Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: 155

Chapter 155 Liu Zhengyan’s Plan

It isn’t difficult to kill a Bronze Luck Beast in a minute at the Epic stage . For those at the Legendary stage to kill Bronze Luck Beasts in such a short period of time without using a Companion Beast is not impossible, but it’s just too difficult . Liu Zhengyan was originally curious, but after trying to take a look at the content, he realized that it was monetized . Furthermore, the points needed to read it when converted to League current was ridiculous . It cost more than twenty thousand .

Students nowadays really have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves . They want to cheat money like that? Liu Zhengyan shook his head slightly and logged into the management account on the forum .

Liu Zhengyan was one of the moderators of the forum . If this was really a scam, he would have to deal with it and not let the other students be fooled .

Although he felt that Sunset College didn’t have a student with such low intelligence, he still needed to quickly deal with any necessary threads .

After logging into the moderator’s account, Liu Zhengyan used his authority to check Li Xuan’s post without spending any money . Although he felt that it was definitely a scam, he still planned on confirming it first .

Very quickly, Liu Zhengyan saw the contents of the post and his expression changed drastically . He started off calm and indifferent, but in the end, he was flabbergasted . The changes to his face seemed like an artistic act .

Is this strategy really feasible? Based on Liu Zhengyan’s understanding of Restriction City and Bronze Luck Beasts, the strategy did seem feasible . More importantly, there were a few places that even he didn’t know if they were real or fake . He was unable to determine the authenticity of the strategy .

If it’s really possible, then the person who wrote this strategy is amazing . Liu Zhengyan decided to make a trip to Restriction City and personally test it out .

If this strategy were real, he planned on including it as teaching material and let all the special admissions students study it .

Liu Zhengyan didn’t want them to learn how to kill Bronze Luck Beasts, but to learn from the line of thinking and methods used to derive the strategy .

The rarest thing about this strategy was that it was a meticulous and creative design . There was no need to rely on powerful strength to resolve the problem . It was solely designed using perfect positioning, suppression, and the use of the opponent’s weakness . If the strategy was proven to be real, even a few Mortal-stage cultivators could kill the Bronze Luck Beast in a group . Such a strategy was simply the work of a genius .

Liu Zhengyan eagerly headed to Restriction City . He only wanted to quickly verify the authenticity of the strategy .

However, when he entered Restriction City, he realized that someone was already killing Bronze Luck Beasts . The few of them near the city gates had already been killed .

Liu Zhengyan’s heart stirred as he headed deep into the city . Indeed, not long after, he saw two students killing the Bronze Luck Beasts .

When he saw the movements of the two students, he immediately came to a realization . He didn’t need to experiment anymore and he knew that the strategy was real . Besides, he already knew who had posted it .

Li Xuan and Zhou Wen, were they the ones who wrote that strategy? Liu Zhengyan looked from afar at the duo’s slaying of the Bronze Luck Beasts and only grew increasingly alarmed .

Li Xuan was executing the steps of the designed strategy . With his strength alone, he could easily kill the Bronze Luck Beast . The entire process definitely took less than a minute . This had already broken the student records of the school .

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The crux of the matter was that Li Xuan had completed it too easily . Furthermore, it also proved that Bronze Luck Beasts had a huge weakness . As long as one targeted this weakness, killing it would be too easy .

What left Liu Zhengyan even more surprised was Zhou Wen . Although the person attacking the Bronze Luck Beast was Li Xuan, Zhou Wen had been following him all the way with a camera . He tossed and turned in the group of bronze beasts and followed Li Xuan, perfectly capturing his every move .

It was not easy to keep up with Li Xuan’s actions, much less in Restriction City . There were many Mortal-stage bronze beasts and bronze birds around .

With the bronze beasts awoken by Li Xuan, Zhou Wen’s subsequent tailing of him made the bronze beasts and bronze birds target him with priority . However, Zhou Wen’s pace was light and nimble as though he was taking a stroll . He didn’t even look at the bronze beasts, yet he was able to dodge all of their attacks .

The entire process was pleasing to the eyes, so fluid that Liu Zhengyan felt like it was a sight to behold .

This Zhou Wen doesn’t only have powerful Companion Beasts . His standards aren’t bad either . He should be more than able to enter the special admission class . The more Liu Zhengyan looked at him, the more he felt that difficulty as a videographer was more difficult than Li Xuan who was the protagonist when hunting the Bronze Luck Beasts .

When Liu Zhengyan had watched the entire process of the two of them hunting the Bronze Luck Beast, he secretly left Restriction City without alarming Zhou Wen and Li Xuan .

After returning to his office, he logged on to the website again and found the thread Li Xuan had posted . Then, he clicked on it .

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This time, Liu Zhengyan didn’t use his moderator account and access . Instead, he purchased the monetized thread as a normal user .

Since I’ve already paid for it, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to use it . Liu Zhengyan smiled and had already made up his mind .

The special admissions class was different from the ordinary classes . If the ordinary students of Sunset College were left to develop themselves, then the students of the special class were specially nurtured .

There was no saying which of the two teaching methods was exactly good or bad, but the teaching methods of the special class were more targeted with results showing faster .

However, this kind of teaching method required the students to have a very good foundation . This was something that ordinary students did not have . At the same time, they also needed a large number of resources from the college, so it was difficult to extend it to everyone .

Liu Zhengyan planned to use this strategy as teaching material and give detailed explanations to the students of the special class .

However, it wasn’t for now, but after the special admissions students completed their homework missions .

With the pride and confidence of the special admissions students, they would definitely be very confident in their own results . Some would even feel proud of their own results .

However, if they saw this strategy and saw the tremendous effects of it, he believed that it would be a good learning experience for them .

However, before that, Liu Zhengyan had to confirm that those students didn’t know about it already; otherwise, the educational effects would be greatly reduced .

Liu Zhengyan wasn’t worried about the thread on the discussion forum . With such a high price, no student would be foolish enough to purchase it .

The only thing that needed to be resolved was Li Xuan and Zhou Wen’s recorded results .

It looks like I need to have a good chat with Ms . Wang . Liu Zhengyan decided to discuss the matter with Wang Fei, and get her to temporarily hold back Li Xuan and Zhou Wen’s results and videos . It wouldn’t be too late to announce them after he had finished teaching his students .

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