Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 159

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Chapter 159: 159

Chapter 159 True Grinding

This time, Zhou Wen was grinding the Ant Nest . When he arrived in the Ant City again, he immediately switched his Primordial Energy Art to the Dao Sutra . His Life Providence also changed to Dao Body, giving him immense augmentation to his Primordial Energy recovery rate .

At the same time, he got the blood-colored avatar to summon the Banana Fairy in her fan-like state . Seeing the swarm of black-winged flying ants charging at him, he swatted the fan at them .

The dozen or so black-winged flying ants in front of him were immediately sent flying . The cold wind caused their bodies to freeze into ice sculptures . When they were hit, they immediately shattered into broken limbs that fell to the ground .

Following the dozen or so notifications that a black-winged flying ant had been killed, a dimensional crystal dropped on the ground .

Awesome . This is what it means to grind . Zhou Wen summoned the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior, Mutated Demonized General, the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant, and the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, but he didn’t let them attack . All he did was put up a battle formation for defense, preventing the horde of black-winged flying ants from approaching the blood-colored avatar .

The Three-Eyed Golden Warrior took point as the swarm of black-winged flying ants failed to injure its Golden Body . It occupied the space of nearly half the black-winged flying ants .

The other Companion Beasts also used their own strengths to prevent the ant swarm from approaching the blood-colored avatar .

However, there were just too many black-winged flying ants . In just a few seconds, a large group had gathered and were on the brink of breaking through the defensive perimeter .

Zhou Wen glanced at the blood-colored avatar’s Primordial Energy . Under the effects of the Dao Body, his Primordial Energy had recovered to the maximum of 18 points . Without any hesitation, he swatted his fan again .

Boom! Boom!

A large group of ants was sent flying as they slammed into each other, shattering to pieces . The notifications of black-winged flying ants being killed flooded the screen .

Under the protection of the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior and other Companion Beasts, the blood-colored avatar delivered a gust of cold wind every few seconds . The immense numbers of black-winged ants couldn’t withstand such a slaughter . In less than half an hour, the massive Ant City had almost no black-winged flying ants left .

Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar to charge into Ant City . All kinds of ants crawled out of the nest in an attempt to attack him, but a large swath of them was killed by the Great Yin Wind .

There were shiny dimensional crystals on the ground, mixed with Companion Eggs . It was a spectacular sight that Zhou Wen had never seen before .

Awesome! How awesome! Zhou Wen led the group of Companion Beasts to storm through Ant City, leaving a river of blood in his wake . He didn’t even have time to pick up the dimensional crystals and Companion Eggs that dropped .

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Zhou Wen immersed himself in a frenzy, slaughtering every ant he saw . He wanted to massacre Ant City before heading to the tallest ant nest and fight the Golden Flying Ant so as to drink the honey inside .

Zhou Wen felt that the number of Legendary creatures he killed in less than an hour was more than the number of Legendary creatures he had killed previously combined . Just from the dimensional crystals and Companion Eggs that shimmered on the ground, he knew how mind-blowing the number of ants he had killed was .

It’s no wonder that the powerful family clans will become stronger, but it’s so difficult for the weak to become stronger . Once one’s strength reaches a certain level, it’s too easy to earn resources, Zhou Wen thought .

While he was crazily gaming and killing monsters, Feng Qiuyan, who was sitting opposite him, kept staring at him . His eyes never left him .

For a person as hardworking as Coach, his gaming must be a form of cultivation, but what’s the point of cultivating in such a way? Although Feng Qiuyan couldn’t figure out the outcome, he firmly believed that Zhou Wen’s actions had his reasons and meaning, so he continued staring at him .

As Feng Qiuyan was pondering over the matter, the antelope that had been sleeping on the couch woke up . It jumped down from the couch and bleated at Zhou Wen a few times . It meant that it was hungry and wanted Zhou Wen to prepare food for it .

However, Zhou Wen was engrossed in the game and completely ignored it .

It was extremely unhappy as it stomped on the ground with its hooves, as though it was tap dancing

Seeing that Zhou Wen wasn’t paying any attention to it, the antelope circled around Zhou Wen and jumped around him . It even nudged its head into his embrace, hoping to attract his attention and get him to prepare food .

Zhou Wen was very familiar with the antelope and knew that it typically didn’t use violence . Furthermore, he was at a critical moment in his grinding, so he had no time to deal with it . No matter how much of a fuss it made, he ignored it .

As Feng Qiuyan watched, his eyes suddenly lit up . I understand now . Coach is practicing the cultivation of one’s mind . In such an environment, he can still focus on gaming . He’s not affected by any external factors or objects . This realm of single-mindedness is the optimal state for cultivation .

I see… So that’s how it is… I understand what I should do next… Feng Qiuyan leaped up and bowed slightly at Zhou Wen . “Coach, I understand . I’ll start my cultivation now . When I reach the same realm as you, I’ll seek your advice again . ”

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Zhou Wen didn’t respond and continued gaming as though he hadn’t heard him . Feng Qiuyan didn’t mind as he turned around and left Zhou Wen’s dorm .

After glancing at Feng Qiuyan, a puzzled expression appeared on the antelope’s face . It had no idea what had happened to the person; he had acted like a madman .

Feng Qiuyan walked out excitedly, but as he walked, he slowed down .

How do I cultivate the way to having a calm mind? Just as Feng Qiuyan was thinking, he saw a person walking towards him . On careful look, it was Li Xuan .

“Feng Qiuyan, why are you here at Zhou Wen’s place?” Li Xuan asked in puzzlement .

Feng Qiuyan’s eyes lit up as he quickly came to Li Xuan . Without answering him, he asked, “Li Xuan, you have the best relationship with Coach . Do you know how he usually cultivates to be completely single-minded?”

“What single-minded? That fellow, Old Zhou, is like a fool when he’s gaming . He doesn’t hear a thing,” Li Xuan said casually .

“That’s right . What kind of disturbance practice does he do when he’s gaming?” Feng Qiuyan hurriedly said .

“Is there a need for practice? When he’s gaming, he isn’t distracted at all . In the past, I had a pretty chick tempt him while he was gaming, but guess what happened in the end? That punk acted as though he couldn’t see that chick at all . When that girl stopped him from playing, he threw her to the ground with a slap and continued gaming…” Li Xuan said as his saliva splattered .

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So one needs to get past lust first? Feng Qiuyan’s eyes lit up as though he had figured out something .

However, when Feng Qiuyan thought about it, he realized that this was Sunset College . There was no way he could find such a woman to practice with . Instantly, he felt a little stumped .

“Do you know anywhere that has women? The kind that are very noisy,” Feng Qiuyan asked, having heard from Li Xuan that he had previously found women for Zhou Wen .

“Very noisy women… There really is one…” When Li Xuan saw how oddly Feng Qiuyan was behaving, he had the intention of pulling his leg .

Feng Qiuyan was delighted when Li Xuan said yes . He immediately got Li Xuan to take him there and followed him to Li Weiyang’s club .

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