Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 153

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Chapter 153

Chapter 153 A Simple Strategy Guide

Blood flowed everywhere, and corpses were strewn all over the place .

There was only one living person left fighting in the entire base . Or rather, it could no longer be considered a living person . His left arm had already been completely severed, and his body was full of bite wounds . A large piece of flesh had been bitten off his left rib . One could vaguely see his internal organs and the bones on his leg were visible beneath their wounds .

Even so, the person was still fighting the headless monster with all his might .


The headless monster bit the person’s thigh with the head in its hand . This bite directly snapped his left thigh bone, causing him to lose his balance . As he retreated, staggering, blood spilled all over the ground .

Ah Sheng’s eyes were red . He pulled out his gun and shot fiercely at the headless monster . At the same time, he rushed over to support Zhao Muye who was about to fall .

“Muye, why aren’t you retreating?” Ah Sheng gritted his teeth as he held onto Zhao Muye’s body .

“Overseer told us to hold on for twenty minutes . It’s not time yet, so how can I leave?” A smile appeared on Zhao Muye’s pale face . “Besides, we can retreat, but the city behind us can’t . Ah Sheng, you don’t have to be sad . This day will come to all humans . I’m just leaving a little early . When you’re tired in the future, we can gather down there and have drinks together…”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Continuous bullets struck the headless monster, blasting open bloody holes in its body, but the injuries didn’t faze it .

The headless monster held its head and let out a roar as it charged through the pelting shots of eight soldiers, aiming straight for An Tianzuo who was standing behind them .

Clearly, the headless monster’s intelligence wasn’t low . It was able to tell that An Tianzuo was leading these people and wanted to kill him first .

The headless monster’s skin suffused a demonic red glow as the bullets made of Primordial Gold failed to injure it . It charged through the storm of bullets, using the head in its hand to bite An Tianzuo .

An Tianzuo remained unperturbed as he pulled out a gun and fired two shots at the headless monster .

Bang! Bang!

The first bullet hit the head’s cheekbones, causing the head to tilt a little before the second bullet drilled right through its ear .

Blood splattered out from the ear before it began bleeding from all seven orifices . Its eyes exploded and the headless body collapsed to the ground .

An Tianzuo didn’t look at the corpse as he walked towards Ah Sheng, who was hugging Zhao Muye .

“Overseer, Muye is dead . ” Ah Sheng raised his head, his eyes filled with grief . In his arms, Zhao Muye had already breathed his last .

“I gained control of the An family when I was 13 years old . At that time, Muye was already an assistant regional commander figure . So many years have passed and he still remains one . It’s not that he didn’t have the chance to be promoted, nor was he incapable . Instead, it was because he wanted to stand at the front line of Chess Mountain to protect those people that he now can’t ever help again . ” An Tianzuo sighed . “Let him go . He deserves the rest . ”

“Overseer, when I first joined the army, Muye was the one who took care of me and taught me . I want to take him back to bury him with his family,” Ah Sheng said .

“He doesn’t have family,” said An Tianzuo . “His family died in Chess Mountain, but their corpses were never found . ”

Ah Sheng instantly fell silent . He couldn’t say a word, his heart was filled with unbearable pain .

“Bury him outside Chess Mountain . Let him watch over the area . One day, we will charge into Chess Mountain and slay all those dimensional creatures on his behalf . Perhaps he will truly rest in peace when that happens,” said An Tianzuo .

“The situation at Chess Mountain is getting worse . Even our latest primordial Gold bullets have started to lose their effectiveness . I’m afraid the situation is worsening,” Ah Sheng said .

“That’s why we need to find the source of the dimensional zones and resolve the problem at the root . Otherwise, no number of dimensional creatures killed will matter,” An Tianzuo said as he looked in the direction of Chess Mountain . “Now, many dimensional zones have already appeared in various parts of the League . If we can’t find a way to resolve it as soon as possible, the ones dying won’t just be Muye and these soldiers . All of mankind will suffer annihilation . We have no time to spare . Let’s go . We have no time for grief . There are plenty of things that need our attention . ”

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Zhou Wen had been researching a simplified strategy for the killing of Bronze Luck Beasts . He didn’t know that other than him and Li Xuan, no one else in his class needed the strategy

After a few days, Zhou Wen finally figured out a way to kill Bronze Luck Beasts at the Mortal stage . After getting Li Xuan to come over, he planned on test-driving the strategy with just the two of them .

“Old Zhou, can this strategy of yours really work?” Li Xuan read Zhou Wen’s strategy and found it unbelievable that Bronze Luck Beasts could be killed that easily .

“Don’t underestimate it . This is the result of me spending days racking my brains . As long as you follow the steps according to the guide, you will definitely be able to easily kill a Bronze Luck Beast,” Zhou Wen said as he tapped Li Xuan, while holding a camera .

“Are you sure we don’t need two people? Can I really do it myself?” Li Xuan was still doubtful .

“Yes,” Zhou Wen said with certainty .

“Why don’t you give it a try with me first? It’s inevitable that I’ll make mistakes the first time . We can watch each other’s backs if we do it together . It’ll be more convenient to remedy the situation . ” Li Xuan felt that Zhou Wen had only been to Restriction City with him once . If the strategy he wrote was problematic, wouldn’t he be in deep trouble? He wanted Zhou Wen involved no matter what .

“Ain’t I in charge of filming you? If anything goes wrong, I’ll naturally take action,” Zhou Wen said .

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Li Xuan thought that made sense . Since Zhou Wen was going in with him, He wouldn’t just sit idly if something bad happened . He wasn’t going to continue filming his death, right?

The two entered Restriction City one after the other . Li Xuan charged ahead according to the strategy Zhou Wen had written while Zhou Wen followed behind him, filming . They soon entered deep into Restriction City .

Li Xuan was originally worried that Zhou Wen’s strategy would be problematic, but when he charged in, he realized that it was as though he had entered a no man’s land . The bronze beasts didn’t even touch him at all .

Finally, while battling the Bronze Luck Beast, he used perfect positioning and the Bronze Luck Beast’s weakness to easily kill it . It was so easy that Li Xuan suspected that the Bronze Luck Beast wasn’t the same one they had encountered before .

“Old Zhou, nice strategy! How did you come up with it?” Li Xuan tried again and realized that killing the Bronze Luck Beast was extremely simple . Even ordinary Mortal-stage students would find it easy to kill the Bronze Luck Beast if they knew its weakness and joined forces .

“Do you think I can sell this strategy for money?” Zhou Wen was more concerned about money .

“Definitely . Such an awesome strategy guide definitely will have people willing to spend money to buy it . With our classmates still at the Mortal stage, they definitely won’t be able to complete their homework mission without this strategy,” Li Xuan said with certainty .

“Alright, let’s head back and seek out buyers now . ” Zhou Wen was eager to know how much his strategy guide could be sold for .