Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: 157

Chapter 157 Multiple Life Providences

When Wang Fei returned, she was exceptionally calm .

She was somewhat astonished by Zhou Wen’s talent and capabilities . She believed that his gifts could no longer be judged simply by the standards of a genius .

Throughout her teaching career, she had never seen a student like him .

What Zhou Wen needs is no longer repetitive suppressive training . Such a student needs to be given more new things that he can analyze for himself . Wang Fei decided to return and think about it . She had never taught a student like him, so she needed to think more and reflect on herself . She wanted to come up with a new way to educate a student like Zhou Wen instead of using her past experiences on him .

After handing in the Bronze Luck Beast homework mission, Wang Fei didn’t give him any more strange homework missions . Zhou Wen finally had some peace and quiet and now had the time to properly game .

Outside Tiger Cage Pass, he encountered another Paper Demonized General .

Drop me a Companion Egg! Zhou Wen commanded his Demonized General Companion Beast to charge forward as he waited in anticipation .

The reason for his anticipation was that if his Demonized General could fuse with a Paper Demonized General once again, wouldn’t it become a complete Companion Beast with three skills?

The Demonized General’s Astral Slash Blade restrained the Paper Demonized General, easily slaying it . At the instant the Paper Demonized General’s head was chopped off, a resplendent crystal dropped .

An 18-valued Speed Crystal . That’s not too bad . Zhou Wen was somewhat helpless . Although he could encounter Paper Demonized Generals more frequently than the average person, there was no way to guarantee his drop rate . All he could do was rely on luck .

The absorption of the Speed Crystal allowed all four of his attributes to reach 18 . He was considered to be at the peak of the ordinary Legendary stage, but he was still 3 points behind Truth Listener’s and Banana Fairy’s 21 points .

Although it was only three points, the higher the stat needed, the harder it was to raise . Normal Legendary creatures only produced 18-valued stats crystals at best . Even mutated Legendary creatures dropped 19-valued stats crystals . It was difficult to obtain 20-valued stats crystals, not to mention 21-valued stats crystals .

I wonder if I can increase my attribute points by cultivating other Primordial Energy Arts like in the Mortal stage? Zhou Wen thought to himself .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment and decided to visit Small Buddha Temple . After he advanced to the Legendary stage, he wanted to see if the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra’s stone monument was of any use .

It had been a long time since he had been to Small Buddha Temple, but the environment here remained unchanged . When Zhou Wen came in front of the Small Perfection of Wisdom Pillar, his gaze landed on the stone monument . When he looked at it, the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra in his body automatically began to circulate, evolving into the Legendary stage .

Soon, the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra had risen to the Legendary realm . He didn’t face any obstacles during the advancement . It was so simple that it made Zhou Wen suspect that he wasn’t cultivating a Primordial Energy Art, but just doing a copy and paste .

Zhou Wen looked at the blood-colored avatar’s stats and couldn’t help but be taken aback .

He didn’t sense any special changes in his body, but the blood-colored avatar’s attributes changed drastically .

There were a total of two changes . Zhou Wen’s original Legendary Life Providence was Sigh of the King, but it was now gone . Replacing it was a Life Providence named “Eight Perfections Wisdom . ”

Together with the change in Life Providence, Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy Art also changed . It went from only having Lost Immortal Sutra to being replaced with Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra .

Instead, the stats that Zhou Wen hoped to increase didn’t increase . The four stats remained at 18 points .

It can’t be? Could it be that the Lost Immortal Sutra has changed into the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra? Zhou Wen was alarmed as he hurriedly attempted to switch back to the Lost Immortal Sutra’s mode .

The outcome made Zhou Wen heave a sigh of relief . His Life Providence changed back to the Sigh of the King, and his Primordial Energy Art changed back to the Lost Immortal Sutra .

Zhou Wen switched back and forth a few times and realized that as long as he switched to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, his Life Providence would also change .

Although his Life Providence had changed, Zhou Wen had a nagging feeling that it didn’t change at all . It was as though he still had his original Life Providence .

Furthermore, the two Life Providences gave him a completely different feeling . The Sigh of the King gave Zhou Wen a feeling that it was one with his body, but although the Eight Perfections Wisdom had an extremely intimate tie with his body, he felt that it was lacking something compared with the Sigh of the King .

However, he could clearly sense the characteristics of Eight Perfections Wisdom . It was similar to the typical feeling people had after possessing a Life Providence . It was unlike the Sigh of the King . Even Zhou Wen himself was half aware of it .

I wonder if there will be another Life Providence after I upgrade the Ancient Imperial Sutra at the Fire God Platform? Zhou Wen immediately confirmed his guess and left the Small Buddha Temple’s instance dungeon before switching to the Ancient Imperial City .

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After returning to the Fire God Platform, he read the Ancient Imperial Sutra on the monument . It was similar to his previous experience . The Ancient Imperial Sutra automatically advanced to the Legendary stage, causing Zhou Wen’s Life Providence and Primordial Energy Art to experience changes .

Ancient Emperor . When Zhou Wen looked at the two words of his Life Providence, he understood the benefits that such a Life Providence could bring him .

Zhou Wen made another trip to Mount Laojun’s instance dungeon, and the outcome was the same . The Wordless Monument also gave him a Life Providence of Dao Body, and the Primordial Energy Art only had two words, “Dao Sutra . ”

However, be it the Eight Perfections Wisdom, Ancient Emperor, or Dao Body, despite being able to clearly sense their effects, Zhou Wen found it unnatural . He felt as though the Life Providences didn’t belong to him .

Only the Sigh of the King made Zhou Wen feel like there was no distance in between it and him .

Could it be that those Life Providences and Primordial Energy Arts aren’t actually possessed by me, but a product of the Lost Immortal Sutra’s effects? Zhou Wen long had his suspicions, but it only felt more real this time .

Taking out the oil lamp, Zhou Wen rubbed it once again . The oil lamp, which no longer had any characters, light, or darkness appearing on it, suddenly produced a projection of text . It turned Zhou Wen’s Life Providence into Godfiend and his Primordial Energy Art turned into Godfiend Era .

Just like the first three Life Providences, the Godfiend’s Life Providence also felt somewhat distant . It made him uneasy, but it was only a feeling . It didn’t obstruct him from using it .

Zhou Wen wasn’t able to use four different Life Providences at the same time . He could use the corresponding Life Providence when his Primordial Energy Art switched to the corresponding type, and different Life Providences gave him different augmentations .

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Eight Perfections Wisdom greatly augmented his body . It was similar to Li Xuan’s Immortal God of Combat that allowed for his physical resilience to improve greatly as he gained a powerful recovery ability .

The Dao Body Life Providence augmented his Primordial Energy, greatly increasing Zhou Wen’s recovery speed . It just took him a few seconds to regain all his Primordial Energy .

The Ancient Emperor Life Providence raised all his stats, but it mainly increased his Strength greatly . Furthermore, it made his Strength attribute experience some abnormal changes .

The Godfiend Life Providence was the oddest . Zhou Wen originally believed that it would augment his Speed attribute greatly, but that wasn’t the case . The Godfiend Life Providence augmented all his attributes, but not by much . Its main purpose was to allow Zhou Wen to possess the ability to fly .

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