Base, they saw dismembered bodies everywhere . The wounds on the broken limbs looked like they had been bitten off by something .

From afar, the sounds of a clash could still be heard . Ah Sheng rushed over and when he took in the situation before him, his eyes instantly turned red .

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