Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 156

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Chapter 156: 156

Chapter 156 Who Was the One Who Wrote The Strategy Guide?

Wang Fei had been in a rather good mood recently . Ever since she gave Zhou Wen the mission to kill the Bronze Luck Beasts, her mood had greatly improved .

“Ms . Wang, are you there?” Liu Zhengyan’s voice and knocking came from outside her office .

Wang Fei opened the door and invited Liu Zhengyan in . She poured him a cup of tea and asked with a smile, “Mr . Liu, what’s the matter?”

“It’s like this, Teacher Wang . Did you assign a homework mission for Zhou Wen and Li Xuan to kill Bronze Luck Beasts?” Liu Zhengyan asked frankly .

“Didn’t I inform you about this matter? Did something happen?” Wang Fei looked at Liu Zhengyan in confusion .

“Nothing happened . I just have something to ask of you,” Liu Zhengyan said .

“Mr . Liu, you are my senior . You helped me a lot when I first joined the school . There’s no need to be so polite with me if there’s anything you need me to do,” Wang Fei said .

Liu Zhengyan said, “Alright, then I won’t stand on ceremony with you . I hope you can temporarily hold back Zhou Wen and Li Xuan’s results and videos . You can report their results and videos after my class completes the homework mission . ”

“Mr . Liu, I don’t understand . What are you getting at?” Wang Fei was confused as she did not know what Liu Zhengyan meant .

It wasn’t difficult for her to do so, nor did it violate any of her principles . However, Wang Fei simply didn’t understand the meaning behind his actions .

Liu Zhengyan pointed at the computer in front of Wang Fei . “Ms . Wang, open the student discussion forums on the intranet and take a look at the post titled ‘A god’s guide to slaying a Bronze Luck Beast in a minute . ””

Wang Fei doubtfully clicked open the forum and found the thread that Liu Zhengyan was talking about . When she saw that it was actually a monetized thread with a ridiculously high price, she couldn’t help but look at Liu Zhengyan .

“Buy it and take a look . You won’t regret reading the contents in it,” Liu Zhengyan said with a smile .

Wang Fei hesitated for a moment before following Liu Zhengyan’s instructions . She bought the thread and clicked on it to read its contents .

When she read it, Wang Fei’s expression was similar to the one Liu Zhengyan had when he first read it . Slowly, it turned to shock as she turned to look at Liu Zhengyan and asked, “Is what’s written real?”

“Every word of it . I’ve already verified it,” Liu Zhengyan said .

“Was this strategy guide written by you, Mr . Liu . It’s really impressive . ” Wang Fei misunderstood and thought that the strategy guide was written by Liu Zhengyan .

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He shook his head and said, “I didn’t write the thread . I thought that it was a scam . I wanted to delete it, but after reading the content, I realized that it was a real strategy . Furthermore, it’s a shocking one . ”

“If it wasn’t written by you, then which teacher would write a strategy for Bronze Luck Beasts?” Wang Fei subconsciously believed that most Legendary students wouldn’t be able to write such a strategy . It was likely written by a certain teacher .

“The strategy guide isn’t written by any teacher . ” Liu Zhengyan shook his head again .

“If it’s not written by a teacher, then who…” As Wang Fei spoke, she seemed to have some nasty thoughts surface in her mind .

Liu Zhengyan said, “This is the reason why I wanted you to hold back Zhou Wen and Li Xuan’s results . This strategy guide should be written by both of them or either one of them . I’ve seen them use this method to kill a Bronze Luck Beast with my own eyes . It’s absolutely feasible and there aren’t any problems . Therefore, I wish to use this strategy as teaching material for my students . However, I hope that they won’t know of the duo’s results ahead of time . Nor do I wish for them to see their videos . It’s why I’m here to trouble you . ”

“Mr . Liu, are you sure that this thread was written by Zhou Wen and Li Xuan?” Wang Fei stared at Liu Zhengyan with widened eyes . She really couldn’t accept this outcome .

She originally believed that she had Zhou Wen under her thumb, but she suddenly realized that the obstacle she had set up for Zhou Wen was completely useless . To think that she had been gloating over it .

“No doubt about it . They wrote it . As long as you see their videos, you will understand that apart from the original author, no one else can do as well as they do, especially Zhou Wen, who’s the videographer . If you have the chance, you should go to Restriction City to take a look . The videographer’s performance will be more interesting than the main character in the video,” Liu Zhengyan said with a smile .

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“Mr . Liu, I’ll follow your request . Don’t worry, I’m very sorry, but I’ll be heading out for a while now . ” Wang Fei decided to listen to Liu Zhengyan’s advice and go to Restriction City to take a look .

She couldn’t believe that a gamer like Zhou Wen who gamed all day could write such a strategy .

When Wang Fei rushed to Restriction City, Li Xuan was slaying the tenth Bronze Luck Beast for his mission . This was because he had spent too much time searching for Bronze Luck Beasts in Restriction City; otherwise, the mission would have been completed ages ago .

Although Wang Fei didn’t see the complete process, with only the second half of Li Xuan’s hunt, it was enough to shock her .

It was not only because the strategy was just as Liu Zhengyan had said, but also because of Zhou Wen’s movement techniques during the filming . That level of difficulty was even higher than Li Xuan’s hunting of the Bronze Luck Beast .

If not for the fact that he knew the bronze beasts in Restriction City like the back of his hand, it would be impossible for him to reach such a level . Zhou Wen’s movement technique was as though he had installed a Heavenly Eye . He took into consideration the reactions of all the nearby bronze beasts and without even looking at them, he perfectly dodged all their attacks while following Li Xuan .

Now, she finally understood why Liu Zhengyan was so certain that the strategy guide was written by the duo . Only someone who knew the bronze beasts so well could write such a strategy .

This fellow… He’s just too talented… How did he do it? Wang Fei looked at Zhou Wen with an odd expression as she felt mixed emotions . It was hard to describe what she felt .

Zhou Wen was more outstanding than she imagined . As Zhou Wen’s counselor, Wang Fei was very pleased and happy for her good friend, Ouyang Lan .

However, when she thought of how such a genius was obsessed with mobile games, the words “what a waste of a treasure” surfaced in her mind .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan didn’t notice the distant Wang Fei . After Li Xuan completed his mission, it was Zhou Wen’s turn to kill ten Bronze Luck Beasts .

This change made Wang Fei more certain that the strategy was written by Zhou Wen, at least he took most of the credit .

When Li Xuan did the filming, his movements were clearly a lot more amateurish . From time to time, he had to take care of the attacks of the Mortal-stage bronze beasts to prevent himself from being injured . He wasn’t able to be as focused as Zhou Wen on the filming .

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