Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: 161

Chapter 161 Who’s First?

“It would be a wonder if he could sell it . In terms of Companion Beasts, we are indeed not as strong as him . Unfortunately, Restriction City doesn’t allow the use of Companion Beasts . Who needs his strategy?” Li Zhuo pursed his lips as he watched Zhou Wen leave .

The girl beside him added, “He thinks he’s very strong just because he defeated John, but it was all because of his Companion Beasts . To write a strategy guide and sell it to our special class is indeed excessively arrogant . ”

“Let’s not talk about the geniuses like An Jing, Wang Lu, or Feng Qiuyan in our special class, even the average ones are far superior to the students of the ordinary classes . If he wants to write a strategy guide, it will be us writing for them . ”

The few special admissions students shared the same thought . They still felt a little displeased that Zhou Wen had tried selling them the strategy guide . It had hurt their pride .

Wang Lu frowned slightly and said, “Zhou Wen is indeed a genius . The guide he wrote must have something to learn from . However, we aren’t buying it because we want to train ourselves, so there’s no need to belittle him . ”

Li Zhuo laughed and said, “Wang Lu, you are overthinking things . We have no intention of disparaging him . We are just saying that no one is weaker than him in terms of their own abilities . There’s no need to buy his strategy . ”

Wang Lu could tell that Li Zhuo was insincere, but she didn’t say anything else .

The few of them headed for class together . The mission to slay the Bronze Luck Beasts had been completed, so Liu Zhengyan was to provide them a summary and explanation . All the special admissions students had to attend the class .

Liu Zhengyan was in a good mood today . He didn’t blame Feng Qiuyan or another student for being late . He only waved his hand to get them to quickly take their seats .

“Mr . Liu seems to be in a good mood today . He didn’t reprimand the late students!” a girl said in surprise .

Shaking his head, Li Zhuo said with a smile, “Of course he’s in a good mood . Our special class did a good job with the homework mission . I heard that a few of us broke the special class record from last year . ”

“Seems like we can relax for a while . ” The girl from before smiled .

Liu Zhengyan raised his hand slightly to signal for the students to quieten down . Then, he swept his gaze across everyone’s faces and said slowly, “Everyone has completed the homework mission of killing Bronze Luck Beasts . Compared to the special classes of past years, the overall standard of this class is a level higher . It can be considered the best result in recent years . ”

The students started clapping . Many students showed their excitement . Having been in school for more than a month, this was the first time they heard Liu Zhengyan praise them .

Liu Zhengyan waved his hand and waited for the students to quieten down before continuing, “This year, a few students performed pretty well . They broke the records from previous years . An Jing with 3:20 . Wang Lu with 3:27, and Feng Qiuyan with 3:28 . Such results can be said to be extremely outstanding . ”

The other students looked at the three of them enviously . Although they had already known that the three of them were exceptionally outstanding-even in the special class—they couldn’t help but feel jealous .

“But…” Liu Zhengyan suddenly changed the topic and continued, “But this year’s best result wasn’t scored by any of them . ”

“How is that possible? Who else could it be? Is there anyone else in our class who has better results than them?”

“It can’t be, right? There are hidden big shots that are more impressive than the three of them?”

“That’s impossible, isn’t it? An Jing, Wang Lu, and Feng Qiuyan are among the top ten students in the school . Even if the other students are very strong, they aren’t good enough to enter the top ten . It seems impossible for anyone to have better results than the three of them . ”

The students engaged in a flurry of discussion . They looked around and wondered who that person was .

“The person who obtained the best results in killing the Bronze Luck Beast this year isn’t from our special class . ” The students’ discussion became even more intense after Liu Zhengyan said those shocking words .

“Mr . Liu, don’t tell me you’re talking about our seniors?” Li Zhuo couldn’t help but ask loudly .

Liu Zhengyan smiled and looked at Li Zhuo . He asked, “Li Zhuo, who do you think should be first and what’s his timing?”

“I think it should be Senior Wei Ge . I believe that if it were Senior Wei Ge, he should be able to do it in sub-three minutes,” said Li Zhuo .

“That’s right . Wei Ge got 2:57 . It happens to be within three minutes . You are very keen,” Liu Zhengyan said .

Li Zhuo said proudly, “Mr . Li, you flatter me . I was just making a casual guess . I didn’t expect to be on the mark . ”

Liu Zhengyan smiled . “But that’s Wei Ge’s results when he was practicing . Besides, he’s already in his third year, so he’s not within the rankings of you freshmen . The freshman in first place is someone else . ”

“Who is it?” Li Zhuo couldn’t help but be dumbfounded .

Liu Zhengyan picked up a dossier and said, “The results for this year’s killing of Bronze Luck Beasts puts Zhou Wen from Counselor Wang Fei’s class as first . Second is Li Xuan from her class as well . Third place is our class’s An Jing…”

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“Impossible!” Li Zhuo cried out in disbelief .

This time, it wasn’t just Li Zhuo and the other students . Even An Jing, Wang Lu, and Feng Qiuyan’s eyes narrowed as they looked at Liu Zhengyan .

“What’s Zhou Wen’s timing?” An Jing suddenly asked .

“That’s a good question . You can guess what their results are,” Liu Zhengyan said with a smile .

“It’s at best an order of magnitude from An Jing, right?” suggested Li Zhuo .

“It’s indeed an order of magnitude . ” Liu Zhengyan turned on the player and projector and played a video . “See for yourself . ”

Everyone cast their gaze to the big screen . An Jing, Feng Qiuyan, and the others also had their eyes peeled to the screen as they watched the video carefully .

The video was very short and only took less than a minute . However, after watching the video, the entire classroom fell silent . Li Zhuo and the others broke out into a cold sweat as they stared intently at the big screen . They failed to regain their cognitive abilities for a long time, and their faces were blank .

Coach lives up to being a coach . What amazing positioning . Is this all the benefits of gaming while practicing to be undistracted? Looks like I still need further cultivation . Feng Qiuyan’s eyes were burning, but he seemed to have expected it .

Wang Lu was somewhat astonished as well . Although she had expected Zhou Wen’s results to be excellent, she never expected them to be this good . It only took him forty-seven seconds .

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Zhou Wen was indeed faster than them by an order of magnitude, but this order was at the level of minutes .

An Jing looked at the screen calmly, but her expression was a little odd . It was unknown what she was thinking .

“Mr . Liu, are these results real? This is a strategy designed by the counselors before getting Zhou Wen to carry it out, right?” Li Zhuo still found it unbelievable .

“Unfortunately, no counselor participated in the design of this strategy . The strategy was written by Zhou Wen and Li Xuan . I also spent money on the discussion forums to read their monetized thread before I learned that there was such a method to kill Bronze Luck Beasts . Such a line of thinking and design can be said to be unique . To resolve a problem from a weakling’s point of view, relying on intelligence and not strength is very difficult . Today, we will be discussing in detail the ingenuity of the design and their unique line of thinking . I believe all of you will learn plenty from it, especially their thoughts on solving the problem . Strength might not be the only solution to resolving problems . This is very important…”

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