Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 154

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Chapter 154: 154

Chapter 154 A Strategy Guide That Can’t Be Sold

“What did you say?” Li Xuan’s eyes widened as he glared at a female student and shouted loudly .

The girl looked a little afraid and said meekly, “My mission is done… There’s no need… There’s no need to buy your strategy…”

“That’s impossible . Are you joking with me? How did you kill the Bronze Luck Beasts?” Li Xuan said while glaring at the girl in disbelief .

The girl said cautiously, “I didn’t kill Bronze Luck Beasts; I only killed ten Bronze Bunnies and completed the mission . ”

“Bronze Bunnies? Isn’t our mission to kill Legendary bronze beasts? What’s the point of killing Bronze Bunnies?” Li Xuan said with a frown .

“The homework mission didn’t say to kill Legendary bronze beasts . All you need to do is kill bronze beasts . ” The girl hurriedly took out her phone to show Li Xuan .

Indeed, her homework mission only stated that she needed to kill bronze beasts . There was no rule that required her to kill those at the Legendary stage .

“That’s impossible, right? We can’t be mistaken?” Li Xuan hurriedly took out his cell phone and read his homework mission again, confirming that he wasn’t wrong . It clearly indicated that he needed to kill Legendary-stage bronze beasts .

“Old Zhou, what does yours say?” Li Xuan asked Zhou Wen again .

“Same as yours . ” Zhou Wen handed his phone to Li Xuan .

Li Xuan took a glance and, just like him, quickly made a few phone calls . Soon, he looked at Zhou Wen with an odd expression and said, “All of our classmates received missions to kill bronze beasts . We are the only two who received the mission to kill Legendary-stage bronze beasts . ”

“Could it be a mistake?” Zhou Wen asked .

“It’s impossible for the wrong message to be sent . They are sent en masse . If it was sent wrongly, all the students must have received the wrong message . How can it be just the two of us? This is clearly a message that was separately sent to us,” Li Xuan said .

“Then doesn’t that mean that my strategy won’t be of any use?” Zhou Wen’s first thought wasn’t why Wang Fei had given them such a difficult mission, but if his strategy guide could still be sold .

“That’s hard to say . According to what I know, the class of special admissions students received this mission as well . However, those guys are basically at the Legendary stage and all of them have their noses up in the air . They probably won’t spend money on buying your strategy,” Li Xuan said .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but frown when he heard that he might not be able to sell the strategy guide . However, when he thought of Wang Lu, his eyes lit up again . He turned to Li Xuan and asked, “Li Xuan, is there any record in Restriction City? I mean the time record for killing the Bronze Luck Beast . ”

“Definitely . There are records in every dimensional zone . ” Li Xuan instantly understood what Zhou Wen was getting at . “You mean you wish to sell this strategy to special admissions students who wish to break the record?”

“I can give it a try . ” Zhou Wen felt that there was a chance . He planned on asking Wang Lu to see if she was interested in buying the strategy .

They returned to Four Seasons Garden and went to Wang Lu’s dorm to look for her . They happened to meet her on the way there . She was accompanied by about five special admissions students, seemingly having just returned . They were chatting as they walked, as though they were discussing something .

“Zhou Wen, Li Xuan, what a coincidence!” Wang Lu greeted Zhou Wen and Li Xuan when she saw them .

“It’s not a coincidence . We came here especially to find you . Did you special admissions students receive the homework mission to kill the Bronze Luck Beasts?” Zhou Wen asked directly .

“That’s right . What’s the matter?” Wang Lu looked at Zhou Wen curiously, unsure why he would suddenly ask .

“It’s this . Li Xuan and I have figured out a strategy to kill the Bronze Luck Beast . It should be of some help for killing them, allowing you to kill them faster and even break the record . Would you be interested?” Zhou Wen asked .

Before Wang Lu could say a word, a male student beside her said, “Zhou Wen, we admit that your Companion Beasts are indeed powerful . Unfortunately, we don’t have any as powerful as yours . Your strategy is useless to us . ”

“The strategy we came up with doesn’t need any special Companion Beasts . Besides, they can’t be used in Restriction City,” Zhou Wen said .

“Since no one can use a Companion Beast, we can figure out a method to kill the Bronze Luck Beasts ourselves . Why would we need to spend money on your strategy?” said the boy with a smile .

Zhou Wen finally realized that with his low EQ, he had overlooked a problem . Those who could enter Sunset College were geniuses, and the special admissions students were geniuses among geniuses . They were all rather proud, so to get them to spend money to buy a strategy from someone else would be akin to making them admit that they were inferior to others . How could proud special admissions students be willing to spend money to buy such a thing?

Another female student also said, “Zhou Wen, we came to Sunset College to hone ourselves . We have to experience it for ourselves before we can improve . Buying someone else’s strategy is equivalent to cheating . It’s meaningless to us . ”

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The other special admissions students likely had similar views .

Wang Lu said, “Zhou Wen, I’m sure your strategy is useful, but I still want to challenge myself . ”

With Wang Lu saying that, Zhou Wen knew that there was no hope in selling his strategy .

After they returned to the dorm, Li Xuan said to Zhou Wen, “From the looks of it, the strategy would be a tough sell . I wonder what Ms . Wang was thinking . Why didn’t she tell us earlier that only the two of us were given the mission to kill Bronze Luck Beasts? We wasted so much time researching a strategy . ”

“It’s nothing . Just treat it as a form of training and learning . ” Zhou Wen didn’t mind .

Li Xuan thought for a moment and said, “By the way, you can post the strategy guide to our school’s intranet forums . It allows for monetization . Who knows, those special admissions students might be embarrassed to buy it in front of others, but wouldn’t have scruples doing it in private . ”

“Alright, help me post it . However, the price must be set high . Such a strategy guide isn’t worth anything if it’s spread, so it’s best to earn as much as possible in one go . ” Zhou Wen still remembered the painful experience of posting the last strategy and warned Li Xuan .

“But if the price is too high, it won’t be easy for them to be purchased, right?” Li Xuan remarked hesitantly .

“It’s fine even if it can’t be sold, as long as it’s not sold too cheaply . ” Zhou Wen was quite open-minded .

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“Alright . ” Li Xuan nodded and posted the strategy on the school’s intranet forum . When he was done, he saw Zhou Wen lying on the sofa gaming again . He asked, “Aren’t you bored to death gaming all day? All you do is kill those ants . Isn’t it boring?”

“Not at all,” Zhou Wen said without looking up .

“Stop gaming . Join me as I kill the ten Bronze Luck Beasts first . We’ll break the record . Since those special admissions students don’t want to, let’s break it ourselves,” Li Xuan said .

Zhou Wen followed Li Xuan to Restriction City . As for the post, it attracted the attention of someone .

The counselor of the special admissions class, Liu Zhengyan, saw the post titled “A god’s guide to slaying a Bronze Luck Beast in a minute . ”

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